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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

P. 261: Arvest Bank announces 10 year sponsorship deal

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Looking at the course the footers take after that banking it appears that the only way that "turn" can go is to the right of what's pictured meaning that is a zero-g roll. Obviously we need to wait and see if that's true, but right now it looks like that's what's going on. Could we really be seeing another attempt at an inverting woody?


I know where my coaster travels are taking me next year.

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It's definately not a zero-g roll. This is right after the drop, and the course goes up into a 270-degree turn of some sort. It looks like the first 180 degrees is an overbank, and the last 90 extends the dive into the valley back towards the base of the drop. It looks funky, but I can't imagine it doing a roll here simply because of the layout. Now it could do an inverted overbank - I've been expecting it to be extremely pitched at the very least, but the supports are so funky it will be difficult to tell what's going on until track is actually in place.

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Greetings fellow coaster geeks, Uncle Chadster is here bringing you the finest coaster porn found anywhere across these parts. What am I talking about? Well, you'll just have to look to find out! Oh, while I'm at it, want to know what they are calling SDC's super secret to be announced coaster? I thought so


Can't get enough pictures? My full album can be reached by clicking here


Strap yourselves in...


Because we are ready to blast off


To see what we can see from through the trees




Because I think that fat lady is about to sing


As this looks in no way shape or form like a movie screen anymore


Although it does appear as if they will still have a concession stand


several of them in fact


So chuga chuga choo choo we go on this 101 degree day.


When people on the train yelled "Fire in the Hole" They really meant their seats.


huh, what's this?


Perhaps an Old West town?


Look at him, looking all sexy and photogenic


and you too


Please, don't tease me, tell me what you are going to call it!!


So after the train dives off the drop, you swoop along the terrain and fly up and over the top


How do I know this?


You'll see ;)


you can sorta see here, but keep moving on, there really isn't anything to see here


So if you launched an imaginary coaster train off the imaginary track, you might end up like this.


"Huh? They's buildin sometin down ther? What they call it?"


Now it starts to get interesting folks, pay attention to the left


See the nice curve on the left coming from the lift then aiming towards the left (if you are riding it, it would curve left)


and it climbs up into an over bank before darting back towards the lift and through the hill


If you look far out on the right, you will see the track leading into the turnaround ;)


Looking through the trees you can see the track with what kinda looks like a bunny hill, but not, this is close to the bottom of the drop


Next we take a look at the movie screen


Hey look! Land mines!


Wonder why those are here, hmmm, oh yeah, I kinda already told you, it comes back through here and busts over the lift hill!


Speaking of the lift hill, let's check in with the ticketing booth.


The anti-rollbacks are in along with the projector and chain tray


Nice shiny new projector.


The electrical equipment is also in place, possibly even the housings for the ride computers.


So you want to know what they call it? I told you I'd tell you, sooo...


They call it....INCOMPLETE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Get it, they call it incomplete, hehehehehe


Looking back at the loading dock you can see the track is all in place in the station, er, ticketing booth


wait a second...


what are all these land mines...it can only mean one thing....


The imaginary coaster is going to come back over the train and into the ticketing booth. This thing is gonna travel out behind the roundhouse. OMFG, it's huge! (that's what she said)


So there that is, took the train 3 times today, yes three. Why? video coming later this week ;)


For now, I'll holster my pistol. August 9th is the the big date, and for those following along at home, you can go to their website for more details ;)

Edited by chadster
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^August 9 is the day of the announcement. This ride won't open till 2013.


Shield the children's eyes, it's time for a crappy fanboy MS Paint sketch of the layout so far, created in less than five mins: http://i.imgur.com/UBdAK.jpg


The square thing is the station. So then lift and drop, crazy overbank turn that continues to dive and turn until it crosses over somewhere near the base of the drop, then it goes somewhere we can't see where there might be a tunnel taking shape or something else. It didn't look like there was much clearing back there, so I don't think it goes very far into the woods. Then it comes back up the valley over the base of the drop again, and then it turns and passes under the lift hill. Then it dives down into another valley where you can't see it because of all the trees, and then it curves back around and out of the valley into the station.


So the big question right now is what will happen after the big turn that is under construction now. We'll see if that tunnel exists after all, or if there's going to be an airtime hill, or what. I personally think it's going to do a small hop over the base of the drop, then do some kind of quick upwards turnaround to come back. I don't think it can go very far and still have enough momentum to get back to the station. I doubt this thing will have an MCBR.


It's not a terribly long layout, but it is certainly shaping up to make the most of every inch.

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This thing just looks insane... In my opinion it's the ride of 2013 to watch, which is good for the park and company. I'm glad they are doing the announcement August 9th as Dollywood's Wild Eagle announcement seemed a little late and took forever to get here since they waited until Labor Day (September 5th). 2013 is looking to be a big year already with this, CP's wing rider, and SFMM's Full Throttle!

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^Remember how steep the New Texas Giant's over banks are? I think we still could be seeing just an even steeper version here. At this point the zero g roll rumor is a bit outlandish...we won't be able to tell until they do a bit more construction.


Although looking at all the photos on the previous pages, it appears they have installed all of the footers, if this is just an over bank there would be footers off to the side.......and there aren't. I think this could possibly be the first zero g roll on a woodie, the support structure seems to say the track will carry on straight....hopefully we will find out soon!!!

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