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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

P. 261: Arvest Bank announces 10 year sponsorship deal

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^ I know they don't have much under their belt but New Texas Giant is a Impressive notch on the belt!


While Outlaw Run is their first original design from scratch, they've built some of the best coasters in the world. Look at their website for a complete list of coasters they've built. It has photos from the construction of El Toro and T-Express (2 of the 4 Intamin pre-fab wooden coasters). I've never heard anyone say anything bad about those rides. Rocky Mountain also built Tremors and Timber Terror at Silverwood and more recently added Topper Track to the curvy parts of Tremors (which is undetectable while riding unless you are looking carefully from the front seat). They were involved in relocating a Giant Inverted Boomerang to Silverwood. Plus they have done several Topper Track installations on existing coasters that need the repair.


That's more installations "under their belt" than Gravity Group or GCI, even if others did the design work for most of them.

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Actually they have been taking some steps to address that issue with TNT. They are also redoing several other support areas around TNT where the construction of Time Traveler was done.  

I also think new enthusiasts confuse intense with rough 

"Move" may not be the best way to word it. "Build a new version of it" is a better way to describe it.  Think of what Mystic River Falls is to Lost River. More than likely, it would be a completely di

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RMCC is what I love about B&M and Intamin in one company. B&M's reliability and Intamin's ability to push the envelope! If they keep it up I can see them becoming a really big player in the industry.

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^Agreed 100% It is kind of interesting to see how the years of construction and repair experience of RMCC has really paid off! They have even been able to make Predator at Darien Lake pretty bearable.


Outlaw Run is the beginning of a new breed.

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^I've seen it referred to as both... but after searching the site I realized that RMC is the more popular and correct abbreviation. I'll use RMC when referencing it in the future.

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^ I know they don't have much under their belt but New Texas Giant is a Impressive notch on the belt!



That's more installations "under their belt" than Gravity Group or GCI, even if others did the design work for most of them.


Technically, Gravity Group has more experience if you count the years of work the four guys did with other firms before forming TGG.

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I have a ton of stuff in store for everyone over the next 6 weeks or so including an exclusive opportunity for ClubTPR members, details to be posted in the ClubTPR forum later this week.



I am still anxiously awaiting for the exculsive opportunity to be announced.. Been watching both forums.. lol

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^Sorry about that, we've been getting some things finalized and worked out, but I am happy to announce that the exclusive opportunity has just been posted to the ClubTPR forum!



Club members have the opportunity to ask SDC Management, Construction, and Rocky Mountain's Fred Grub ANYTHING they want pertaining to Outlaw Run. The questions will be asked during a video tour of the site late this month.



So what are you waiting for? Saddle up and ride over the TPR Club forum and get to askin'!

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The Park was slammed this weekend, 23,000 on Sat and 16,000 on Sun. We had 75 degree weather this past weekend here in the Ozarks. Park was named in the Top Ten of an USA Today feature on places that have extreme light displays as well. One of my coworkers went on Sat and he said it was insane.

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Some thoughts about the Outlaw Run on-ride -


The lift hill looks fast. Not El Toro-fast, but still fast.


The ride looks like it has some great airtime spots, but it seems as though the ride's main focus and draw will be the never-before-seen-on-a-wooden-coaster acrobatics.


If they actually put up a sign that says "Outlaws Beware" out in the distance, Silver Dollar City will rise up so many spots in my book.

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I am a bit confused about the first inversion, it looks like you stay upside down for a bit before continuing the roll the opposite way it started, maybe im just looking at it wrong.

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The Park was slammed this weekend, 23,000 on Sat and 16,000 on Sun. We had 75 degree weather this past weekend here in the Ozarks. Park was named in the Top Ten of an USA Today feature on places that have extreme light displays as well. One of my coworkers went on Sat and he said it was insane.

Yeah, that's why we avoid Saturdays if at all possible. We went on Sunday and while the paths were very crowded, the ride queues were not. We hit the big rides first; Thunderation was a walk-on, and Flooded Mine was about 10 minutes wait. Wildfire and Powder Keg were about 15-20 minutes--and this with only one train running on Wildfire and only two on Powder Keg. We waited for sundown to hit the Expo, and the crowds were just thinning. We didn't wait more than two cycles for any of the flats, and the Expo Coaster was only about 20 minutes (the queue time for this can very well be longer than for the big coasters, due to the very low capacity).


Christmas really is a great time for those who like the rides. Most of the crowds are there for the shows and lights. A lot of the trees are covered in lights too. It is really impressive after sundown. And shall I add, hot wassail.

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HO! HO! HO! It's Santa Chadster bringing you holiday cheer from the City. Today I bring you some things old, some things new, and some things that will bring you happiness.


So get your sleigh ready as it's time to visit and Old Time Christmas (and Outlaw Run too perhaps)


As usual, my full album can be found by clicking.


This sleigh has just pulled in to the City


To see what Santa will be giving us for being good coaster enthusiasts


Peeking through the sticks I think I just may have spotted what's to be placed under the tree


Looks like a lovely Christmas gift


But wait, there's more?!?!


Aunt Polly's restaurant has bit the dust. Literally.


To make way for something unique for next year.


What will it be you ask? Well...you'll have to wait a wee bit longer


Meanwhile looks like the roof is on over at the BBQ house. Also a nice nerd shot for Intamin peeps


Of course right around the bend from all that excitement is our Christmas gift for next year.


Much of the concrete work is complete and the queue shade structure looks to be painted and awaiting it's chuck wagon covering.



It also would appear that the lift chain is in. Word around the city is that was a very recent addition.


To give those not familiar with the park a different perspective of where the ride sits, this is taken from the Giant Barn Swing looking towards the round house


Elsewhere around the city you will find many of the lights that won them a ton of awards this year. Over 4 million lights, give or take


Something that doesn't get much love is the flooded mine, an awesome indoor floating shooting dark ride.


Prancer has an antlerring


Yes, please talk to your fowl mouthed critter.


First time ever on the Christmas Train. True story.


It's a sing a long train with songs like Jingle Bells and Frosty


The better you sing, the better the gift.


See, the gates are open. I must have sung well.




How nice of the trees to have shed their leaves.


Just imagine yourself here next spring coming out of this insane overbank





That drop has me all bothered right now...moving on.



Yup, just a few more months away.



It's Santa!


And grandpa who tells us all a little story.


Hi Keg, how's it goin'?


For some reason, I like these artistic shots. They are now mandatory.


Meanwhile the safety fencing is going up.


Still a ton of work going on in this area.



And just as luck would have it, fencing is going up around the transfer table.



Crews were actively looking at it


They must be government workers...I would know...


So yeah there's that. Now it's time for...


The lights!


It really is my favorite time of the year to visit the park. Night rides and lights just add something special.


The park also has a nightly parade that begins with Santa


She smiled and waved at me. I blushed.



Look it's the Frisco!


And winding up the show. Note: Saturday's are the absolute busiest time to visit the park. Thursday's or a cold Sunday are the best times to visit this time of year if you are looking for lighter crowds.


Even the Coke stand is dressed for the occasion!


I am for Outlaw Run!




Living Nativity Show lives here. I have yet to see any of the Christmas shows at the park. I should fix that next week.




Well, that's all folks! Time to hitch a ride on this here train and head to the house.


Until next time!

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