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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

P. 261: Arvest Bank announces 10 year sponsorship deal

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EVERYTHING isn't your typical tenders and fries. This is SDC you're talking about!


There are four different skillets scattered around the park. The BBQ place is great but it's being rebuilt right now, so it's temporarily in the Carousel Barn next to Tom and Huck's River Blast. The burrito place in Midtown is awesome, and the gumbo near Time Traveler is delicious too. Plus there are kebobs at the Wagon Wheel and gourmet grilled cheese near Time Traveler.


Don't forget Cinnamon bread in Sullivan's Mill next to the swinging bridge.


Bon appetit!

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Actually they have been taking some steps to address that issue with TNT. They are also redoing several other support areas around TNT where the construction of Time Traveler was done.  

I also think new enthusiasts confuse intense with rough 

"Move" may not be the best way to word it. "Build a new version of it" is a better way to describe it.  Think of what Mystic River Falls is to Lost River. More than likely, it would be a completely di

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^ Damn, I wish they had at least one skillet place on the west coast, like in Knott's Berry Farm.

They're too good to keep over in (just) your part of the parks world, lol. Actually, I am

surprised that they don't have at least one, by now, in one of theme parks, over thisaways.


Or IS there one over here, in California? Thought I'd check.

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White Wing Lodge is making improvements and was great. The new owners were very nice and the breakfast was great. I had never seen an automatic pancake making machine before lol. I wanted the closest place as driving in the mountains stresses me out. I couldn't believe when I exited SDC that the exit was right at White Wing.


Ah the ol pancake conveyer belt. Best ride pre park.

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Quick thoughts on my first ever visit:

- Marvel Cave was cool! (and a great workout)

- Potato & Sausage skillet meal was great

- Banana Split was great

- Cinnamon Bread was even better than I remember from Dollywood. Maybe because we got the Apple version? Omg so good.

- Outlaw Run is the roughest of all the RMC's I have been on. It really did feel like a wood coaster. Great ride, still, but really unexpected. Boo to the massively short seatbelts which prevented others in my party from riding

- I really enjoyed Powder Keg. I didn't know anything about it going in, but it was a ton of fun.

- all the theming, shops, food, everything about the park was fantastic

- loved the different pumpkins (we didn't make it for the night event unfortunately)

- time traveler was REALLY good and unique. Some of the forces and direction you take the elements really take you off guard and feel funky

- WildFire was decent, but nothing really new


- The water boat shootey thing (the name escapes me -- flooded mine?)... yeah, no. the shooting portion was not executed well.

- Grandfather's Mansion was kooky fun. I enjoyed it. Different from any other walkthrough attraction I've been in. Laying on the bed and trying to do a situp was a weird feeling.

- Thunderation -- it's an arrow. So yeah. (Not very good.)


Had a good time; would have liked to stay longer but we drove 7 hours that day in addition to the park.


Pumpkin blowing a pumpkin. Oh yeah.






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- Outlaw Run is the roughest of all the RMC's I have been on. It really did feel like a wood coaster. Great ride, still, but really unexpected.


Did you end up riding above a wheel? (Even numbered rows.) If so that’s where your roughness came from. In non-wheel seats it’s a completely smooth ride!

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Pumpkin Nights!!!


On Saturday evening we headed down to Branson to experience the new Pumpkin Nights. It's really great to have the park open later more of the year. Most of the time we wake up early on a weekend to get there for the 8:30 opening (yeah, SDC is an unusual park in a lot of ways), but when it's open until 9, we can easily go down about 4 or so and stay until close and have a good time.


There were a lot of people in the park, far more than I have seen on a fall Saturday typically. This time of year has up to now been very slow, even on a weekend. Not so with this event. There is really now no weekend that is slow any time of the year, and that's great for SDC.


Most of the fun took place in the Grand Expo, where they had a ton of foam pumpkin animals with LEDs and a typical Halloween soundtrack (Monster Mash, Rocky Horror Picture Show, etc.). The Pumpkin Nights stage area is in a part of the park that is typically backstage. They opened up the large gate next to the Elephant March, and had a big dance party with face painting and specialty food and drink, including cider and pumpkin-shaped pretzel.


The coolest part, though, was the pumpkin trail. They had real, hand-carved pumpkins on pedestals set up on display (a lot of the pumpkins in the park are foam and LEDs). The trail connects the Pumpkin Nights stage with the Boatworks Theater. So cool. Park staff also did a great job of keeping people to the right so that traffic could flow in both directions. Excellently done.


Le Tour de Citrouilles


Crafts by day!


