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Picture of YOUR hometown

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Bloomington, IN. It's probably the epitome of a college town. It's a nice medium-sized town in southern Indiana that is home to a school that loves to party. The second picture probably represents the town best. Indiana is known for three things...racing, corn, and basketball! We love our basketball, and boy do we hate our coach. Basketball is taken very seriously here. Drive through a neighborhood in Bloomington and I guarantee you'll see a basketball goal at every other or every third house.


taken from www.opt.indiana.edu


As the saying around town goes... "Bloomington- A drinking town with a basketball problem."

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Albuquerque, first I'll start with Downtown, this is basicall what I can see as I drive into Albuquerque, I live just outside in a suburb called Rio Rancho


Then some pics of the Ballon Fiesta, very cool, when your driving home from work to about 400 balloons in the air, hot air balloons, not regular ones.


Then a one pic of the State fair, while in cali, fairs were LAME, but here its a very big deal, and the HUGE fairgrounds are packed, and there are tons of rides


Well this pic will have to do for the state fair, maybe I'll do a photo TR, they have a few coasters, you know, just like the galaxi at cliffs, but in much poorer condition


Pictures do not do it justice, it must be seen, it is really breathtaking


Yeah, a few people come out to see the balloons


Albuquerque, downtown


As for sports, I don't care for College, not that it would matter here, but we have the Isotopes, yes the only baseball team named for a Simpsons episode, GO TOPES!!

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Here are pics of my town, Bremen, Germany.

Bremen is an old city (since 1013), where the buildings and monuments were well-groomed since centuries.




Arial photo of Bremen.


The Bremer Stadtmusikanten, known from the story of the brothers Grimm.


The market place at christmas.


The harbour in Bremen is importantly a commercial port in Germany.


The old market place with the city hall.

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Little city in Holland Enschede:


That's the old look, there is now a more organised place in the front


Almost the whole city from above


"Oude Markt" Old Market I think in English


A little part of a overview from '98


Just after the Firework Explosion in May 2000


I can't get better pictures if I Google...

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My hometown (where I was born) is St. Thomas, Ontario. http://www.city.st-thomas.on.ca/ My family still lives there. There is not much in St. Thomas but there are a few things that have put it on the map.


1. In 1884, Barnum & Baily Circus was in town. Their prized Jumbo the elephant was killed on the railroad tracks. There are two "monuments" to it. The first is an Ontario Ministry of Tourism plaque near where it happend (the CN RR still runs there) and the second is a life-size statue that was erected on the 100th anniversary of the event.


2. St. Thomas is the home town to some famous or near-famous Hollywood folk. Helen Shaver http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001726/

was born there and the latest is Rachal McAdams. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1046097/


Also, Hap Day, the famous Toronto Maple Leaf player and later coach was from there and current NHL player Joe Thornton (Boston Bruins) lives there.


I currently live in Aurora, Ontario http://www.town.aurora.on.ca/ which is 20 miles north of downtown Toronto. Of course, when travelling and someone asks where we are from..... We are from Toronto. http://www.city.toronto.on.ca No one would know where Aurora is.


Downtown Toronto from the island.


Jumbo elephant monument


Victorian designed City Hall

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Since I already posted my photos, here is some interesting info about good ol' Weirton, WV (For those of you that are really bored)


- My hometown is 94.52% white. (How's that for Wonder Bread)

- The men make twice as much as the women

- At one time, Weirton was the largest unincorporated city in the US

- Weirton is less than 60 yrs old (hence no castles like some of you guys)

- ISG (Formerly Weirton Steel) is the second largets tin mill in the country




Oh yeah ... and they filmed that movie "Reckless" here. Anybody seen it?


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