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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

p. 274: New Fire in the Hole announced for 2024!

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The troll is on a permanent vacation.


In the future, when someone is making such outrageous claims and it is clear that they are just trolling the site, it is best to report the post and not respond. Makes the moderator's job a little easier.



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Trailblazer Pass question. With the Regular Trailblazer Pass, is that one ride on each of the eight rides, or can you use that Trailblazer Pass to ride the same coaster multiple times?



Good for up to 8 rides on eligible rides*


*Available for use on: Outlaw Run, PowderKeg, WildFire, The GIANT Barn Swing, Thunderation, Fire-In-The-Hole, American Plunge, Lost River of the Ozarks and FireFall (one use only on FireFall).



This comment on SDC's website implies that you can only use it once on Firefall.

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Trailblazer Pass question. With the Regular Trailblazer Pass, is that one ride on each of the eight rides, or can you use that Trailblazer Pass to ride the same coaster multiple times?



Good for up to 8 rides on eligible rides*


*Available for use on: Outlaw Run, PowderKeg, WildFire, The GIANT Barn Swing, Thunderation, Fire-In-The-Hole, American Plunge, Lost River of the Ozarks and FireFall (one use only on FireFall).



This comment on SDC website implies that you can only use it once on Firefall.

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Trailblazer Pass question. With the Regular Trailblazer Pass, is that one ride on each of the eight rides, or can you use that Trailblazer Pass to ride the same coaster multiple times?



Good for up to 8 rides on eligible rides*


*Available for use on: Outlaw Run, PowderKeg, WildFire, The GIANT Barn Swing, Thunderation, Fire-In-The-Hole, American Plunge, Lost River of the Ozarks and FireFall (one use only on FireFall).



This comment on SDC website implies that you can only use it once on Firefall.

Yep. You could use all 8 rides on the same attraction (minus Firefall) or use it on 8 different attractions. It doesn't matter.

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I apologize in advance, i do not normally post larger trip reports like this. For some reason, when I preview the post it adds extra spaces randomly. I have been trying to fix it, but it just wont work. I am sorry.



I apologize that it took me so long to upload my trip report. With my freshman year about to start, I haven't had a ton of time to get online. Anyways here it is!


I visited Silver Dollar City the week of the 29th of July, and had a total blast. It was also the first park I filmed and photographed during my visit. This was probably the best time I have had at the park, which is nothing new to me because it seems the park just keeps getting better and better! Crowds weren't to bad except on Thursday which was $40 Thursday and Saturday for Midnight Madness. Most days, you could just ride Outlaw Run, and get right back on in a good seat with little to no wait at all! On the other hand, Powder Keg managed an hour long line every day. What happened to the 3rd train? It wasn't even out on Saturday! I love the park's Moonlight Madness event. Silver Dollar City's rides are world class in the day, but take on a whole new level of awesome at night, especially Outlaw Run! Anyways onto the rides.


Fire in the Hole: Still an awesome ride. Despite what everyone has been saying, most of the theming was still working. At about half way through the ride, there is a part where a baldknobber is tipping a barrel over on top of the train when it passes. Did it ever have any water in it? I thought I remember there being a small splash of water come out of it.


Thunderation: Really fun, except felt a bit rougher this year than last. Also there seems to be some new rails or maybe old ones, but they were sitting by the entrance to the tunnel of the helix. Not sure what that is about.


Wildfire: Well, not quite sure what to say. I use to defend the ride against people saying it had a bad rattle, but I can't anymore. I got punched in the ear a good five times during the ride. It even feels like it rattles not just side to side, but up and down too! I wish SDC would invest in a major rehab for the trains. The ride still has a fantastic layout though!


Fireman's Landing: This area looks awesome! I do wish it had a bit more shade. I like how the put bells by most of the rides, which I bet is for kids to ring after the did a ride, but most kids just rang them for entertainment. I have to confess, I did that too


Firefall: I had somewhat high expectations for this ride, which it did not live up to. The first launch isn't very strong nor is the first airtime moment. Still a good pop though. Second launch is decent then a good amount of airtime. Still a very good ride, but nothing extraordinary. I still prefer detonator over any S&S tower rides.


Powder Keg: Great launch coaster. All I can really say is it is a ton of fun. Felt a lot smoother and faster this year. Love all the airtime on the ride


Outlaw Run: Absolutely legendary ride. Can not believe how insanely intense this ride is. It is so relentless. I am happy to say that I did fit easily and had room for comfort too! The airtime was very strong and im glad I could feel it again! I actually had small bruises on my thighs from it. Chain lift feels faster this year compared to last year. I also noticed a strong jolt at the bottom of the drop, which could be felt on the wheel seats the most and a bit in the front. Outlaw Run just blows my mind at night. Enough said about that!

All of the minor rides like water rides and flat rides where running pretty good, though their was a very ridiculous rule on the parks swinging ship ride. You are not allowed to have airtime. The operator threatened to shut the ride down if we came of our seats. If you don't want us to do that, why operate it like that?


One thing to mention to people who don't like water rides, but like to ride waterslides, and want to cool off during your vacation, go to the Water Chute on the strip over by the Walmart that got damaged by the tornado. It is a ton of fun, and the owner is a really nice lady!


Okay here are the pictures: I would caption them, but I have a lot and didn't take them in any order.



































































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Great trip report and pics.


Just saw this on the internet recently. Lambert's the restaurant that throws rolls near Branson is being sued by a man for getting injured by a roll. So make sure to pay attention to the flying rolls when you go to Lambert's after a trip to Silver Dollar City.





