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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

P. 261: Arvest Bank announces 10 year sponsorship deal

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I just watched the POV myself, and I have to say: This thing looks like the Skyrush of wooden coasters...

With better pacing.

And less deadly restraints.

For those of you who have ridden both OR and SR, which one is better in your opinion?


I obviously haven't ridden Outlaw Run, but I really don't think that you can compare the two. I mean, an insane wooden coaster out in the woods with inversions versus...an insane steel hypercoaster built in a really small space over a creek? Tight head-choppers versus open-air freedom?


You would make more progress comparing Outlaw Run with El Toro. Just my opinion.

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One final question comes to mind when I see these video. We all know that its awesome and kicks all sorts of @$$. Now what I want to know is, how does it compare in "smoothness" to other wooden coasters such as El Toro, the GCI coasters, and the coasters with Timberliners.

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is there going to be more pics from media day and some off ride video posted?


Absolutely, just give Robb a bit more time. He's been doing interviews, getting footage, and tons of photos. He needs to put it all together for you guys!

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An FYI for anyone coming out tomorrow...Turnstiles open at 8am at which time you can grab breakfast or check out the gift shops on the Square.


The first riders of the day will be contest winners. To those who choose to arrive early you will be allowed to line up for Outlaw Run. Once on the square, go towards the left where you will be able to line up and wait to be led down the hill to the ride. Keep in mind the rides park does not open until 9:30, only the Square will be open to wondering around.


It's a top 5 ride, you won't be disappointed!


Your stage coach awaits

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I can't wait to ride this. I probably won't get to SDC until this fall, but maybe we can squeeze a trip in earlier this year. The ride looks to be a FANTASTIC addition to an already excellent line-up of coasters for a smaller park that used to be just about the cave, bluegrass music, Ozark culture and crafts, and a few darkrides and walkthroughs.

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Awesome video, Robb! Really shows how much this thing hauls through the course. What are your personal thoughts on the different elements of the ride? I know you think it kicks all kinds of @$$ (I'm really just asking for your personal review, haha.)

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We also shot an absolutely STUNNING full 1080p front seat POV mounted right on the very front of the train. The POV I posted yesterday was the B-roll the park gave us, but man, the weather and lighting was PERFECT for this footage!


I think we'll keep it exclusive for the next Blu-Ray!


"Hey, TPR, let me introduce you to the steepest wooden roller coaster drop in the world!"

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