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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

P. 261: Arvest Bank announces 10 year sponsorship deal

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For anyone who has ridden Time Traveler and/or waited in line, how is the capacity on this thing? The trains only hold 16 people, but I believe I saw a separate unload area? Or am I mistaken? Just curious.



Two trains according to reports and supposedly they have already ditched the unloading stand and it seemed to speed things up.

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For anyone who has ridden Time Traveler and/or waited in line, how is the capacity on this thing? The trains only hold 16 people, but I believe I saw a separate unload area? Or am I mistaken? Just curious.



Two trains according to reports and supposedly they have already ditched the unloading stand and it seemed to speed things up.

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The trains only hold 16 people, but I believe I saw a separate unload area? Or am I mistaken? Just curious.


They do have a separate unload area. (as seen below)




Two trains according to reports and supposedly they have already ditched the unloading stand and it seemed to speed things up.


3 trains with 4 cars per train.


I find it strange that they would "ditch" the unload station. Like why go to all the trouble/cost of installing the harness release mechanisms, and unload gates on a separate unload station if you aren't going to use it?


I'd love more concrete proof that they are no longer using said unload station.

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Considering the coaster has only been open for two days, and neither of them a weekend, it's far too early to say they "ditched" anything. SDC often runs fewer trains if they can get away with it, and their one train operations are great, so it's really not a problem. It has to be super busy for them to run both trains on Thunderation or all 3 on Powder Keg. So hearing that they ran two trains yesterday seems legit, and especially that they found a faster way to load/unload with only two trains. That's totally the sort of thing they do.

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So I went to ride Time Traveler on opening day. I was also part of the smaller media event/tour they had going on and got to grab up close photos and video of the first riders on the coaster down in the valley itself. I have to give a shout out and a special thanks to the SDC staff for being so gracious and accommodating for doing this and for providing us brunch as well. Also got to meet and do some shooting with a bunch of big names in the coaster/amusements community, including the senior staff with MACK rides, and the owners of TPR, GTA, and RCDB. Got a couple rides on Time Traveler itself shortly afterward which I will give a review on in just a moment.


And to those of you reading this who were there, it was awesome meeting all of you!




































In short, with my first impressions with Time Traveler: It was really cool! Definitely a very unique coaster experience combining elements from several proven coaster types into something totally new and different! I really love the train design too and the lighting effects on the cars themselves is very nice! It is no secret I was very apprehensive to the announcement of this type of coaster being built as I loathe spinning teacup type rides... but this is doable for me! The first drop gives you some real hang time with somewhat forceful swinging/pivoting in the first three cars but the back car is where you wanna be as it has a very forceful pull when you drop. Dropping backwards is crazy! The cars barely rotated or twirled throughout the ride with the exception of a couple places, one being during the barrel roll and then towards the end at the final overbanked turn as you hit the break run. I must say it is really weird going thru the vertical loop sideways which is what you will often find yourself doing. Going thru the elements to me is best described as surfing or swinging thru them. Also the launches themselves (particularly the final one) is very forceful, I dare say as forceful as Powderkeg. It is a really fun and interesting experience if you find yourself facing backwards when you experience the launches too. I also had no issues with the seats or the restraints themselves with me weighing 220lbs. These are the best coaster seats I have ever ridden in considering this is my first MACK coaster. I really wished Wildfire could get them.


As for the critiques on Time Traveler, the most apparent one is the the ride coming to a complete stop for about 5 seconds at the first launch. Really kills the pacing. To me this needs to be deleted or remedied by adding a simple show building with at least some lights and smoke to help with the theme of "going thru time" on the ride. I felt this was a sorely missed opportunity. Another is (with the exception of the back car on the first drop) there is little to no airtime on this coaster from my personal experience, but this is "coaster enthusiast' type of nitpicking so I can let this one go since the other elements are really awesome to experience as every ride on it is different due to being pivoted in different directions at different times. And finally the overall theming is okay and it is great where it is used (the spinning cogs and multicolor lighting the main loading bay is brilliant and I will post up images of the building queue in another post) but my final critique is the majority of the building is quite simple and barren on theming inside and out. As I said they did a very good job on the loading station level and somewhat on the 2nd floor but overall it feels rushed and unfinished down on the lower levels and outside. Maybe I was just going in expecting another Wildfire type of station building (which is still SDC's best themed station building to date) but you can be the judge for yourself when you visit. I will give them a benefit of a doubt that they haven't finished it yet and they didn't want to say or imply anything to indicate that. Maybe improvements and additions will come next season?


