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So, A few days ago I was ranting about the off-season, and my mother brought up Walt Disney World, and after some reserching, I found that Florida Hurricane season ends in November, but I didn't want to go in December to avoid pople going to Florida for Christmas, so she brought up going in Late January for my little sisters birthday. So my question is, is this a good idea?

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January is a perfect month. Sometimes can be cold, especially to us Floridians! The only weekend in Jan. I would suggest to avoid is Martin Luther King Jr. The schools are off so the parks might be a little busy. Otherwise any other time in Jan., a walk-on for everything


Usually January, May, September & November are the most off-times to visit the parks down here. If you ever want to see the parks decorated for the holidays then check them out anytime between Thanksgiving and the day before Christmas Eve. The parks are empty, everyone is doing last minute shopping. Avoid visiting between Christmas and New Years, that is one of the most busiest times of the year. Most of the parks reach their compacity by mid-morning. You don't want to have to wait 90 minutes to 2 hours for a ride like the Jungle Cruise or anything for that matter!


Hope that helps and have fun whenever you visit.

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^ It is going to be pretty crowded the time you're there before New Year's Day. Just be sure to always have a Fast Pass in your hand at Disney throughout the day. If your going to Universal, buy the Universal Express passes. New Years Day through the 6th should pretty calm and not to bad. So no worries after New Year's.

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We went in to Tampa in February of 2005 (weekend of the Bud Shootout at Daytona), and Saturday night it was as cold in Orlando as it was in Minneapolis! Freeze warnings all through central Florida.


That aside, went to BGT and the FSF, and crowds were virtually nonexistent on all the big stuff.



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I spent New Years at WDW A couple of years ago. The only long lines were for Mission Space and Maelstrom. Test track was quite long but that was because it breaking down. Then again that was New Years night. The day after, everything had quite short lines and Pirates, Thunder and Haunted Mansion were pretty much walk on.


It was a very strange feeling to almost get sunburn in December and January. Im use to trudging about in freezing rain or snow at that time of year.

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good thing Florida does not have any kinda freezin' days! me place

Japan is everyday real cold windy weather that gonna make temps

down to under 50F degrees..... just stupid for park visit guys!

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