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Jackbox Party Pack 7 was released today! Excited to give these new games a shot tonight, I've been following the 5 new games pretty closely the past few weeks to get a feel for them and what to expect

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I have a PS3 and I'm addicted to Rock Band Allmost as much as roller coasters! I'm allways doing Rock Band or online looking at videos and posting in coaster forums.


I wish the ps3 and xbl rock band community could play together, I wish I could play more than on Wednesday Mornings and weekends. Taking a friday off next month for all day gaming. And I was like that when Rock Band first came out. I finally got RB last weekend for my home. Gotta get a second controller now.

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Wish 360 and ps3 could play together too. I'm stuck on Hard drumming with 30 songs complete. I'm so close to expert!! How about you guys? Any good video game drummers?


I was descent at medium when I played at my local gaming center, since I got my own system, I don't know why, but I can't play worth anything. Gotten halfway on medium on Guitar, and I only played for a 5 hours last weekend.

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I'm currently playing bubble bobble on the NES. I was playing it on the PS2 but I keep losing all my lives on level 42 so I gave up. My friend has 1.7 million on the Wii/NES version, I'm up to 1.1 million on the actual NES version but I haven't played it anywhere near as much as he has. Not that we're competitive.

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What systems do you guys play games on?

I have all 3 current gen systems. 360, PS3, and Wii. I also have a DS Lite


Im a huge Nintendo fanboy so I own pretty much every Nintendo console/handheld ever made.



64 (trying to get a 64DD)





GameBoy Color

Virtual Boy (This one was the hardest to get!)

Game Boy Advance



DS Lite

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Last week I bought a 360 (used 225, included Devil May Cry 4, but traded for Forza 2, system was manufactered on 1/4, sold on 2/8, I bought on 2/12), Rock Band (150), Madden 08 (35 on ebay), Dirt (35 on ebay), extra wireless controller (25), memory card (20), Battery pack and charger for controller (12), and I will be buying Cod4 when I can find it for a descent price (60 for new games is way too much). All in all, I love the 360, allot better than my ps2 I had before.

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and I will be buying Cod4 when I can find it for a descent price (60 for new games is way too much).


I guess you didn't experience much of the SNES days where games quite often were over $100.


$60 I'd say is pretty decent now a days for new games. Especially considering that video games practically have the same budgets as major movies now.

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I own the following systems:





"Ultra" N64

Panasonic Q


DS Lite




I did have a PS1 but it burnt out when I kept doing the "Blue-tac" trick to play imported games.


I have " Thrill Kill" game on Beta version, it was cool playing on the PS1.

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