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Best Six Flags Rides

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Out of the parks I have been to:


Steel: Superman: Ultimate Flight (SFOG)

Wood: Great American Scream Machine (SFOG)

Drop Ride: (Tie) Acrophobia (SFOG) - Scream (SFFT) I like the combo tower

Water Ride: Diablo Falls (SFAW) although the rapids ride at SFOG looked really cool, but it was just too cold

Flat Ride: Frisbee (SFFT)

Dark Ride: Scooby Doo (SFFT)


Of course I think it's un-fair to SFOT, etc since we were just at SFOG last week and it's still fresh in my mind.

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Out of the three I have been to (SFNE, SFMM, & GAdv), the outstanding rides for me:


1. Superman Ride of Steel (SFNE) - coaster Nirvana.

2. X (SFMM) - I rode it five times on my 2004 visit & I really liked it.

3. Nitro (GAdv) - Intamin hypers rule over beemers but still very good.


I tend to be too busy on the coasters to ride flats.

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Suffice to say there are a lot. Six Flags has the best steel coasters in the country IMO.


The S:RoS's, Raging Bull, Nitro, Batman and Namtab, The Chiller, The Freezes, The Boss, Viper at GAM, the list goes on and on and on.


For non coaster rides the Scooby Dark Ride at SFSTL is pretty amazing.

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Suffice to say there are a lot. Six Flags has the best steel coasters in the country IMO.


Thats kind of easy when you own the most parks in the country too



so many Raging Bull fans...did I ride the right ride or is it really just a crappy ride that impresses everyone? (Yes, I did get on the right ride, Im not that blind)


Not sure where the thrill was or what was supposed to thrill me actually.




SF has some great rides, albeit some of them need more TLC than others or could be located in a better park / situation.

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Of the parks I've been to (SFSL, SFGAm, SFKK, SFOG) My favorites would be the following:


Raging Bull

Mr. Freeze

Viper (SFGAm)

Mindbender (SFOG)


Georgia Cyclone

Batman clones


Can I count Dominator since it was built under Six Flags ownership?


Adding SFOT and SFDL this year! Hopefully one or two more if possible!

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The six flags parks that I have been to were SFMW, SFMM, SFGAdv, SFA, and SFElitchGardens.



Steel - Medusa

Wood - Roar


Steel - Goliath

Wood - Colossus (I love the classic)


Steel - Nitro/Superman Ultimate Flight, Can't decide

Wood - Rolling Thunder, by default


Steel - Superman Ride of Steel

Wood - Roar (same as SFMW)


Steel - Mind Eraser

Wood - Twister II


Overall Favorite Steel and Wood at Six Flags I have attended:

Steel - Goliath (SFMM)

Wood - Roar (SFMW)

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