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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

p. 274: New Fire in the Hole announced for 2024!

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So I got to ride Outlaw Run today, and this is most definitely the best coaster at Silver Dollar City. It's like the love child of Boss and Wildfire encountered too much gamma radiation and gained superpowers. It is my new favorite coaster, and one of, if not the best coaster I've ever ridden.

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My sister and I were among the crowd on opening day. I personally thought Outlaw Run was absolutely breathtaking, but my sister was not impressed (she was probably the only one in the park who had that opinion )

I rode it twice with an hour wait each time. My family bought passes so we will be returning.

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Also, Yakov is no longer performing year round in Branson. He will only be performing in Oct to Nov this year. I don't know if his show will continue at all in 2014 though. But his theatre will remain in his ownership indefinitely, so I'm guessing he is still going to continue performing seasonally.

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If you haven't done so already, please be sure to LIKE Rocky Mountain Constructions Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rocky-Mountain-Construction/154373424599786


Please be sure to tell them that you saw the coverage on TPR, and if you're going on our Texas/MidWest trip, let them know how psyched you are to ride ALL THREE of their coasters this summer!


Thanks for supporting a great company!



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Also, Yakov is no longer performing year round in Branson. He will only be performing in Oct to Nov this year. I don't know if his show will continue at all in 2014 though. But his theatre will remain in his ownership indefinitely, so I'm guessing he is still going to continue performing seasonally.



Such a loss.


i'm absolutely loving the direction the industry is going with rides like this. Can't wait to see what the other parks get!

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I'm hearing reports that some kind of malfunction with Outlaw Run occurred yesterday that required an evacuation via ladder to all the passengers. Since the GP always distorts these types of things, does anyone know what or if this happened and is the ride up and running today?

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I'm hearing reports that some kind of malfunction with Outlaw Run occurred yesterday that required an evacuation via ladder to all the passengers. Since the GP always distorts these types of things, does anyone know what or if this happened and is the ride up and running today?


It was running today according to a poster at SDCfans.com. It was in the upper thirties for most of the day and other coaster were down due to the temp but OR was running with little wait. It was a January-esque day in the Ozarks, cloudy, light off and on rain, good wind to make it a little less hospitable.


The City is never fully up and running for the Spring Break crowd, the shows are not open yet and several shops aren't open yet either. SDC is not your typical amusement park for those that haven't been. It's got lots of shops and more shows and music than you realize. It's not a Six Flags or a Cedar Fair operation. Dollywood is close as it was once branded a Silver Dollar City but it's not a twinkie anymore. It seems Herschend is going to put some money into SDC over the next decade so it's going to add to it's ride collection.

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Howdy Partners, Cowboy Chadster is back bringing you this amazing opening day report from Silver Dollar City!


The weather was perfect hitting a high of around 80 degrees and the park was extremely busy! Hmmm, I wonder why?!?! Oh yeah, this little known coaster built by Rocky Mountain Construction opened. You may have heard of it, it's called Outlaw Run, and it is without a doubt my new favorite woodie. Yes, that's right, it is my new #1


My opinion on what is my favorite part of the ride has changed so many times that I can't keep track, but for now I am settled on the final of the two barrel rolls. The hangtime is amazing as you slow down and float through. There is no other ride in the world like it, no other ride feeling in the world like it, and there is no other company in the world that could ever pull it off.


But Outlaw Run wasn't the only new thing that was built at the park for this season, the park tore down the old Polly's and replaced it with OMFG delicious brick oven pizza. Right across from that Coke lovers will rejoice, you'll see why in a moment.


So how about I shut my jaw, saddle up, and make like an Outlaw and Run through this opening day report! Yaw!


Feels strange being in the park at 8am, it's so quiet!


But that will soon change as people have already begun to line up for opening day of Outlaw Run!


People just kept pouring in, it's only 8:30, the park doesn't open for another hour!


Spot is here to keep everyone in check! For those who are curious, she belongs to the captain over at Fire in the Hole.


Note: I don't know the dogs real name


The first official riders have lined up! These lucky people won contests on radio, tv, and facebook.


The first train is loaded up


And offffff they go!


And the second train is ready to ride


And off they go!




And the flood gates are opened, Outlaw Run is officially open!


And the cowboys and cowgirls go wild!


Simply amazing


The crowds are taking over!


For the control panel enthusiasts


Hmmm, at least one CTPR person is on this train, can anyone spy him? Yes, it's a him, TPR has like 3 girls in its membership.








Hurry up, the outlaws are after ya!


But they are no match for this stage coach!


Nerd Shot!


You guys have almost made it!


And the good guys win again!


By 10am, the lines were enormous


Nope, keep going back


OK, that's far enough. The line at it's peak stretched almost underneath the Frisco bridge and topped out around 3 hours. OMG!


Elsewhere in the park the swings were swinging


The water battle was water battling


And the food was cooking. Mmm, bacon.




Yup, I give Outlaw Run a huge thumbs up too


Sorry about that


Meanwhile the line has now shortened somewhat so that we can actually see the parks newest restaurant featuring brick oven pizza and other fresh handmade awesomeness. It was without a doubt the most popular restaurant at the park and for good reason. It's crazy good. You've got to try it out!


Note: This is where Aunt Polly use to live. Walkways have also been redone to assist in traffic flow to OR


Over at Outlaw Run the wait time at 1pm was 90 minutes.


The themeing here is amazing.


Robb and I were pretty confident that the handles were added to the trains so cameras could be mounted. Turns out, they also serve as 'oh shit' handles.


These Outlaw Run cups can hold a unique Frozen Barq's Rootbeer, it's crazy good and a must try. Only available outside of Outlaw Run.


People were riding, and getting back in line all day. Not a single person had anything negative to say about the ride, everyone was coming off with smiles on their faces and the want to do it again.


Cokes and Floats is open in front of the Splash Battle, pretty awesome!


How about a Coke?




All that walking and waiting has me hungry again.


Such a beautiful sight.


Down the hatch


Over to WildFire to visit my favorite crew!


Hey, what is that!?!?!?! GET OUTTA THE WAY CRITTER!


Never even phased him.


Yup, I like.


Splish Splash I was takin a bath


I'm hungry again.


gobble gobble


I'm flying!


Wave swingers always make for great photo ops


making my way through the crowds. Hard to believe it was to be even busier on Saturday!


Pulled pork skillet. Must.Try.Next.Time.


More amazing themeing at OR!


By 5pm the lines had leveled off to around 45 minutes. The crew was hauling at an amazing pace and the ride performed very well for it's first day on the job.


The park looked great and I saw many familiar faces working the rides and stands.


Outlaw Run is an amazing ride and everyone should get out and ride it.


I was lucky enough to have the honor of riding last train of the night with the man in charge of building this magnificent coaster. Seeing the smiles and happy people is what makes all of his hard work and dedication worth it. I know he reads this site and as I said when I left, thank you again for building a kick ass ride. We all appreciate and enjoy what you do!

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Great photos Chadster. Thanks for this report. SDC really is one of the very best parks in the states and will always hold a special place in my heart since it was the last park I got to visit with my dad before he passed. I can't wait to get there again to experience this madness!

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