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What did you learn in school today?


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I learnt how volt rate in parralel and series circuits vary depending on the amount of electrical objects you put in the circuit. Also, how many volts and amps it takes to blow a certain fuse and what happens to it. Yay for electricity. Someone blew the mains by using a power pack for 3 amp bulbs! Tee hee.

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yess this thread is very old.

on my last day of school i learned too much.


i am now going to be taking

honors biology and honors geometry. teaching myself those subjects.

4 of my BFF's aren't coming back because it's too expensive.


ooh. and quite a few of my friends found out a little secret about me that they shouldn't have found out.



EDIT::no not literally gayy .

haha. well it was gayy that they found outt

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^ Literally gay?


Interesting... I swear i didn't tell them on myspace or anything...




OMG, i have freaking NINE hours at school a day this summer.


I mean, i didn't fail anything, but my dad wasn't happy with my grades in Spanish, Geometry, and English, so im retaking them. Bleh.


All my classes were honors and now im taking nonhonors courses for summer school,so hopefully it'll be easier.

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