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Most unfortunate rock band break-up?


Which band breakup was the most unfortunate loss?  

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  1. 1. Which band breakup was the most unfortunate loss?

    • The Beatles
    • Nirvana
    • The Jimi Hendrix Experience
    • Sublime
    • Bob Marley and the Wailers
    • The Doors
    • Guns & Roses
    • STP
    • The Clash

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When somebody's spouse dies you don't say they "Broke-Up". They are widow's, etc.


I see what you are saying. The only difference I see though, is that a band can still choose to move on under the same name and not lose their identity/sucess even after the death of a band member (AC/DC for example).


I can see that working for a band that loses a guitar player or drummer, but not really for a band that loses it's lead singer. Nirvana just wouldn't have been Nirvana without Kurt Cobain. Alice in Chains wouldn't have been the same without Lane Staley. And the Grateful Dead did pretty well until Jerry Garcia died, and now they're just kinda floundering (actually, are they even still together?).


I don't really consider it the same thing either...so maybe the point of this thread is more to figure out which bands we hate to see not performing together anymore.



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^ Fair enough, couldn't agree with you more.


The Police and Primus are 2 bands I wish were still around.


As far as Metal goes, I miss the band Death. Not sure if many people in here listen to that type of music, but they were one of my favorite heavy bands. Their most recent drummer, Richard Christy is from my hometown of Sanford, FL, and not too long ago replaced Stuttering John on the Howard Stern show.

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so maybe the point of this thread is more to figure out which bands we hate to see not performing together anymore.





Julie, you hit the nail on the head. It's really not so much how a band was broken apart. It's basically just the fact that the ones listed will probably not perform as a whole, and in their original form ever again.


And as far as GNR goes, although technically Rose continues to call his "band" GNR, I think the consensus among many is that GNR died along time ago. I would completely agree with you that when a lead singer dies or moves on to another project, his/her original band dies.


With that said, there are rare exceptions. One of those being Journey. The replacement they got for Steve Perry is dead on. It's one of the true odd exceptions as far as replacement lead singers goes. This obviously doesn't work as well for INXS, who should cease to be called INXS, IMHO. On the flip side, GNR is a rare example of a band not having the same look, sound, or feel to it due to the lead guitarist not being there.

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Most definitely the Beatles. Had McCartney and Lennon been able to stand each other they could have changed a lot of things about music today. I have no doubt that their uncanny ability to have nearly every song become a classic would have continued. Even though they stopped playing live shows long before they broke up, they would be my top choice.


Nirvana still being around would have been interesting too seeing how much they impacted music in the past 20 years.


GNR could be interesting but Axl seems to be the major factor in their breaking up, and also one of the most vital components of their sound. Unfortunately I don't think he's about to change so thats not going to happen.

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