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Universal Studios Singapore Discussion Thread

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I was out on Sentosa yesterday, and I must say the construction site is quite breathtaking. Apart from the amusement park there is a lot of other things being constructed (some hotels, a casino and a lot of other stuff) There is no way the pictures can show how huge the construction site is. And they are working 24 hours a day!


The coaster looked very spectacular. I'm really looking forward to trying it whenever they open, and the rest of the park looks just as spectacular!


What people probably don't understand is how good the location is. They got more than 4 million people living within an hour. It's just a small bus ride outside downtown. It's kind of like building an amusement park on an island right outside Manhattan! I expect some huge crowds

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Hi, all!


Sorry I haven't given you lots of updates. I have been inactive for quite a while. I'm currently busy with college applications. Applying for 6 universities in USA


Regarding Universal Studios Singapore, the park is finalized to have 3 roller coasters. Revenge of the Mummy, Battlestar Galactica (duel) and another family coaster.


The main highlight of the park is probably Battlestar Galactica coaster. The coasters are unique because one of the tracks is a normal sit-down, family-friendly coaster while the other is inverted and has inversions. Even better, the coaster won't take you up with lift hill. You know the Incredible Hulk coaster, yes? That's the exact thing they'll gonna do with this coaster. The coasters will launch the riders up to the top with LSM launch, estimated at 40 mph. Unlike Incredible Hulk, however, the coasters don't have zero-g-roll at the top, therefore the riders will experience some serious airtime at the top of the hill. After that, the duel begins.


Another highlight that can be found is the Jurassic Park River Adventure Ride. Unlike the other versions, this Jurassic Park ride will use a river-raft system (the circular boat). Still have no idea how it will come out, but they better make it work.


The park is said to be opened by March 2010.


I'll try to post some new photos if it's possible.



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There will be 4 hotels opened on opening day: Hotel Michael bordering the park (I expect the park view rooms will be the most expensive), Hard Rock Hotel (with a sandy bottom beach and the columnless ballroom), Festive Hotel (with Voyage de la Vie Cirque du Soleil like show) and Maximes Residences (posh hotel with the casino).


There will be 2 shopping strips namely Festive Walk and the Bullring. I expect the Universal Globe would be located at the Bullring. The entrance will be under the monorail tracks (kind of like Disneyland Mainstreet Station).


I think the family coaster is called the Dragon. BTW, have reviewed the webcast on resorts world website. I think they are hinting that Twister would be included.

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New update on photos. The lift hills on Battlestar Galactica is now complete with first drop. More vegetation in Jurassic Park Rapids and more track on the stipulated Flying Pterandons


View towards Hollywood Boulevard and the canopy scaffolding


Overview of Battlestar Galactica


More construction up on the cave scene.


Another view of the Lost World


More vegetation for Jurassic Park River Rapids and more track for 'Flying Pterandons'


The brake run for Human is also complete.


The Cylon brake run is now complete.


The twin lift hills are now complete with the first drops.


More scaffolding for the canopy


More of Hollywood Boulevard now obscured by construction

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New photos from USS!! The cobra roll of Battlestar has nearly been completed. Also, animatronics for Jurassic Park Rapids have arrived. Enjoy!


Back of the Universal Studios arch.


The cave like entrance to the backstage area.


The hadrosaur has arrived!! See centre of photo.


Close up of elevator lift.


More JP Rapids.


JP Rapids station. Note that the 'Flying Pterandons' lift hill is starting to be built.


Clearer view of the Egypt theming.


Human brake run and maintenance track is completed. Also some theming for Egypt is seen in the background.


Cylon brake run and maintenance track is completed.


Close up of the Cobra Roll.


Overview of Battlestar with the cobra roll of Cylon early completed. Note that Human is also nearly completed.


More scaffolding for the canopy of Sci Fi City.


Hollywood Boulevard shops have external structures put up.


The outdoor section of Madagascar has some structure being put in place,


Front view. The red scaffolding would be this huge hill that acts as a berm for the park.

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Just been to the construction site again. Looks like the Battlestar Galactica track is fully completed. Some rock structures are being placed at the entrance and over the structure covering the monorail track. More scaffolding is being placed over the canopy.

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Updates from the construction site. The entire layout of Battlestar is now up. The trains have been installed in the shed. More dinosaurs have arrived (in plastic wrap). Most roofs in Lost World are now up. The elevator lift is now covered up. Enjoy!


The 'bullring' where you enter the park.


More canopy scaffolding up.


Cylon train in shed.


More scenery up for JP Rapids


More dinosaurs have arrived. Look at foreground for plastic covered thing.


The lift is covered up.


Welcome to Jurassic Park gate. Layout of 'Canopy Tours' is complete,


Another look at BG. More theming for Egypt is up.


Human sit down train


COmpleted layout of Battlestar Galactica

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^ and ^^ Forget about the park, am I the only one fascinate with the Vekoma trains? Seriously, I think this is revolutionary. The park looks great though, and I cannot wait to see test runs on BG, the two styled dueling coasters makes for a very interesting story.


Are we still expecting an on time opening with this park? Definitely seems more feasible now then it did a couple months ago.

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