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2006 Coaster Season Stats

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2006 turned out to be the most insane coaster season I've ever had. The goal this season was to see if I could go with visiting a park and riding a coaster every week (at least once every 7 consecutive days) for the entire season. The season started out earlier than expected, with trips to WDW and San Francisco in mid-March, and continued up thru the last weekend in October. Some stats from this year:


Current coaster count: 644

# of new coasters ridden for me: 128

# of new for 2006 coasters ridden: 17

Park visits: 95

Different parks visited: 71

New to me parks: 34

Park visited the most: Magic Kingdom/Dorney Park (tie, 4 visits each)

Wood coaster ridden the most: Balder (Liseberg)

Steel coaster ridden the most: Goliath (SFOG)


Stand-out memorable experiences:

Spring: Riding Expedition Everest before its official opening; Pyramid Brewing with Wally; Spring Fling at SFOG; Myrtle Beach with Tommy and James; meeting Nicole ; formation of BACT; Holiwood Nights and Voyage


Summer: TPR UK trip (too many memories!); credit whoring across Ohio and Indiana with Heath and Kim (with a stop at 3 Floyds); Niagara Falls and meeting the parents; TPR party and finding out about KidTums; Labor Day SoCal trip, specifically Pizza Port Solana Beach and the JimmyBo Experience; Adam's Bachelor Party weekend and NOT getting drunk no matter how much we drank; Adam and Ellen's wedding


Fall: Phantasialand; Oktoberfest and passing out after 3.5 liters; taking Nicole to PPP and seeing a whole bunch of friends from the UK trip;

TPR Real World Orlando weekend; Todd's wedding weekend and a visit to Jolly Pumpkin.


In all, its been a freaking awesome season, and I can't wait to see what next year brings!

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My year sucked.


But at least it isn't quite over yet.


Carowinds in April opening day, rode 5 coasters, the flyers, Drop Zone, and that's it. I was sick. Went with the Almighty GAP gang.


August I just did the State Fair.


Sept. went down to Myrtle for the Pavilion's closing.


December is Dollywood.

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I had a great year.



58 credits, almost doubling the count, many new parks, 31 trips, almost one a week. I got to go to some of my most wanted parks, ride some really good coasters and only 3 coasters that were on my top ten at the start of the year are still there.


So, considering restraints with age etc., it was really good.


The highlight was certainly my two weeks in Florida.

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Current coaster count: 258 (??)

# of new coasters ridden for me: 115

# of new for 2006 coasters ridden: 8

Park visits: 83

Different parks visited: 46 (plus 3 fairs)

New to me parks: 32

Park visited the most: Six Flags Over Georgia (~15) and Sea World Orlando (3)

Wood coaster ridden the most: Kentucky Rumbler (Beech Bend)

Steel coaster ridden the most: Mind Bender (SFOG)




March: TPR in Florida

April: Spring Fling.. all the folks riding Goliath while I rode Mind Bender, Acro and Cyclone

May: Being chased by a duck.. oh, and Cornball!

June: First Schlitterbahn visit

July: El Toro trip!

Aug: Vegas, TPR Party, whoring the NJ Shore in a day

Sept: Carowinds!

Oct: TPR in Florida.. again



Next year likely won't be as big numbers-wise but I expect it to be even more fun!

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Not a great year (wife working on Ma$$$ter$$$$ degree) but there was a high point. That was getting a world class woodie near my place (KY Rumbler). Robb - again thank you for the heads up regarding media day!


6 new coasters this year.


Hope I can meet some folks next year after my wife finishes her degree, and before she starts a doctorate.

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I only took four trips this year: CA (March), Orlando (March), UK (June) and Orlando (October). I visited no parks between the time of the UK trip and Orlando a few weeks ago, and it didn't really bother me. I think I like taking trips to new places, especially outside of the US, as opposed to visiting the local SF park over and over.


I'm standing at 471 credits now. That's about 65 or so new ones, most of which were from the UK trip.


I did not make it to Knoebel's for the first time since '99 ($3/gallon gas and three hours each way in the car kept me away this year), which was kind of strange. I did have a trip planned to do the SFOG/Dollywood/Carrowinds triangle, but eye surgery killed that. I'm going to try that again next spring.


Even though I didn't get to too many parks, I had an awesome time on all the trips I did go on. The UK trip was the highlight of the year, with a bunch of new parks/credits for me. Plus the chance to visit Liseberg again, and sit on Balder for 2+ hours is something I'll never forget! The recent Orlando trip was an absolute blast (I love Halloween down there) and I can't wait to go back.


