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I'm presently powerlevelling (all characters are at level 31 or 36)/ doing side quests before heading into the Vieras village for the first time.


I'm slowly chipping away at FFIII on my DS as well.


I got stuck there (in FFXII) as well, I ended up powerlevelling in the jungle before it. Unfortunately, since then I really haven't done it; I'm a little ways past where you are and my 3 backup characters are levels 24, 21 and 24; my primaries are 38, 35, and 35.




-Amanda "Power leveling gets boring after a while" V.

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Resident Evil 4

I got my Wii, and I got Twilight Princess the same day. I played TP for ONE day. I bought Resident Evil 4 the next day, and haven't touched Zelda since, even though I'm a huge zelda fan.

I made it to the first dungeon in Twilight Princess, and now I kinda got bored and I've been playing RE4, I probly won't touch zelda again until I beat the darn thing...maybe twice.


In RE4, I'm at the part where you have to avoid Saddler while he tries to attack you, but you can't kill him because he has the last piece of a key that you need. Kinda funny, the Resident Evil graphics are SO MUCH BETTER than the graphics for Twilight Princess. Now, I'm not a hardcore graphics fan, and I bought the Wii for a reason, but I have never seen anything like the environments and characters in this game.


It's kinda funny.... I am one of the lucky owners of the hard to find Nintendo Wii. About 90% of the time I have spent playing it so far, I have been playing a Gamecube game. LOL!!

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I just beat Resident Evil 4 for the first time. This game is FANTASTIC!

EVERYONE needs to play it.

I'm going back to play it again.

When I saved my game near the end (before the finale cut scenes and the final boss) I saw that I had been playing for 23 1/2 hours. I thought "Wouldn't it be cool if I beat the game in less than 24 hours?"


Well, after the credits rolled, I got my score for the entire game. Not only was I surprised by how many freakin enemies I killed in this game (almost 1000), I was also amazed that I actually DID beat the game in less than 24 hours... by only 14 SECONDS! ha! That made me happy. Oh. I died 84 times. Nice.

Here's my proof:

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