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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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Giant Dipper at Belmont Park, no it wasn't as good as Santa Cruz, but i got some rides in while my kids played on the beach with mommy. It has some good elements, the first drop is good, but overall it's pretty tame. Still i rode it 4 times.

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Kumba at Busch Gardens... went to Summer Nights tonight and it was amazing... and Kumba's rehab, makes the ride SEEM faster, smoother and louder... its amazing... oh and those who can make it out to BGT before Summer Nights ends ( it ends on 8/14 I believe...) make sure you see Kinetix... it was awesome... Great day at BGT...

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My last coaster was #149, L'Il Renegade at Southern Adventures in Huntsville, Alabama. It was supposed to be #150, but the small rollercoaster at Sir Gooney's in Chattanooga, TN is currently SBNO due to the same flooding Nashville got.


As for the coaster: CHA-CHING!


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Wicked at Lagoon. Two big pops of air over the top hat = more out of the seat fun than the entire state of California. Win, SLC. Our beer's still better!


EDIT: I just realized - Wicked was my 100th steelie.


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I finally got my Rock 'n' Roller Coaster credit at Hollywood Studios back in June. It's been a rather slow summer for coasters/theme parks for me and the wife, but things should be picking up now that we have some free time again. (Who would of know getting married would take up so much time and effort!)


I actually kind of miss being a theme park nerd to be honest. lol


Photo courtesy of RCDB:


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