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Gears of War anyone?

Erik Johnson

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^ Practise, practise, practise.


Make sure to practise fighting from cover. Try to keep moving, constantly flank them.


You'll get the hang of it eventually.


Learning the cover system like the back of your hand is a must. Going rambo style will get you killed quickly. It's even more important when you get up to hardcore or insane level where you die in a second when caught in the open.

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^ It's easy once you get used to it. The only thing that screws me up is when I empty a clip and it starts to auto-reload. Sometimes by reflex I'll try to reload manually right after it auto starts the reload.


Just wait till you try Insane level. There's certain battles that have taken me forever to get past. Their accuracy and power is so great that you can die in a second with no warning.

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Ive been looking for this topic! I just wana say wow.....I have heard a little bit about this game from my friends...and then I got to play it.....Never played a better game. the graphics are freakin amazing, the game is creepy; and oh yes, the guns and blood. I love how you can chainsaw, curb stomp, and do the 'finishing move'. I can not wait to get this for either the computer or when I get the 360. Game of the year, lets see if halo 3 can stop it

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