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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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Is it bad to say that, at this point, I literally don't remember the last coaster I rode?

Mine Blower at Fun Spot. I thought it was definitely the better of the two Fun Spot wooden coasters. 

The Loch Ness Monster last night.

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Bizarro at SFNE back on media day. Good thing I'll finally be back at the park on Friday!


Do they still have single rider line?


Yeah but it doesn't branch off until you enter the station so you still have to basically go through the line if there is one.


Also, got in six more rides on Bizarro today and closed out the day on it as well.

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Medusa at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom on Thursday.

It was my favorite coaster for a while. It's pretty good.


Medusa medusing its riders. I'm in the back row on the left.

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Salama - Linnanmäki


It's a Maurer Söhne spinner, travelling over a water ride. Thus, it's supports are a huge mess


By the way, the TPR Scandi Trip is also going to be riding this soon enough




And here's a more artistic one:


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^^Wow, that looks like an insanely fun coaster---didn't even knew it existed.


But the last coaster I've ridden is The Raven...at night!

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Sierra Sidewinder at Knott's Berry Farm


June 14th 2009


What a great coaster for the park! It is the most intense family coaster there and people under 48 inches can actually ride it! Too bad they screwed it up the next year with the Pointless Express.


Sierra Sidewinder and 3 other coasters, because that's how Knott's Berry Farm rolls!

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Stealth @ Thorpe Park, after a few days staying with King Ride Op Darren (See TPR's Thorpe Trip in 2006 for photo of said Ride Op)


Just before I left to go home he had to pop into work to see someone so he got me in and up the exit ramp for a quick Stealth experience, great way to cure a hangover


I would post a pic, but I am sure you all know what it looks like!

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My last coaster ridden was the Manta at Seaworld. Let me tell you this was like no other coaster I have ever ridden, this coaster was extremely intense. It doesn't look like crazy, but it is! This is a must ride coaster for all enthusiest.


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