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Favorite type of B&M Coaster?

Favorite Bolliger and Mabillard coaster?  

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  1. 1. Favorite Bolliger and Mabillard coaster?

    • Stand Up
    • Inverted
    • Sitting
    • Dive machine
    • Hyper
    • Floorless
    • Flying

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Yeah ultimately I had to go for Invert because theyre alot of fun and like said, nobody makes inverts like B&M although I do like vekomas. Thinking about it now though I should have gone with dive machine because its something more unique to B&M. B&M track record (in no order):


Sit Down:








Stand Up:









Dive Machine:



So the only types I have yet to go on are B&M Flyers and Hypers.

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I said Hyper (only based on Nitro), but that is without going on any dive machines, and the best invert I have been on is Raptor which is great, but others like Nemesis and Montu might have swung my vote to inverts.


My top ten B & M's:


1. Nitro (actual #6) - hyper

2. Raptor (actual #10) - invert

3. Incredible Hulk - sit down looper

4. Duelling Dragons - invert

5. Tatsu - flyer

6. Kraken - floorless

7. Batman clones - invert

8. Riddler's Revenge - stand up

9. Silver Bullet - invert

10. Mantis - stand up

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It's between Sit Downs and Dive Machines for me. However, I'd have to say that Sit Downs are my favourites.


I mean, Sheikra and Oblivion are brilliant, but, Hulk and Dragon Khan are a better pair.


I wasn't a big fan of Kumba, it was a bit of a let-down, but the other two are truely fantastic.


I've never liked Inverts that much, the forces seem odd on them, and the views are awful, Floorlesses are slightly dull. Flyers are a cool concept, but not my favourite. I've never been on a B&M Stand-up or Hyper, but neither look like they'd blow me away.


So, Sit Downs for me!

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I wasn't a big fan of Kumba, it was a bit of a let-down


Kumba seat 8-4 awesome whip on the zero-g. Thats fun!




#1. I have to stick with Inverted, I know B&M have since developing the inverted wanted a more unrestricted and better feeling of flight but, I just have not found that in there other models "aka floorless, flyer"


Least Fav's.


#1. Stand-ups, I never got it? Stand in line for an hour to stand on a ride? The track layouts are cool if they had another train type on it.


#2. Hypers are fun, just need to be more intense and dramatic. (not a hyper fan) ohhh look a hill, hill, hill, hill, turn "weee" hill ZZZzz Zzzz ZZZzz...... With that said B&M Hypers are better then most the others in the US for over all ride quality, but I do have to say Intamin has beaten them for more fun.

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I actually like the stand ups. I love their hypers, and B:TR is awsome, but I love the experience of the stand ups. Chang which is my favorite coaster, and I love everything about it. Iron Wolf is also good, and while rough, I find it better than that piece of crap at the front of the park.

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Well, I rank them like this:



1. Speedcoaster (Goliath followed closely by AC)


2. Sitdown (Hulk sucks, but Kumba is amazingly intense and old school)


3. Invert (This would beat sitdown by a ton if not for my recent visit to BGT and the awesomeness that is Kumba-I rank them: Montu (trimless), DD (together), Raptor, TG (Carowinds), Nemesis (but I rode it only once in 2001), Alpie, B:TR)


4. Floorless (only Kraken)


5. Dive Machine (SheiKra with Oblivion pretty close because I don't particularly like either)


6. Standup (Scorcher, then Vortex (Carowinds), then Mantis)


7. Flying (S:UF-meh)

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Well, when I go to cedar Point, Mellennium Force is awsome! But Raptor is definatly my hands down favorite! SO I would Have to say Inverted coasters are my favorite


By the way, I might be going to Dorney Park this summer (never been there) and I was wandering, anyone who has riddin Hydra and Talon, are they fun?


Anyway, yea, definatly Inverted coasters.

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I have been on a sit-down, inverted, flying and dive machine.


I really like the flying concept and I love Inverters and Dive Machines.


But my favourite coaster is a sit down so I am going to go for sit-down. I am glad that there is another being built for next year because I thought that no more would be built since the floorless coaster.


I hav'nt been on a floorless yet but sit-down coasters appeal to me more.

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I don't get the floorless concept. Too gimicky for me. Nothing seperates them from the standard sit down except for the floor. There is no particular element that makes the floorless experience that much more exciteing. The best floorless I've ever ridden is Kraken at SWO. However, if you compare it to Hulk or Kumba just down the road. There is nothing in the ride experience that stands out as being overwhelmingly exciteing just because it was floorless.


Floorless is the least favorite of the B&M styles. Mabey Griffon or the new Shakira will change my mind.

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Only been on 1 hyper by em and its my #1 BUT ive been on many inverts and they're all awesome. For now, im going with Inverts.

Floorless = too calm

stand up = stupid but different

Inverts = intense and awesome. dont know what else to say

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Undoubtedly, the best type of B&M is their Flying design. Although I've only been on one, (Tatsu, that is) however, I Like Tatsu better than any other B&M design I've ever seen. Even though there are problems with some of the different designs and layouts that make them unexciting, Tatsu is a prime example of an amazing layout, a fun ride, and an intense experience. With some better experience, and more planning, they could make the flying coaster a well known ride type. I look forward to seeing what they do with the flying design in the future.


Floorless coasters would probably come next, then hypers and then Inverted's (I dont care as much for inverted coasters, their fun but not my favorite)

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