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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

P. 261: Arvest Bank announces 10 year sponsorship deal

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Things that are sexy about this:


- The logo

- The trains

- That sick twisted loop shape


You forgot a few things:


- The launches

- The layout

- The drop out of the station

- The theming

- The ... Nevermind I could keep going all day.

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Mercy. The layout looks strong enough that I may just have to come out of spinning retirement, but I'll be popping extra Dramamine and likely have a lifetime one-and-done policy toward it. I wish that spinning was just an option, like turning a few rows of a train backwards, instead of the main gimmick. Still, kudos to Mack & SDC for making something totally unique & pretty ballsy!

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Looks fun. Here's some thoughts:


- Kinda wish they spread the layout throughout the trees a little more. Being IN a forest is what makes Outlaw Run, Thunderation, and Powder Keg so great. It's kinda all crowded together in one spot.


- I was hoping for a non-spinning option. My enjoyment (and many others here) goes down a bit when spinning. I want to experience that drop going straight.


- The drop looks incredible.


- Wish there was more airtime moments ala Helix.


- The layout is quite long, which is nice!


- Those Mack seats are super comfortable! Glad another ride in the US gets them!


- The layout is probably designed to be less forceful than say Helix, because it must be able to accommodate the trains in any orientation. Even if it's weaker, it looks like it'll be great for the SDC crowd. (Outlaw Run is insane anyway).

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I am a huge fan of Mack's smaller spinners like Turbulence and Sierra Sidewinder. Even though those rides are only 50-60 ft tall, they have some surprising forces on their helices.


So seeing a spinner here with 2 launches, inversions, and a vertical drop seems too good to be true. I have completely forgotten how weak the 2017 coaster class was with all these announcements today.

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WOW! I haven't followed this project as closely as others but I was NOT expecting it to be a spinning coaster! This looks like it could have some awesome and weird forces on it! I've never been to SDC, but I'm definitely going to make it a priority next year!

Agreed, this thing looks amazing and I think there's finally enough now to get me all the way out there to SDC.

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Looks great! I'm not normally a fan of spinning coasters, but I thought Sierra Sidewinder was fun. With controlled spinning, this should be manageable. My son will absolutely love it, so even if I think it's awful, I'm going to be riding this a bunch next year.

That's a surprisingly intense coaster as well — even when it's not spinning that much. Definitely interested in seeing how this one shapes up as some of the moves it makes will feel very odd depending on what angle the car is at when it takes them. A brave move by SDC it seems.

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I never thought I'd see a $26 million spinning coaster, but it seems like the money is being put to good use. Not only does this ride look insane, but incredibly unique. I love Mack spinners, and I always hoped more parks would install them. Congrats SDC on putting this together!

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Wow! This honestly looks great! I'm loving the idea and theme of this ride.


Now.. about theming.. is the station going to be that.. plain? I'd honestly thought it would look like a crazy scientists laboratory with a bunch of gears and springs on the outside of it, but from the video... hopefully it's just a placeholder?

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Wow, a 90º drop and three inversions on a spinner??! With the drop right out of station??! This looks crazy! I normally don't get excited about spinners, but this one looks awesome! I already had enough reasons to want to visit Silver Doller City, but this just adds another big reason to want to go.

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This is a pretty nuts announcement for any park, let alone SDC. With these elements, you could get some truly bizarre forces depending on which way you're facing.


I'm anxious to see what's /really/ going to happen when the train stops before the first launch!


I wonder if there will be an ability to disable the magnet controls, say, for an enthusiast event?

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