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I agree with Tyler. Those street zones look amazing. I love how immersive they look, and how it's not all about the scares. Including the atmosphere people seems like it would be a GREAT way to increase the scare factor when one of the characters actually does scare you. I wish the HHN's here did more of that!

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Very cool. Rather than investing all in mazes, they spread out their investments to scare zones and other attractions. This is something I wish Knott's would do with Camp Snoopy somehow, as that area is always deserted during haunt.


I agree with Tyler. Those street zones look amazing. I love how immersive they look, and how it's not all about the scares. Including the atmosphere people seems like it would be a GREAT way to increase the scare factor when one of the characters actually does scare you. I wish the HHN's here did more of that!


The park has really focused on the overall feel of the scare zone (for New York and Hollywood especially) - New York was really "post-apocalyptic", totally chaotic and noisy: those wrecked cars are not just sitting around there, the car alarms were on overdrive. Plus it's very hard to walk around because of the crazy amount of fog and there were a lot of props and straw strewn all over the streets. Hollywood, being Carn-Evil, was disorientating and like a surreal nightmare - crazy music and crazier characters. The fact that both zones are sheltered kept most of the fog in and also allowed for A LOT of dramatic lighting.

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AUTOBOTS, roll out! Come 3 December, Universal Studios Singapore will launch the world’s first theme park attraction based on Hasbro’s iconic TRANSFORMERS brand. Taking the TRANSFORMERS movie franchise from reel to reality, this motion thrill ride will showcase the most advanced evolution of immersive theme park entertainment.


TRANSFORMERS The Ride will celebrate its world premier at an exclusive evening event on 2 December. Michael Bay, director and executive producer of the immensely popular TRANSFORMERS blockbuster movies who also served as the attraction’s creative consultant, will be in attendance to help commemorate the occasion.


Mr. Michael Bay said: “I am very excited about the debut of this attraction at Universal Studios Singapore. Finally, TRANSFORMERS fans will not only have the chance to watch the AUTOBOTS battle the DECEPTICONS on screen; they’ll actually be part the action. ”


The breakthrough attraction will feature 12 scenes, comprising sets blended seamlessly with hyper-realistic 3-D digital media and special effects to bring tactile realism to every moment. Guests will be unable to discern illusion from reality as they get transported onboard advanced motion-based ride vehicles into the TRANSFORMERS universe, and partake in the ultimate 3D battle against the DECEPTICONS right alongside the AUTOBOTS.


Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) is confident that TRANSFORMERS The Ride will raise the bar for immersive ride experiences anywhere in the world and will be a game changer for theme park attractions, well-suited for the entire family. Mr. Tan Hee Teck, CEO of Resorts World Sentosa, said: “The world debut of TRANSFORMERS The Ride at Universal Studios Singapore exemplifies how Resorts World Sentosa has continued to build on its leading reputation as the number one destination resort in Asia. Hence, we are most thrilled to bring the milestone launch of this franchise here. Resorts World Sentosa transformed Singapore as its first integrated resort in 2010, and we will continue to bring in game changing attractions to the region.”


Enlisted as NEST recruits, guests are tasked to help the AUTOBOTS protect a remaining shard of the ALLSPARK – a powerful energy cube that gives life to the TRANSFORMERS. As the DECEPTICONS attack the facility in a bid to obtain the shard, guests will be introduced to a new AUTOBOT – EVAC – created exclusively for the ride.


New to the AUTOBOTS family, EVAC is a stealth transportation AUTOBOT stationed on Earth designed to transport personnel and classified materials at hyper speeds. For the ride, park guests will board EVAC and begin the ride of their lives, zipping through subway tunnels, down city streets and across rooftops, with the DECEPTICONS hot on their heels. Park guests, especially fans of TRANSFORMERS, will be thrilled as they come face-to-face – and be transported – by an AUTOBOT. This epic ride experience will allow guests the opportunity to truly “Ride The Movies™”.


Special year-end holiday packages for Universal Studios Singapore will be rolled out through the Resorts World Sentosa website and authorized travel agents. Guests signing up for these special packages will receive a TRANSFORMERS The Ride commemorative souvenir and express entry to the attraction. More details will be available at http://www.rwsentosa.com.



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The press release also has what appears to be a screen grab from the ride film.


The scene in the picture looks simular to the scene from Spiderman with the Hologoblin and the flaming pumpkin head.

The breakthrough attraction will feature 12 scenes

Spiderman also has 12 scenes.


I'm curious to see if it will be more simular than I thought it would be. I could see Transformers "Replacing" spiderman down the road. Seems like they're putting the infrastructure in place in orlando with the new Digital projectors. Only problem is the lack of 2 stories....

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I was trying to figure out how exactly the two stories thing could work with Spidey's layout, and here's what I came up with as how they split up the ride into two seperate levels.


My guess something like this will occur: First and Second ride screens begin the story on the bottom floor, first elevator will take you up into the sky scraper seen in the trailer, the next few show scenes will be at the top, and the next elevator will take you out of the skyscraper and into the scene where you are being towed by a Decepticon.


After that, who knows....


Just a prediciton of how they split the layout up...


Just imagine the second floor in the pic being mirrored then place on top of the first floor pic.

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I'm sure its a different layout then Spiderman's, fit to the design of the building. (If that's what your implying)


I'm sure it's different, but Setgo (Zach) suggested that since the ride's show scenes matched, they might have a similar layout, which is why I decided to test it with Spidey's layout. After all, why change a proven system?

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