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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

P. 261: Arvest Bank announces 10 year sponsorship deal

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Construction update from the new and improved Lost River ride at SDC, the new Ribhouse has gone vertical and the massive new water pumps were added. The concrete channels also continue to grow and expand. The announcement date is August 13th!


You can watch the short progress video that I shot this past Sunday here:













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I was also there this weekend to see it again in person. This thing is immense. It's a bigger project than even Time Traveler. For a park that has to use it's space wisely, this is a huge piece of land they are developing. It's not just the ride even, they have already replaced a ton of pathway in the area to make it wider, and the new building in front is a replacement for the old Rib House restaurant. There will be a huge new seating area as well. Just an absolutely huge project that must be costing them a ton of money on infrastructure and concrete alone.


Also, summer is such a great time to visit SDC. Time Traveler was a walk-on all Sunday and had like a 15 min wait on Saturday. I mean, Branson was packed but SDC was barely filling their closest parking lots. It was definitely hot, but that usually doesn't stop people this much. Maybe it's the lack of water rides this year... By fall I'm sure it will be packed out again for Pumpkin fest & Christmas.

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If you have done the train ride at Silver Dollar City, how about at night during the summer with Moonlight Madness and having fireworks going off overhead? Check out my video below.





I really like the unique atmosphere the ride provides at night during this time of the year.



Also, I recently rode thru The Flooded Mine and shot high quality photos of the entire ride. Thought these turned out awesome considering you are nearly in total darkness as a rider. Wished I could do the same for Fire In The Hole.




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Looking good. They are getting it together quick. Probably for the announcement next Tuesday. I wonder if they are gonna have media get to tour the site like what was done for Time Traveler. Strangely enough I haven't heard anything from the park yet.

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Got word last night that our club at school was granted a few media day passes for Tuesday!!! I’m very excited for the announcement! There will be a hard-hat tour, so I’ll try to bring back some pictures to post of the construction site inside the fence.

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Congrats! I too got an email granting me to attend the media event like I did for Time Traveler and I will be sure to get plenty of photos and video of the ceremony and the construction site as well. Been itching all year to get an on site tour.


Look for me in a red media shirt and a big DSLR camera bag. Feel free to say hi if you are attending.

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The Tallest Raft Ride Drop in the Western Hemisphere!

4.5 Stories to The Wettest Splashdown in the Park’s 60-Year History!


Mystic River Falls will be the highlight of a new themed area of the park, Rivertown, where 1880s townfolk are caught up in a high-spirited celebration, representing Silver Dollar City’s Diamond Jubilee. The all-new Rivertown Smokehouse, the largest dining investment in the corporation’s history, will serve the park’s famous BBQ plus new favorites, providing 450 viewing seats along the banks of the Mystic River. (Investment $4 million)


And to think, it all started with a hole in the ground. Marvel Cave in Branson was among the most popular “show caves” in the 1950s and 60s. In fact, the Herschends started Silver Dollar City so tourists to Marvel Cave had something to do while waiting for their tours. The family quickly learned they had entered into the theme park business!


Mystic River Falls calls upon that rich history for theming and backstory, intermingling fact and fiction, legend and lore, to arrive at an attraction that celebrates the spirit of adventure that’s part of Ozark culture. An underground body of water that seems to come from and go nowhere, Mystic River truly appears on the park’s historical maps as discovered and documented by botanist S. Fred Prince in the late 1800s, and to this day, flows in Marvel Cave. For the new ride, guests will be transported back to the 1880s in a storyline that revolves around a historically-based fictional character named Pearl Brazen, an intrepid explorer who’s eager to take them on a bold quest to find the headwaters of the Mystic River.


Silver Dollar City’s 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee will begin in March, 2020 along with park opening; an Anniversary Celebration will launch the weekend of May 1, 2020, followed by Mystic River Falls opening during the summer season.


As is tradition, cave tours are offered daily, so in 2020 park guests can step into the past by exploring the cave, and then look toward the future by experiencing a record-breaking, game-changing water ride that reminds us all that The Greatest Adventures Lie Ahead!


Mystic River Falls, itself a $23 million investment, will be a River Adventure that is themed to the history and legend of the great Marvel Cave, which was the catalyst for Silver Dollar City six decades ago. Riders will splash through nearly a half-mile (2100’) scenic journey, navigating hairpin turns, high tides and a hidden mine shaft on more than a 5-minute trek. Plus, Adventurers will discover industry-leading special features:


- 82’ Tall Lift Tower


River Adventurers will ascend a more than 8-story lift tower, exposed to the open air as their rafts rotate during the climb! The rotation elevator lift of 4 platforms is unique to this ride and will be the only one like it in the world to go up so high.


- More than 6-Story Elevated River Channel, 180’ Long


The rafts will connect to an elevated river channel suspended in the air 66’ high and travel within the channel for 180 linear feet.


- A Grand Finale Waterfall of 4.5 Stories of Thrilling Adventure!


Racing down and through the ride’s queue building, River Adventurers will brave the Mystic River Falls finale…



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This looks incredible! And a thirty million investment right after another nearly thirty million dollar investment. Reading the Facebook comments is mind numbing though: "Lost River was a classic blah blah blah there's not enough for old people blah blah blah that drop looks too big for my kids blah blah blah no more thrill rides! Heights heights HEIGHTS!" Lord I'm so excited to experience something like Infinity Falls in what is basically my backyard!

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So what's the tallest in the world? I'm having trouble figuring that one out.


Yes, this is what has me perplexed as well! I know when it was announced, Infinity Falls claimed to be the tallest in the world, and this is taller than that. Has a new one opened since then, or is opening next year? Inquiring minds want to know!


Love this addition though! I still haven't been able to make it out to SDC, but I'm glad this will be there whenever I do! I'm not usually a fan of Rapids Rides, but I liked the one at Animal Kingdom because of the drop, so I'm excited about Infinity Falls and this as well. Such a beautiful looking park! Can't wait to get out there someday!

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