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finally got The Orange Box for the PC.


HL2: amazing

HL2 E1: epic

HL2 E2: Godly

Portal: holy crap fun

TF2: my new addiction...*twitch*


I LOVE Valve. I grew up on half-life and CS. I held many many land parties for CS and all the other great mods ("The Specialists", oh yeah). I was one of those nerdy gamers , the kind was playing multiplayer lan GTA back in the Vice City days. Those were fun days.


Right now, I'm going nuts in GTA Ballad of Gay Tony. It's a fitting end to Liberty City. I can't wait for Modern Warfare 2!

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Gotten back into The World Ends With You...




I decided to delete my 60 hours of data, and start the story mode over again. I'm starting to realize how truly amazing that game is.


Still on week 1, day 4.


Pretty much if you have a DS, go out and buy this game. You won't be disappointed.

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I'm really into Demon's Souls right now. It's the most challennging RPG I've ever played. I've lost count of my deaths, but yet I keep coming back for more. The game is challenging, ruthless and fun. Though I may yell at the screen every now and then, the deaths never feel all that cheap, As I can only blame myself for not being cautious enough.


I also love the way the game utilizes it's online features. players can leave messages behind in the floor warning of traps or a hidden enemy which gives the game a felling that you are teaming up with all of the other players to tackle a worthy adversary (i.e. the current stage you are in). You can also leave your own messages behind and if they help another player your health is fully restored.


Be warned, this is a brutal game, but it is also a must buy for anyone who owns a PS3.

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Seriously "DrJazz", I couldn't agree with you more... I too am playing New Super Mario Bros Wii... and this IS the game we've all been waiting for since Super Mario World!! Tough game... but SO much fun so far... have not tried multiplayer yet... I'm sure its a chaotic mess of fun...


Almost done re-playing "No More Heroes" in anticipation of the new one being released in January I believe...


I'm also still chipping away at A Boy and His Blob... On the 3rd world so far...

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I picked up NSMB:Wii as well tonight and my Roomies and I played 3-player multiplayer for 2.5hrs. It's a great game so far! But we've only gotten to the second world, first castle.


I will say it takes some time getting used to having other players on the screen. You can push eachother, pick eachother up, and even land on eachothers heads. All of these things can lead to accidentally killing your teammates.


Throwing objects such as barrels, ice blocks, turtle shells, etc into the other players will kill them as well. One round I threw a turtle shell, hit both my roomies, then it bounced back and hit me... I got an ear-full, haha.

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I've been bitten by the World of Warcraft bug here recently. I have a level 27 Priest Engineer.


This is after having a level 29 Druid (named Grizzlyriver, with a Dawnsaber mount named Rampage) and just trying out several other races, classes and professions.


Also have a level 10 Forsaken warrior...named Leeota...as in Madam Leota...as in Haunted Mansion.

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I finally got Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare from Gamefly today.


It's good.


I just beat mission 3, the one where you're in the TV broadcast station. It's pretty fun, but a little bit tough for me, I guess I'm just not quite used to it yet.


And multiplayer... Wow. It's fun, addicting, and surprisingly accessable.


I really like this game.


EDIT: Plus, I don't understand why people say this game's short! I've been playing for quite a long time, and I'm still in Act 2! Maybe a good 6 hours so far, I think.

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