Overall though despite all that, I really liked the coaster for what it is. It definitely has its forceful moments with the drop, the vertical loop, and the launches. My recommendation is to not go in expecting another Wildfire or Outlaw Run, it is it's own unique experience and it is family/kid friendly. It is a very smooth and comfortable riding coaster as well. One of the best I have ridden in terms of comfort. I am looking forward to using my season pass a lot for re-experiencing this coaster thru the rest of the season.

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And here are the photos of the queue line and inside the station building. This is the majority of what you will see. There is also no onride photo but a section where they photograph riders passing thru the queue like they do at the Train Station. This could be a big problem on very busy days. Also note that Trailblazer Passes (including season and super passes) are only valid one ride per day on Time Traveler. Everything else is okay and pretty much unlimited.

















And here are photos of the new area and the reconfigured restaurants and shopping area.








The Time Traveler signage really imposes itself over the ThuNderaTion entrance hidden in the background. Again this is a nitpick, but I was really hoping they were gonna rebuild the archway when they redesigned the area and bring back the mine carts versus the simple TNT sign on two wooden poles.





Overall, I really am loving the redesigned area and I am glad they managed to save the majority of the landscaping and mature trees that littered this area.

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I’m with you about the theming on the ride. The load station looks insane, second level looks great, but the first floor is just a huge cattle pen with little to no theming. But I’m sure that first floor is more of an extension queue than anything else. I do feel they should’ve done a little more with the stop on the launch or not do it at all. The least they could’ve done was add some themed audio instead of just “ready for launch”. But hey, that’s just nit picky and stuff and most people won’t care about that.


I have been reading stuff about the ride across social media and there seems to be something that keeps getting brought up. Lots of people have been saying the restraints are *extremely* restrictive / unfriendly for large riders. I have not experienced them yet, but they sound worse than Outlaw Run’s lap bar. I always thought this style of Mack lap bars was large rider friendly. I’d understand them being about the same as Outlaw Run’s lap bar but if they are as worse as people are making them out to be, that’s one really restrictive lap bar. There are quite a few people who argue the opposite about the lap bar as well, saying that they’re more accommodating than Outlaw Run (I keep bringing Outlaw Run up just because it’s one of the only rides at SDC that isn’t really large rider friendly). Some people also have mentioned that the test seat is a lot more “forgiving” than the actual seats on the ride. But maybe the fact that the lap bars supposedly can’t be pushed down while locked is contributing to the issue. Either way, I’ll be checking it out tomorrow. Hopefully the 40 lbs I’ve lost since I was last at SDC will at least get me close to riding.

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Great photos - thanks for sharing!


Looking very forward to our visit in May to check out all the sites and sounds of SDC. We both loved Dollywood, so this can only be as good or better, right?


Oh and....skilllllletsssss!!!!

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^ Is it the same as the cinnamon bread at Dollywood? I assume that a lot of the food there is probably a carbon copy, but don't think that I mean that as a bad thing.


Yes, we will definitely be getting cinnamon bread - and this is coming from someone that normally doesn't do sweets!

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The parks actually do have their own cinnamon bread recipes actually. From what I remember, DW's is bigger and has more brown sugar, whereas SDC's is a little bit more dense and has more cinnamon and glaze with primarily white sugar. It's been awhile since I've had the DW stuff though, so my memory is fuzzy, but it was definitely different.

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Time Traveler's trains look fantastic, and not just because they're some of the better-themed ones out there. I love the novelty of spinning trains traveling (no pun intended?) through a loop. I'm also looking forward to seeing how the vegetation around the ride grows in.


Oh, and dat first drop.

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Photo TR: Time Keeps On Spinnin', Spinnin', Into the Fuuutuuure.


Today we went to Silver Dollar City to ride Time Traveler and see all the new stuff in Valley Road. We got up early and got to the park around 9AM for a 9:30 opening. There were thunderstorms early today, but scheduled to end around 9AM, so I knew they would scare off a lot of people while leaving a perfect day for us to enjoy.


When we arrived at the park, we discovered this jackass parked his car in the road near Tram Stop 2, despite plenty of parking spaces available, hundreds in fact.




On the way out of the park, we sat in the very back of the tram and I was chatting with the...er...conductor? Not sure what his job title is. The guy who sits in the back and has a radio. Anyway, that guy said the car had been towed to another section of the parking lot. I was glad to hear it wasn't towed off the lot, but on the other hand this guy did park in the road about 4 rows in, and was totally blocking everyone from leaving. Hope he found his car eventually but also had a lot of difficulty so that he uses an actual f*cking parking space next time.


