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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

P. 261: Arvest Bank announces 10 year sponsorship deal

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Great update Chad! The Christmas lights look absolutely stunning!


The lights really bring the park to life at night, I love it.


Looks cold - what was the temp?


About 45


Also nice touch on the ornament from Club TPR


I really wanted to hang it on the big tree but since that's a no no, I thought this was the next best choice

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I can't wait till we see trains on track! No wait I can't wait till we see people in trains on track. Scratch that. I can't wait to see me in train on track!


Hey and look at this little souvenir I got while at the park the other day. It's signed by Lisa Rau Silver Dollar City's head of PR/Publicity, Brad Thomas Senior Vice President of SDC, Fred Grubb the owner of RMCC and Dennis Clevenger Director of Maintenance and Construction! It's my little piece of Outlaw Run! Yay!


I love a nice piece of wood!

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Thanks for the update, Chad...great photos!


I was thinking about trying to squeeze in a trip to SDC this year over Christmas, but decided to go next year so I can get a night ride on Outlaw Run, see all of the awesome lights and just soak in all of the cool things that this park looks to offer.


Despite being disappointed about not getting to go this year, I'll make up for it by going to Dollywood over Christmas to get my first ride on Wild Eagle and enjoy all the Christmas awesomeness there for the second year in a row!

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I'm honestly surprised that the height restriction for Outlaw Run is 48 inches. It seems like such an intense coaster, and I can't imagine small children being tossed around on it. Well I guess Silver Dollar City is always trying to find ways to let families ride the attractions together, which probably explains the requirement on this. Isn't Powder Keg 43 inches with an adult?


I was estimating 52 inches for it. With the two barrel rolls, extremely banked turns, and enormous airtime, it added up correctly in my understanding.

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