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Cypress Gardens Announcement on Nov. 9th

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All I'm saying is that maybe we can be a little more constructive on the criticism. And if you want to ban me I don't care because I don't need you saying stuff about my age when you're older than me screaming at people WTF.


We are offering constructive criticism dumbass! Where have you been! Weve been saying that the park can become much better! They dont need Starliner! Weve been saying that the park looks nice, well kept etc! You make it sound like were smashing it all the time! And yeah..your 13...WTF!



Dammit, I deleted the kids obnoxious post before I read your response, Ryan, and you're right. We HAVE been giving constructive criticism, just not the criticism this kid wants to hear....so therefore we're "bad" I guess!


Seriously, kid, I'm not going to take shit from a 13 year old. Grow and learn that everyone around you is doing exactly what you're asking for. Everyone here is giving their feedback as to what they feel is best for the park.


YOU are the one that's creating "drama" around here. And I think more than just me are completely sick of it.


And 36 year old guy can very well say "WTF" if there is a valid reason for it. I am acting "my age" and so are you.


--Robb "What am I doing arguing with a 13 year old?!?!?" Alvey

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Hey Cypress Fans!


Jahan, if you dont mind,




This is Jahan's trip report from when "The Group" went to Cypress Gardens. To back up what weve been saying in this thread...Cypress was very well kept (As seen in the photos) and everything was working! Jahan pretty much sums Cypress Gardens up at the end of his TR.


I pretty much stand behind Jahans reasoning, and also it kinda goes along with the Starliner. If you actually take time to read and observe, youll notice that Cypress DOESNT need this coaster! But someting along the lines of a more unique ride to bring in the park admissions..


So if you can somehow find something negative that I have said..bring it forward so I can shoot you down!




-Ryan "Im DONE With these Cypress Gardens Fan Boys!!!" King

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Here's a POV of the Starliner. Decide for yourself if it is a good ride or not. I say no, unless you wait about 6 hours after park opening to ride it. I got some decent airtime after that time. Still, it's nothing I would cry about if it never opened again.


POV is here:



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Wow! That coaster looks craptacular! I can't wait to ride it next year. I can already tell that it is going easily jump to the top of my wood coaster favorites. Possibly knocking out El Toro as #1.


They cannot waste their money fast enough to get this thing built.


Guy "Was that sarcastic enough?" Koepp

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