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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

P. 261: Arvest Bank announces 10 year sponsorship deal

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Howdy Folks! It's Cowboy Chadster bringing you another Outlaw Run updated with a side of National Harvest Fest, A Salute to the American Cowboy. The festival features over 125 artists selling their arts and crafts, a new stunt show in the outdoor amphitheater at park closing, as well as their usual terrific food offerings.


So saddle up your horses and get ready for a ride!


Edit: If you like photos, I have all of them from this trip in an album here.



It's National Harvest Fest and I've got my teepee ready!


It's all I need


The festival features artists from all over, many will custom make something for you, just show them the money.


Looks like TPR took the blue ribbon.


But I'm sure you aren't reading this to learn about the festival, are you? Probably not, no.


No no, you want to spark a wild fire under my rump


And quit showing you pictures that everyone has in their collection. That's what you really want eh?


Well ok then, spoil my fun why don't ya. The park must have known I was coming as they have parked a dump truck in front of my secret hole.


I mean, it's better than an out house I suppose.


The railings are complete, the painting looks like it's coming to and end, and they have started the work for what I assume is part of the queue.


So now it's time to get in the stage coach.


And get your sling shot ready because I'm about ready to launch this report


straight into this pig.


"If you pull the orange cable and you don't have a medical emergency, don't worry, we will be happy to provide you with one" Noted.


Yup. For those keeping track at home, this will be my 28th ride of 2012 on the train.


I'm pretty sure at this point I could get a job working on the rail line.


Huh, I wonder what is around the bend?


Looks like poles with cowboy hats.


Ah, now I get it. The poles are practicing safety and have their hard hats on.


Oh wow.


The weather is turning and the leaves are falling


Which is really good news.


Because now you can see it! (Yes, this is a mandatory shot)


The 'Top' track has been applied to the OMFG curve at the top, a sign that work is motoring right along.


"Come nex yer I putz ma hands in de airz and gone weeeeeeeeeee!"


The old iron horse seems to be a tad tired today.


Perhaps she will need to stop and rest.


The ladder is gone, I'm a little sad about that.


But this makes me happy!


This would be the overbank that dives under the lift...completed!


This is going to be quite amazing.




And by the magic power of riding the train twice, I bring you the opposite side!


They are doing a really nice job making it fit in.


Woah there horsey, what is this?


Holy crap, the ending is complete! And my dream has come true! The train has had to stop to build up steam which means picture taking is prime!


Double Roll looks so much better without all those pesky leaves in the way!


Did you know for every tree cut down, two were put in it's place? It's company policy.


It's also company policy to build amazing attractions.


The transfer table is in, but not motorized yet.


It's also not fully bolted down.


It makes things more interesting.


My ladder! I've found you!


But this train ride is coming to an end.


Also coming to an end is the track work.


According to www.silverdollarcity2013.com only a few hundred feet remain to be installed!


That train ride made me hungry. So I'm gonna sit down, grab some grub, and ride on out.



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When Outlaw run is up and running with a ton of riders waiting to get on board, I wonder what Silver Dollar City will do fo an encore (maybe do something with that old tower that was once held a waterslide ride)?]


I'd say yes, something to do with that tower. I don't see it being used as a queue this time, maybe turning it in to a building for theming of some sort...Assuming we're talking about a future coaster, there's a good plot of land there, and as much as I'd love to see something a little more original for SDC, that's not a bad spot for a Eurofighter like Mystery Mine...or an Aquatrax . Honestly, I can't think of any reason they would keep that tower other than to cover it up as a building for some kind of theming.


I guess I've wondered about that one for a while.





They added a new video from Branson TV to their videos page. Still not the POV I was hoping for, but still kind of cool. Branson TV is sort of like an info channel for tourists that just promotes shows and attractions in the area. I remember a long time ago seeing the promo for Buzzsaw Falls on that channel, during that trip to Branson I went to the park and Buzzsaw Falls was testing, due to open the following week! Not the best memory, but then again after riding Buzzsaw Falls I realized I didn't miss out on much.


That area could hold a eurofighter like Mystery Mine, a S&S El loco or a custom spinner like the mack, gerlauster and such. It could be an indoor/outdoor ride themed in a icehouse or old warehouse or grainery.


My ultimate wish is to see FITH redone. Keep the theme and storyline but with modern effects. When the ride gets to the burning bridge a timber falls across the track on the other side and then it drops straight down like Verbolten into complete darkness and launched as you hear FIRE IN THE HOLE into a fast paced finale.


If they ever get to redoing or replacing Thunderation that fills the mine train standard I think it would be cool to see a drop tower incorporated into it. As you get to end of the queue, you board an elevator car that holds the amount of folks that the coaster train will hold as a means to go down the mine shaft. As you have straped in and the cage closes you start to descend slowly and once you get out of view of the load platform, it malfunctions and stops You hear noises and then boom you freefall in total darkness. as you get to the bottom it slows and there you get off and board the coaster.

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It's not even 2013 and the track work looks like its almost finished. When do they plan on opening this attraction? I assume they're trying to knock out most of the construction before the Missery storms come rolling through this winter, making everything... miserable. lol


Drop looks incredible!

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Great pics Chad! Couldn't think of a better ride for SDC. Oh and you can never have enough Wild Fire shots.

Agreed on all counts. The coaster looks like it's about done, but they will want to completed the themed area before opening the ride. As much as SDC puts into theming, I really doubt they'll open Outlaw Run before the end of the year (not that I would mind...). Construction should be able to proceed into December: we usually don't get our first big ice storm until January (we hardly get snow here, just ice; but occasionally I have seen a foot of snow in early December or even November. Midwest weather is notoriously unpredictable).

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Amazing POV video!


So obviously this isn't perfect, and it's fan-made, but it has me curious about one thing - the press release mentions a double-down and a double-up after the GICT leading back down and then out of the valley. The layout rendering doesn't show it from what I can see though, but the way it rides in that fan recreation was actually my favorite part of the whole thing! Any idea whether that's just a marketing tool, or if the track really is doing a double-down and -up?

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It's clever, but I think it's still legitimate.


The downward decent into the left-hand turn after the Camel Toe Thingie is the first down, and then the second down is after the airtime hill before the right-hand turn.


The first up is into the next airtime hill, then the second up is into the left-hand overbanked turn.

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It's clever, but I think it's still legitimate.


The downward decent into the left-hand turn after the Camel Toe Thingie is the first down, and then the second down is after the airtime hill before the right-hand turn.


The first up is into the next airtime hill, then the second up is into the left-hand overbanked turn.


Right, okay. So it's a double-down and -up, but not in the traditional sense. It just so happens to go down twice and up twice, more or less.

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I'm thinking the GICT is gonna create some weird disorienting effects. It seems to me your body is gonna want to do a barrel roll there like I-Rat will have, especially with the bank left after. Instead your gonna enter from slightly right, get pulled back the same way you entered, then rotated for a left hand turn afterward. Not the way you'd expect a nice smooth over banked transition to go. Me likey!

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