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Favorite type of B&M Coaster?

Favorite Bolliger and Mabillard coaster?  

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  1. 1. Favorite Bolliger and Mabillard coaster?

    • Stand Up
    • Inverted
    • Sitting
    • Dive machine
    • Hyper
    • Floorless
    • Flying

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I cant get enough of B&M inverts! I have only ridden three, but all three are in my top ten, and one of them (Raptor) is my number one coaster. I know I know, I havent really ridden very many coasters, but I can easily say Inverts are the best until I ride a Hyper or DM..... in which case inverts may still be superior.


EDIT- I noticed Flyers arent on the list... WHY NOT!?

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My favorite coaster is Tatsu, a B&M flying. But almost every B&M i have done is great, except Vortex @ PGA.

I have done all B&M types except the Divemachine and Hypercoaster. The nearest B&M Divemachine is Oblivion (Alton Towers) and the nearest Hyper is Silver Star (Europa Park).


My B&M top 10 list:

1 - Tatsu (Flying - SFMM)

2 - Riddler's Revenge (Standup - SFMM)

3 - Black Mamba (Inverted - Phantasialand)

4 - Batman The Ride - (Inverted - SFMM)

5 - Silver Bullet (Inverted - KBF)

6 - Dragon Khan - (Sitdown - PortAventura)

7 - Top Gun (Inverted - PGA)

8 - Scream - (Floorless - SFMM)

9 - Vortex (Standup - PGA)

10 -

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This is like asking me to choose between my children. My two home parks are Carowinds and SFOG. Carowinds has arguably the best inverted (Top Gun The Jet Coaster) , and SFOG has undeniably the best hyper. They're both extremely high up my rankings. So I flipped a coin.... hyper. Inverts are definitely second, then flying, then seated and at the bottom, stand up. Although I quite like the GA Scorcher. Haven't ridden a dive machine or floorless.

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I voted hyper because of how awesome Nitro is! I thought the airtime was awesome on it and much better than Steel Force's air. Inverted would be my next favorite, but I just loved Nitro so much. So I had to chose hyper.


Here are how I rate the B&Ms I've been on:


1. Nitro

2. Medusa

3. Talon

4. Batman: The Ride

5. Great Bear

6. Hydra: The Revenge

7. Superman: Ultimate Flight

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I voted inverted because in my top ten B&M's, Montu is my number one and Top Gun:The Jet coaster is my number 6. Here is my top ten B&M's

1. Montu

2. Goliath(SFOG)

3. Sheikra

4. Hulk

5. Kraken

6. Top Gun: the Jet Coaster

7. Kumba

8. Dualing Dragons (Fire and Ice are about the same to me)

9. Georgia Scorcher

10. Riddlers Revenge

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i chose floorless as B&M's best stuff but looks everybody goes for

inverted when i was gonna vote! does everybody guess inverted

B&Ms are feelin' good coaster?! they look painful like Robb's fav

Vekoma SLC for me when hittin' these tight turns or loops.....

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I'm pretty torn on this. I had to go with hyper, but invert is a very close second. The only B&M hyper I've ridden is Raging Bull, not the most popular one. But, I got two back seat rides in the rain last August. Those were some of the most kick ass rides I've ever had. That was the best first drop I've ever encountered, more like a straight freefall than anything else. The airtime was intense on every hill, and even the MCBR did nothing to slow that monster down. Maybe it was the rain.


I love B&M inverts, but ultimately I have to go with airtime as king.

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I chose invert but it is equal with Hypers. I have been on 3 B&m hypers but I was very dissapointed in Goliath. The Out of the B&M inverts that I have ridden the great ones (Montu, Alpie, B:TR) equal out to the awesomeness of Nitro and AC, but because there were more, good inverts than good hypers, I chose inverts.

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