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Photo TR: Robb & Elissa's Silver Doller City Trip...

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I am sure Powder Keg is very fun and all, but I just don't think it's very pretty! It's just so much structure everywhere, they could've made it look really sexy, seeing as it's a terrain coaster and all...


And I'm not trying to be a poopoo, but I still don't understand why they had to rip up a perfectly good ride, with nice theming and pretty aesthetics, for something like this?? Wasn't there room in the park to build their "launched mine train" and keep their groundbreaking watercoaster? I've never been to SDC, but the pictures of Powder Keg look fun, but much uglier than the previous ride. Hopefully they can still incorporate that leftover flume section into a new water ride?


But who am I kidding, the ride looks like HELLS of fun!

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I'm pretty curious about how good the ride is... is this gonna be a unique ride for the ages, a la Teenneessee Tornado? (no such thing as too many letters) Or is this finally going to put Arrow/SS coasters into the bigtime....for the first time... again.


Does the ride seem smooth and well made? Looking at the POV, it seems like it doesn't really have any bad "arrow" jerks. But it also seems very different than a B&M or an Intamin. Does it feel like anything you guys have ridden before?


And most importantly, does the final drop feel like a good 'ol arrow first drop? The drops on old Arrow loopers are still amongst my favorites---sharp and straight, none of that parabolic garbage (which is great on air hills, but I like to be yanked down the first drop). This one seems pretty sharp, but looks kinda parabolic. What's the verdict: does it float or yank?

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^ It really doesn't feel like anything I've been on. I'd have to say that a lot of the ride seemed like how an Intamin 'breaks in' after a while or kind of like a Premiere coaster. Where it's mostly smooth, but there are a few sections where you get that 'rattle.' It's not "rough" but it's also not butter smooth.


That being said most of the 'rattle' was also during the old Premiere sections of the coaster. I'm sure that was probably a tough thing to do, using someone else's track and structure.


The drops ARE good. And they feel like good 'ol Arrow drops. Decent airtime all over the place.


"Alan" has done some good work here!



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Yeah I noticed that too .. the rattle was mainly at the transition from the new S&S track to the old Premier track .. seemed to rattle alot during that section ... I just hope the water splash is working next weekend!

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Natalee and I just got back from a weekend visit. Powder Keg was down on Saturday due to a sensor issue on train number two. After several conference calls with S&S, they fixed the problem around 1145pm that night. Due to rain on Sunday morning, we didn't think we would get to try it out but the ride did open around 11am.


They were hoping to add train 3 this past weekend but couldnt due to the sensor issues. Fantastic ride overall jammed pack with nice floating airtime. I think S&S just re-entered the launch coaster market with this ride. PK has to be the most intense family ride in existance.


Thrillride's review should be up later this week. Thanks to the park for taking care of us all weekend!



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