Next year should bring a lot more new experiences, with the Spain and Japan trips, along with planned visits to some mid-west parks that I haven't been to in about five years or so...



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Mine was very good (for me and my budget).


Carowinds (multiple times, home park)

SFOG (April, August)

Beech Bend (May)

Holiday World (May)

SFStl (May)

Dollywood (May)

Pedroland (July) does it count since nothing works?

Camden Park (July)

Myrtle Beach Pavilion, Grand Prix and Family Kingdom (Sept)

Cabarrus County Fair (Sept)

SC State Fair (Oct)


Next year I'm planning on hitting up CP (no credit), GL (credit), Kennywood (credit)and some of those smaller PA parks.


My ride count is at 130 right now and I hope to add about 40 or 50 next year to that.

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Here's my pathetic stats:


# of new coasters ridden for me: 11

# of new for 2006 coasters ridden: 1

Park visits: 6

Different parks visited: 6

New to me parks: 1


Made my first trip to Geauga Lake. I'm a fanboy of the Dominator and await my return during the Midwest Trip. Also rode Expedition Everest.


Met over twenty TPR members in less than two weeks during my marathon Orlando vacation/ business convention. Five hours of total goofiness that I'm glad to be a part of.


Next year looks to be much better with the addition of the Midwest Trip.

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I had an ok season, nothing like some other members hear, but not like last season where I had one park trip for the entire season.


Current coaster count: 24

# of new coasters ridden for me: 17 (more then tripleing my coaster count)

# of new for 2006 coasters ridden: 0

Park visits: Atleast 10, it depends on how many times I visited SFNE.

Different parks visited: 3

New to me parks: 3

Park visited the most: SFNE, with atleast 8 visits, although there may have been more then that.

Wood coaster ridden the most: Cyclone (SFNE)

Steel coaster ridden the most: S:ROS (SFNE)


Highlights would be riding Yankee Cannonball for the first time, my trip to Six Flags Great Adventure, and of course, all the wonderfull rides I got on Superman Ride of Steel, espiecally the really amazing front row rides I got


Low points of the season would be my brother fracturing his wrist during the first park trip of the season, Catapult at SFNE being closed for half the season, Cyclone at SFNE running one train all through the summer, and not getting to go to Cedar Point.


Hopes for next season, getting to go to Cedar Point opening day for the Coaster Force Live that's happening then, getting to go to more parks then just SFNE and one other trip, and being the first public rider on Maverick


And I also hope that my family will have a family trip to florida before the year is out, because the off-season is already driving me crazy


Also, when is the best time to visit the florida parks late in the season?

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My year was great! I found a group of Italian coaster fanatics (www.theparks.it) and I've strted to go to parks with them. We did Europa Park and Holiday park in May. Then I went with some friends to Gardaland in July and with theparks to Mirabilandia.

After the summer I did Mirabilandia again for my birthday and Movieland. Now I'm looking forward to another trip to Gardaland to see how it' is in winter.


Next year is going to be the roller coaster year!!! Tons of parks and tons of coasters!!! Can't wait!

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I feel like I just did this yesterday. Oh wait, that's because I did!


This was the biggest coaster year for me so far and maybe ever, and my bank account shows it, lol. This is going to sound incredibly stupid, but this past year pretty much ruled because of TPR. My school and job situation really sucked, and the UK trip gave me something to work for and look forward to. Thanks guys! TPR to me is an "acceptable level of toolness" community that includes cool chicks. Every other board I tried posting on until now I got bored with cause the people were boring, or there were no chicks. I pretty much stayed past last october because of Elissa and Lou, and then I got hooked because there are lots of other cool people here too. So.. yay! Thanks Robb and Elissa for making such an awesome place to tool around!


I started this year with a sad and pathetic coaster count of 44.


Current coaster count: 136

# of new coasters ridden for me: 92

# of new for 2006 coasters ridden: 3 (LOL...)

Park visits: 26

Different parks visited: 23

New to me parks: 20

Park visited the most: PCW (4 visits)

Wood coaster ridden the most: Balder

Steel coaster ridden the most: I didn't keep count, probably Nemesis


Stand-out memorable experiences:

May: Visiting a park alone for the first time in my life (PCW), meeting Derek (hehe), visiting Seabreeze for the first time with Paul and being scared by this screaming chick.

