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Yeah, I saw the annoucement, and I'm not really impressed. I am a fan of PlayStation, but I've owned every Nintendo console through the Wii, and I've owned every one of the handhelds. Nintendo makes some great first-party games, but the third-party support is just terrible. I didn't find a need to upgrade to the Wii U, and I don't think I'll get a Switch either. When your biggest third-party game announcement is a game that was released 5 years ago on the previous generation consoles, something's seriously wrong. Not to mention that the remastered Skyrim is releasing next week on PS4 and XBOne, and it's not a reason to buy a Switch.


I'm tiring of these gimmicks. I'd like a good solid computer that runs Mario and Zelda games, please. Not some half-assed tablet thingy with mobile phone parts that comes in like 6 pieces.

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I'll be picking mine up hopefully within the next few months. I missed out on the preorders and there's really not much I'd get up extra early and wait in line for. Can't wait to try it though!

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^ I love that you're actually playing 3 even after 4 was released. 3 is substantially better in many ways, but it does have a bug that EA never fixed, which causes things that should disappear to hang around in their last location forever. Fortunately, there's a mod called Overwatch that fixes this bug. Go get it; the install instructions are on the site, and it's pretty easy to install even if you've never modded a game before.




Have fun!

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