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The Adventures of Yeti Ball in the UK!

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Yup, tonight/this morning Yeti Ball has gotten boob, pussy, penis, and drunk! Such a debaucherous life he has.


Hmmm....now if only I got a Yeti Costume...although you totally know ill be out there when I turn 18 lou!



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Oh, what a night.....


And finally....you've waited for it.....



Grrrr....Lou....grrrr....grrrrr...... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Grrrr....I don't love DaCock!


Grrrr.....I like this one better!


Grrrrr.....my favorite movie!


"Let's check out some internet porn Yeti Ball....."


OMG!!!! RUN AWAY!!!!


Lou = cute and innocent? NO!!!! :D


"Hey Elissa, I'm going to take Yeti Ball home so he can win the bet!"




Grrrr.....Hey baby, wanna spend a night in a cheap motel?


Grrrr....I just gotta get her smashed on this windex stuff and she's mine!


So many TPR men are instantly jealous of Yeti Ball!


Grrrr....she's so soft and cuddley.


Grrr....I have found my true love!


Grrrrr.....I love Europe!


Grrr.....isn't it a little early for X-mas?


Yeti Ball's Adventure started at the "Trafford Center", a pretty big mall/entertainment complex in Manchester.

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This TR ROCKS! What is that blue windex stuff?!!?

It's the stuff that kept the UK Trippers ALIVE!!!!!


--Robb "Blue Wicked...." Alvey


Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, some of them 'alive,' hee hee hee.


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Hilarious trip report. Had I known Yeti balls could have such fantastic adventures I so would have tried to cram one into my luggage in Florida.


Lou like always you are a great sport and still mt Favorite English Girl.


Ryan the word DON"T is very important on the picture of Da Cock.



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Yeah, no surprise Ryan is failing English!


He can't even read a one line caption correctly!


BTW, Yeti Ball...be careful when you come home...the other guys are totally pissed at you!

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Yeah that was the Coney Beach lolly. I still haven't gotten around to eating it!


Rich, you should totally have crammed a Yeti Ball into your bag! At first I was like "WTF is this?!" but within half an hour he had his face buried in my boobs! So cute!!


Oh, and Wes, that's a cushion my mother bought to replace our dead dog... It's ugly but comfy.

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