June: UK trip - meeting Dave Thomas!, Tommy and James, Non-German Tom, Lou, Rich and Melanie, everybody else! Something Derek did at Coney Beach, something that happened in the bus, giant quacking duck on the Alton Towers log flume, riding Velocity with Tommy and screaming like idiots the whole time, skipping out on ERT to ride Valhalla again, riding Nemesis for the first time (I've wanted to ride it since I was 12!)

July - Visiting Kennywood for the first time - almost dying on Jack Rabbit, Auto Race rules, Garfield's Nightmare sucks insane amounts

August - being re-united with my favorite Arrow multilooper , making hand motions for rides, teaching Heath the Marineland theme song, riding my former favorite woodie Silver Comet, Derek meeting my dog and being licked for like 10 minutes, my dad telling him the Worlds of Fun story

September - Adam and Ellen's wedding, the Ooooooooooold Mill, hanging out with Todd and Krista at the airport.. GIANT RICE KRISPY TREATS! lol.. going back to PCW and hanging out with a bunch of Canadians, visiting Splashworks for the first time in like 10 years and riding WWC.. I told you guys I would be the one to get soaked!

October - PPP... almost dying on Phoenix.. having the guy jump in our car on the car ride and almost dying again, visiting chez Derek, experiencing the lameness that is Hydra


I'm gonna add some stuff from Joe's site cause his ^4ness is more complete.


Best new-to-me woodie: Balder, Phoenix

Steel: Nemesis, Speed, Dragon's Fury

Flat Ride: Tumble bug thingy at Kennywood, any whip, horse derby thing at Playland, airship thingy at Blackpool

Park: Blackpool, Knoebel's, Liseberg, Alton Towers, Kennywood

Water ride: VALHALLA!

Dark Ride: Flying Witch at Rye Playland, Gold Mine at Blackpool, Haunted House at Knoebels

Most terrifying log flume: Alton Towers, close second Liseberg (Robb in front seat = bad news!)


Total # coasters ridden: 107

First coaster: something at PCW

Last coaster: Wild Mouse (?) at Dorney

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I'm not as much into the Stats now...but I like the highlights by month thing so here goes:




January - Tokyo Disney Countdown Party! Spending 30 hours straight at the best amusement park resort on Earth is pretty amazing. Add in 80,000 of Japanese people and it's even more messed up!


February - Way too many Tatsu Construction Updates!


March - Mini UK Trip, the craziness with Lou, Tom, Ed, Curry, and random scariness was way too awesome. TPR In Florida! Getting my parents on Expedition Everest was hilarious!


April - GETTING MY FINAL DEJA VU CREDIT!!! YAY FOR STUNTFALL! More fun UK stuff, getting to go to two parks in Spain...mmm Gazpacho! Tatsu Testing Video!!!!


May - Spending the night at SFMM was fun, for all the wrong reasons! Ducks attacking Joe while Robb, Paula, and myself cracked up! QUADBOOB makes its first appearence. Wacky Worm whoring and Black Biker Week!


June - Um, yeah, TPR UK TRIP!!! The craziness that started this all! Somehow we came out of it willing to do three trips next year! Balder for 3 Hours...I'm still wet. And the whole never getting dark in Finland thing still creeps me out!


July - Yeah, my coaster year pretty much ended here. Stupid KidTums!


August - Vegas and TPR Party (trying to keep myself busy so no one noticed I wasn't riding!) Oh, and getting Joe and Rich stapled on Xcelerator was pretty much the highlight of this month!


September - Florida with the Family and Expedition Soren! Derek passing out halfway across the world.


October - TPR Real World Florida House! Even though I couldn't ride or do anything fun, I still had a great time on this trip and am already waiting for next year!




November - Caribbean Cruise with the family, and Joe and Joey! (don't worry, I'm going to try and find them women!)


December - Mexico Cruise Last Chance Getaway for Robb and I!


It's been a crazy year. Thanks again to everyone who was a part of it (which is pretty much anyone still reading by this point!)

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May - Spending the night at SFMM was fun, for all the wrong reasons! Ducks attacking Joe while Robb, Paula, and myself cracked up! QUADBOOB makes its first appearence. Wacky Worm whoring and Black Biker Week!

OMG how could I forget Compton meets Myrtle Beach? wow that really was a messed up little trip


Oh, and getting Joe and Rich stapled on Xcelerator was pretty much the highlight of this month!

My testicles still thank you (and to think Rich got it worse!)


Derek passing out halfway across the world.

haha that's a highlight of my year too.

