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Cypress Gardens Announcement on Nov. 9th

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^WATCH IT! I smell someone's account being deleted!

I guess disagreeing with the admins is all it takes to get banned then.



Pretty much, yeah.

Actually no. Do you really think that?


The only reason people get banned for having an "argument" is when they can't discuss something in a civil manner and they are just being an ass. It has nothing to do if someone's opinion's differs from ours.


This is not a site where "flame wars" are allowed. We promote disagreements and discussions, yes. but, if you want to just argue with one another in some "I'm right, you're wrong" penis measuring session, please see other sites like RRC or CoasterBuzz.


But if you want to have a civil discussion with valid points, and a good example is Derek's post, that kind of attitude is MORE than welcome here!


--Robb "We have NEVER banned someone for having a different opinion from us....NEVER!" Alvey

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As cute as I thought this park was, It suffers from two major problems. It is way off the beaten track. Even with the Starliner, it will have no signature attraction. It realy needs something to make people want to drive 80+ miles out of their way to visit.

Huh? CG is only about 35-40 miles from Disney.quote]


Yes 40 miles round trip = 80. Unless your doing that new math.

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I meant it like if you go to far (which in my opinion Gregory DG was about to) your out.

Yeah, you're right. The "going too far" part usually is someone being an ass. People just can't handle that not everyone shares the same opinions they do and will try anything to convince people, and when that doesn't work, and you're not man enough to just let it go, you try to brow beat someone.


And no one likes a bully.


Usually I'll just bantron them for a day or two until they can "cool down" and realize that, at the end of the day, you're arguing over an theme park. In the grand scheme of things, is it really worth THAT much effort? Especially when there are yeti balls, donkeys, 80s porn, and for more important things in the world to discuss.


And if they still continue to be an ass, they're gone.


Seriously, I don't think we've ever banned someone on a "first offense", you gotta consistently be an ass or be REALLY stupid to get banned!



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Plane flight to Orlando for you and the wife…$800


Premium passes to Sea World San Diego for Busch Gardens Tampa and SW Orlando…$280 a year ago and still valid!


Universal Studios/IOA tickets…$180


Free passes to Disney World…???


Using your 2006 Six Flags Marine World Season Pass to get into Cypress Gardens….Priceless

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Especially when there are yeti balls, donkeys, 80s porn, and for more important things in the world to discuss.



80's porn? What thread is that? No, I don't want to go to that thread.


As for CG, I don' t want to see it tank. They unfortunately have been boxed out by the big ops. As far as alot of the tourist USA is concerned, Fla ends at I-4, and starts up again at Palm Beach. Also, going down US 27 is a pain, and I wouldn't want to drive that for a few small rides.

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I'm not schocked about this. It kind of reminds me of Lesourdsville lake, the way money was being put into it, and when the money runs out.... Hello auction. It's a sad thing that seems to be a pattern with a lot of these older parks. If I lived near a park that's been around for 80+ years, I'd try to petition for landmark status. That would probably help their financial burden a bit. I haven't been there, but based on photo tr's, I can honestly say I wouldn't, as guy stated, drive 80 miles out of the way for this.


-James Dillaman

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I thought the park was "OK". It was actually a lot nicer than I expected it to be. But is it a place I would return to? Probably not. It's really out of the way, and there's nothing there that I would ever want to ride again. And adding the Starliner is not going to bring the crowds in. Let's face it, letting anyone in the park with any other park pass is a sign of desperation, a way to quickly boost the visitor count, and maybe sell a few extra sodas.


Let's not forget that this place did fail and was shut down. Someone tried to bring it back, but it does not seem to be working out. Sometimes no matter how much some people might like it, businesses fail. I hope the folks running CG have lots of luck, but they really seem to have a very large hole to climb out of...



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You know Dave, as usual you are spot on. I have only been one time (during the grand opening of Galaxy spin, where I got to witness 2 injuries) and we found the park to be quaint, but not a park we were itching to go back to.


CG is technically 80mi round-trip off the beaten path from Orlando, however BGA is much further. The irony is Ive never considered it to be 'out of the way' by any means, obviously because it has attractions that are unique and worth visiting. When CG gets something unique to the FL parks that fits the park -like maybe a Eurofighter or a Vekoma Motorbike Coaster- Im sure they will draw bigger crowds.


But until then, I can only wish them luck and 'hope' they dont fail.

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Also, going down US 27 is a pain, and I wouldn't want to drive that for a few small rides.

27 has been rough in the past, but they're in the process of redoing the entire road between I-4 and Winter Haven, so within a year or two it'll be smooth sailing. (Much of it is done already, its just that frickin' Haines City area that is a pain.)

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Why is it always about having the best rides? Cypress Gardens is good for people to stay away from the hustle and bustle of other parks. IMO they are a good old stile park that brings people back to the days when parks weren't about Hypercoasters and Huss Frisbees. A park doesn't need a Medusa or Kumba to stay in business, if it has a friendly atmosphere that makes the park enjoyable then hell yeah I'll go back. Damn it, why do you people care so much if a park has an Intamin or Vekoma? And Robb, I hate it when you call people "ass" because that doesn't help at all. In fact it doesn't help, it's being a DAMNED RUDE PERSON!

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