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Jackbox Party Pack 7 was released today! Excited to give these new games a shot tonight, I've been following the 5 new games pretty closely the past few weeks to get a feel for them and what to expect

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^holy crap!


but how many have you beaten?


how many with out cheats?


i've only beaten 4 with out cheats becaues there weren't any!



none, but i'll probably done Metroid Fusion by the end of the weekend (although it has no percentage when you load so i'm not even sure how far along I am, but it feels like i'm at least 60% done).


I never use cheat, EVER...if i'm stuck in a game like Zelda and I've just tried EVERYTHING i can think of i'll go onto a walkthru online, but that the last resolve. It's annoying cause it's usually something really stupid that makes me say, how did I miss that.

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Well, I'm playing two games currently


Donkey Kong 64- I've beaten all the bosses, just trying to get the last 25 golden bananas (176/201), and beat King K. Rool.


Super Mario Sunshine- I'm almost done, I just have to finish serena beach.


3 if you count Pokemon, where I'm just finishing up my pokedex

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Worms: Armageddon.



I cant seem to do the missions though... The Pumpkin Patch one where you have to retrieve the special package doesnt seem to work properly... The crates just seem to fall down...

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I just got Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, I just beat the baboon boss and got the Gale Boomerang.


Here are some other games that I'm playing:


Star Fox Command: Star Wolf Returns! (confusing level)

Kingdom Hearts: Atlantica

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my newest one is Guitar hero II, I have only played it for a few hours, most of which was playing the first 4 songs over and over again to practice. I gotten the 2 songs on the second level done, but that is as far as I got.

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I really want Guitar Hero 2 but I don't know if I want to spend $90 on it. I loved the original. I beat every song on Expert except for Cowboys From Hell and Bark At The Moon.

Funny, DDR Universe w/Pad is about $78...funny because the pad is gonna get more abuse than the guitar.

I wanna get Boom Boom Rocket, also...


Currently playing Call of Duty 2 (360) on VETERAN, first time through.

I've beaten the Russian campaign and the first British mission.

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