We got into the park in time to line up for rope drop about 9:20 AM, and didn't see too many people ahead of us, so I was feeling optimistic. We went straight for Time Traveler and I measured my son...51 2/3"! Good enough for time travel!







The queue is fantastic, and easily on par with any of the other queues at Silver Dollar City. For those saying it's too sparse...really? There's literally always something to look at that's not your phone. What else do you want? Y'all are crazy.
















I should also mention the soundtrack in the queue. They play bluegrass instrumental versions of pop songs related to time, such as Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time," Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle," Coldplay's "Clocks," and yes, the one I am on record in this very thread for recommending..."FLY LIKE AN EAGLE" BY STEVE MILLER BAND!!!!


BEST COASTER EVAR!!!!!!!!!1!!!


On a more serious note, I applaud the queue design for allowing for easy grouping. The last few switchbacks are very short and have a path kept clear with only a simple chain to the switchbacks, making it easy for the grouper to find just the right person, and for that person not to have to push past people awkwardly. Absolutely brilliant. I've never seen this before, but every coaster should have this. There are not enough superlatives to say how wonderful this is.





The station itself is vibrant. The pulsing light and moving gears really give a sense of anticipation, and I felt like I was participating in an event more than simply going on a ride. The cubbies that are accessible from both the secured and unsecured sections of the station were very much appreciated, as well as the ability of non-riders to go right into the unsecured part of the station and watch. Mega kudos here.






No coaster experience would be complete without a ride photo, but this one is done before the ride, as a part of the queue rather than on the ride itself. You're given a ticket before you ride, and you can scan it at the kiosks and order a photo if you wish. The system is quite intuitive, and though I passed on the photo (we're totally going to be riding this a lot, and there will be more opportunities), it's a really great system that I would like to be replicated.







Exit through the gift shop! Lots of fun steampunk stuff here. I may end up getting some of it, but honestly probably not. I really don't own much SDC merch, as I'm there literally every other week or so. Looks really cool, and if you're wanting a souvenir, this is a good spot for it. They have some "stats" shirts, but plenty of far more classy ones too.





The coaster was only one of my major goals for today, and the other was the new shops and restaurants on Valley Road. They've accomplished a great feat in making Valley Road wider and also moving it away from Flooded Mine enough that its exit no longer opens directly only onto a main path. There are so many improvements here, it feels like a whole different park now.

















We ate lunch at a couple of the places, gathering at the picnic tables behind the restaurants with our various goodies. We got the Ultimate Grilled Cheese and Grilled Chicken and Cheese, and Chicken Sandwich from Traveler's Stop, and the jambalaya from the newly relocated/expanded Buckshot's Skillet Cookery. There are more good things than we could eat in one day, so we'll just have to go back!





After that, we had to hit our favourites in the Grand Expo and Fireman's Landing, as well as the rest of the coasters throughout the park, and we ended our day in Half Dollar Holler. Everyone had a great time and was exhausted but happy by the end of it. Good to see SDC back in action, and absolutely better than ever.

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Great report! Everything about this ride looks incredible.


Coaster nerd question: do the lap bars lower automatically? I know they don’t on Manta at SWSD, but I ask because in almost every photo of people in the train, they have their hands up. I just thought that was interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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You did, but only because I forgot to write it first.


The first drop for us was backwards and off-kilter, and that angle straight down is maybe the most intense first drop I've ever been on. More than Outlaw Run. The rest of the ride backs off from that intensity and is just flat out fun. No part of it is too much, and that's really good because this coaster does so many things. It pretty much has something for everyone. It doesn't spin much at all, just kind of rotates to a new angle at each drop. Really mixes things up and makes it a unique experience.


I hate spinning rides in general, and I can barely stand spinning coasters. Time Traveler is awesome.

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Awesome, thanks! I keep seeing comparisons to Cobras Curse, which we really liked so that's gotten me a little more interested in peoples opinions on this one.


I was wondering when you'd make it over to ride and got all stoked when I saw you posted a report. I got the bottom and was like "Wait... WTF. where is the part about the ride?" and went back through the report like 2-3 times thinking I was crazy. All the other stuff is cool but as someone unfamiliar to this park the sprucing up/new additions to the area are definitely less interesting than wtf does Andrew think of this crazyass new ride!?!?


What did your son think?

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I enjoyed the details in your trip report. Helpful, interesting and fun!


I'm now mildly curious--in that photo op picture frame (second pic), it looks like you can flip "rode" to something else if you didn't ride? What would the other word be? Neat little detail if I'm seeing that right.

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