They have a cider kiosk in the square, where the wassail kiosk is during the Christmas event. Yum.


We didn't end up getting the churros, but they looked great. We thought we might come back up here later that night, but after dinner and popcorn and ice cream, we just didn't have room.


Across from the glass blowing place


Near Time Traveler. I'll take this time to say all of the pumpkin carvings were themed to a nearby shop or ride, like pottery near the pottery shop, instruments near Echo Hollow, etc. It was impressive.


Where the fun will be later.


The Apple Fritter is back!


I didn't forget about you construction nerds.






And now, the main event!




This kiosk had the cashew chicken in a waffle cone from the Festival of Wonder! So good.





Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men!
















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Hey guys. I am seeking the opinion of some who are more local to SDC than I am. I want to visit before the end of the year...this is almost embarrassing to say since I'm 4 hours away, but I haven't been since I was very young. The primary focus would be the coasters, but I'm definitely not disinterested in the ancillary stuff, be it the Harvest Festival or Old Time Christmas.


I guess I'm asking which you regulars would recommend. Considering ride lines and availability, crowd sizes, and overall experience, which would be better for my first real visit? I would probably do a Saturday but could include a partial Friday or Sunday with it. Any opinion is much appreciated, especially if you've been to both events!

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You definitely want Old Time Christmas. The after-7 free is not running during Pumpkin Fest, but it will be again for Christmas. Just keep in mind that SDC is very strict on operating temperatures for the coasters, so you want to go while it stays above 45°F. They start closing rides at 42°, and that's as measured at the top of the lift, so as long as ground temp is 45° or more, you're all right.


Fri-Sat will give you the most time in the park on a one day ticket. For example, you could go on Fri Nov. 8 from 7 to 9 and on Sat Nov. 9 from 11 to 9:30. It'll be busy, but ride queues may not be too bad depending on weather. If the high is in the 50s, smooth sailing. If it's 70 or so, I'd recommend Trailblazer Pass.

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Awesome, that's exactly the kind of advice I was looking for!


I was probably leaning towards Christmas anyway, but wanted to get first hand confirmation. Also was pretty sure all the rides were open, but not necessarily how long the lines would be. Thanks for the insight.

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Here is a progress update on Project 2020 AKA Mystic River Falls at SDC from my recent visit this week.






Lake Silver has been drained for the winter season.




The new Ribhouse is coming along nicely.





Canal landscaping work continues. Note the addition of trees, shrubbery, and detailed rockwork.


Work continues on the pumphouse/lift/drop area.




The loading station under construction.

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Looking for a little help here. Heading to the park next friday and I am looking for any discount on tickets that don't include listening to a timeshare sales pitch. Last year they had a great deal on their website but don't seem to be offering it again this year. Do any stores sell discount tickets besides the special thursday tickets? Thanks in advance for the help.

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First weekend of Old Time Christmas!


Waffles and wassail!



Haven't noticed this before. No need for it today though.






The outdoor seating pavilion is taking shape.


Through the glory holes!






Glass has been installed in the BBQ place.







Photo op at Santa Claus Lane (River Blast)


Outlaw Run is sporting some lights.


Midtown looks as great as ever!










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I find it interesting how many of the buildings in this area are sporting aluminum siding. Kinda plain as it is, but im sure they're probably gonna get painted with some more details as the project progresses closer to opening. But, the rockwork around the ride looks stellar already. Im sure it will look even more incredible with water flowing through it!

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I find it interesting how many of the buildings in this area are sporting aluminum siding. Kinda plain as it is, but im sure they're probably gonna get painted with some more details as the project progresses closer to opening. But, the rockwork around the ride looks stellar already. Im sure it will look even more incredible with water flowing through it!



They are going for the of tin roof look, hopefulle.they give it all the ol' rust look paint treatment.

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They are going for the of tin roof look, hopefulle.they give it all the ol' rust look paint treatment.


I am liking this look much better. Yes this style is better fitting with the theme of the time period especially once it gets that weathered look in a few years. Some of the other stuff they have done in recent years has been okay but a tad bit too clean and modern for 1880's IMHO.

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This project kinda slipped under my radar earlier this year but after going on Infinity Falls at SeaWorld recently these newer generation rapids rides are a lot of fun and a huge draw, that thing had a decent line even on a fairly cold day in December. I realize this one isn't made by Intamin but it seems to be a similar product and designed within an existing park setting with plenty of views and interaction points similar to Infinity Falls which was really fun. Gone are the days of rapids ride being tucked away out of sight in the back corner of a park which I probably for the better. Looks like a great addition to SDC.

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