Customer sues ‘Throwed Rolls’ restaurant after being hit, injured by roll


OZARK, Mo. — A well-known Missouri restaurant, known for being the “Home of Throwed Rolls,” may be in some hot water over a guest who allegedly received a roll-related injury.


Lambert’s Cafe, which features dinner rolls being thrown across the room by servers to guests, is being sued.


The suit was filed on Tuesday by Troy Tucker. The customer claims to have “sustained a lacerated cornea with a vitreous detachment and all head, neck, eyes and vision were severely damaged” after being hit by a dinner roll during a visit in September of 2014.


Tucker is seeking $25,000 to cover medical bills and legal fees. The restaurant’s “carelessness and negligence” as the lawsuit alleges has already caused expenses totaling $10,000.


The lawsuit claims that the restaurant should have known about the dangers involved in their signature practice.


Johnny Fugitt, of the River Front Times, points out that Tucker may not have much of a case considering that back in June, Slugger and the Kansas City Royals were deemed to have not been at fault after a thrown hot dog hit a man in the face and tore his retina.


Fugitt said in that case, the “baseball rule” was referenced, and that by voluntarily entering a baseball stadium the victim assumed some responsibility for personal awareness. She points out that “Home of Throwed Rolls” is posted all over, which could mean Lambert’s diners assume they are putting themselves at risk of being hit by a flying roll, upon entering the establishment.


Lambert’s general manager, Jerry Johnson, told KFVS servers never intend to hurt anyone when they throw rolls.

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^ Yeah, the hour wait every weekend says not too many of us are fearing for our lives. I don't think this will hurt its popularity in the slightest. Being across the street from a 40-acre church virtually guarantees mega profit every Sunday. Considering basically everything in the Springfield metro area is a chain restaurant, it's good to have something unique.

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I wish more Lamberts Cafe's would open up. I think one in central MO (Columbia area) would be awesome! Not only would it be in my neck of the woods (call me selfish, I'll accept it lol!) but it is a crazy busy area with the interstate and three colleges!

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I don't see the lawsuit as going anyway. You enter knowingly that you might get hit in the head with a roll. It says it clearly on the sign, throwed rolls. You take a risk when you enter that type of establishment. End of story. I hope they fight it, but we all know they will probably settle to make it go away.

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I can see it now...


The poster shows this nit wit with a thumbs up sign, and a roll-sized bump on his forehead.


Caption: "Home of the Throwed Rolls"


He says in a cartoon bubble: "I sued 'em for it!"



(Too soon?)

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I'm visiting from Houston with family this week; Branson is very dead. I was told today at SDC (report to follow) that school begins this week for the area which is why SDC is closed all week until Friday (and the park was pretty empty). Houston schools don't start until next week and I don't start until the week after being that I am a sophomore at Texas A&M and we start later, so as usual, we took our family vacation late.


First off, huge shout out to SDC. We had a huge ticket kerfluffle and they were very cooperative and got the whole situation sorted out. They were absolute rock stars.


We ended up getting into the park around two leaving us 4 hours to get in as much as we could. We will be returning Friday (SDC is our bookends, and afterward we will head back to Houston), so we weren't frantically trying to do everything, but we tried to get in as much as we could so that way we could experience more on Friday. We actually ended up getting in all the major rides. but didn't get to Fireman's Landing; it is on the top of our list for Friday. My Dad is a firefighter so naturally he is pretty excited.


We walked in and just started walking, we had no idea where we were going, we just winged it. First impressions: the park is gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. We walked and walked and I ended up seeing the sign for Wildfire. So, we hopped right on in the back row. Awesome ride, short, but awesome. It was my third B&M sit-down and I really enjoyed the setting. We downloaded the SDC app to use a digital version of the map, but even then, the layout of the park was still somewhat confusing. Not many wide paths, and it's all forested; definitely not a Texas park. We eventually figured it out, but the first half of our visit was a lot of wondering where we were and how to get places.


We went to Thunderation and I was pleasantly surprised; it is actually a very good mine train. We really enjoyed it a lot. The other ones I've been on don't compare; I think it being on a hillside had a lot to do with it. Such a neat ride, certainly not something you'd see in Texas.


We headed over to the Giant S&S Swing, and it being my first, I really enjoyed it; all four of us found it to be very fun. Not crazy intense but it was all the fun of a childhood swing set on steroids. Pretty neat ride. After we got off, I looked to my right and there she was. The one, the only, Outlaw Run.


I have had actual dreams of riding this ride. 2 years of waiting and I would finally have my chance. I hopped into line with my dad who wanted to tag along for our longest queue of the day, just 25 minutes. Oh my gosh. Blew me away. It was my third RMC but my first with topper track and not IBox. I was told later that day by an employee that it used to be much smoother and that it had gotten rougher, but even then I found it to be not nearly as rough as any wood coaster I had been on and still an incredible ride. So out of control, extremely quick and fast paced, disorienting. Easily my now #1 coaster. The double barrel roll finale was incredible. Too much for my parents to handle but I thought it was absolutely amazing. Definitely worth the 2 year wait.


We headed on over to Powder Keg which caught us all by surprise. That launch is intense; by far the most intense launch I've been on. Such a cool ride; we all enjoyed it a ton.


We finished up our visit with second rounds on Wildfire and Outlaw Run, then caught the country show that started at park closing. Overall amazing day, and we are stoked to return Friday to experience more!

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