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KrakenKing - What is RR7 for PS3 like, are you running it at HD 1080P..?


Do the cars seem to float around the track and is there any bugs which allows you to drive through the scenary..?


The only time the cars seem to float around the track are during drifts, but that's fine. It does take a while to figure out how to regain control after drifting. Also, no bugs that I'm aware of so far.


Yes, I'm running on a 1080p, and the graphics are excellent.

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On the DS I'm almost unlocked everything in Cooking Mama (It gets boring fast since the gameplay is very repetitive).


I'm about halfway done the original set of scenarios in RCT 3, then I get to go through the ones for the Soaked expansion.

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Comapny Of Heroes (woooooooooooooo!!!!)


The lvl were you have to attack the v2 bomb place

(its hard)


I just finished F.E.A.R Extraction point and i was really dissapointed with it

Problems with it

1)it was like 5 hours long

2)it felt like it ruined the story of the first one to me

3)they brought Paxton fetal back to life

4)alma is helping you then she needs your help i meen wtf ??

5)also it wasnt scary atall

6)dissapointing ending

things i liked

1)miniguun is awsome

2)yummy gore effects are still here

3)enviroments were more varied than the original


Only play it if you loved the first one (like me)

and dont go expecting anything special from it.

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