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Current coaster count: 50

# of new coasters ridden for me: 4

# of new for 2006 coasters ridden: 0

Park visits: 27

Different parks visited: 5

New to me parks: 0

Park visited the most: Dorney Park, 18 trips

Wood coaster ridden the most: Thunderhawk

Steel coaster ridden the most: Talon


Highlights were going on my first inverting flat ride (Enterprise) and my first drop tower (Dominator) and this was the first year I had a season pass to any park so it was nice just going to Dorney whenever I wanted to.

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I had an amazing coasting year...


# of new coasters ridden for me: 116

# of new for 2006 coasters ridden: 10

Park visits: 70

Different parks visited: 47 (plus 7 fairs)

New to me parks: 32


Kickass wood I rode for the first time -

EL TORO!!!!!!!!!!, J2!!!,.....Thunder Coaster!!!!!

Steel -

Nemesis!!!! Goliath AND Vampire at LaRonde! Dragons Fury!!!


Good things -

After 3 fails last year(saw it test all 3 times..but never open)... I was able to get a ride on KingdaKa this year (but it sucked)

Getting on Great Escapes RoadRunner after being turned down last year.

Getting to Clementons 15mins before they closed for the night.. BUT getting FREE rides on J2

"One Clicks" on Balder

Credit Whoring with TPR members RollerMonkey and HomeyG (at different times)

H-Y-D-R-O... in the front row ---- That water ride was better then MOST of the coasters on the trip!

Learning there can be a 'good' B&M flyer. ::O

Getting to Alton Towers after 12 years of wanting to go.

Getting my 400th coaster (Nor'Easter at Moreys)

Getting at least 15 BALDER HAMMERS!!!!


Pulling together a trip to Myrtle Beach Pavilion in 2 weeks time (and going the second to last weekend it was ever open)

Big sexy packages from Robb Alvey

Getting stuck on Altons logride in like.. 4 different places (one being at the VERY top of the indoor drop.. We (Me and JamminJ) were "seasawing" our log over the drop



Let downs / bad -

Seeing Whalom erased off the face of the earth.

Going all the way to LaRonde with SFNE2005... To have the park be CLOSED! (::D)

How amazingly wet I got on Altons logride.. (theres a video of that rant)

"""Flamingo Land"""

Sleeping in my car somewhere in Agawam after a SFNE visit..

Speed Monster

G Force & Drayton Manor Park....

My digicam crapping out at Drayton.. So I had to go 3-4days without one until I was able to buy a new cam in England...


"Trips" done -

TPR UK trip 2006! ( With side CW trip with RollerMonkey )

CT,NY,NJ (6 parks in 1 day... 3 new credits)- With Homey G

South NJ (5 parks in 1 day... 14 new credits) - Done solo

SC (2 open parks... 4 new credits)

The infamous La Ronde trip... And then a few days later.. LR2.0!

VA/MD (4 parks 3 new credits and IJTC opening day)

VA2 - (2 parks...No new credits.. But my Dad got 7)


Hmmm.. I guess thats it.

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This year, I abandoned my SFFT and SeaWorld season passes for "The Year of Good Wood." Low on quantity, high on quality.


In June, I finally made it up to Wisconsin Dells to ride their excellent selection of woodies. Every ride blew me away... even Pegasus was a decent ride for its size. Hades, Zeus, and Avalanche all cracked my Top 5. Six weeks later, I flew out to the Ohio River Valley to hit Holiday World, SFKK, and Kings Island. The Voyage was insane. A pitch-black night ride on The Voyage was like riding into hell. New number one... across the board. Also finally got some night rides on The Beast, and I got to ride Greezed Lightnin' 15 years after last riding it as Tidal Wave at SFGAm. Just as good as it always was.


Parks visited: 5

New rides this year: 11

New entrants to my Top-5 wooden list: 4

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Well a much better year than the last 2 (I did not go anywhere except PKD & BGW)


7 New to me coasters this year

2 New for 2006 coasters

1 new park


Parks Visited- PKD, BGE, SFA, SFGAD, HP, DP, Knoebels, Clementon


J2 was my first new to me wooden coaster since 2000.



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My year was terrible!

# coasters ridden-9

# new for 2006-0

# parks visited-3




Lightning Racer








High Speed Thrill Coaster




Steel Force




After credit whoring on Trailblazer for a few years I rode Lightning Racer, my first "real" coaster. Next year I hope to more than triple that number. My family doesn't travel that much so there's only a certain number of coasters I can ride.

-Next Year's Possible Trips

Hersheypark for the new Boardwalk.

Cedar Point (possible trip)

Dorney Park

Knoebels for Flying Turns (possible trip)

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2006 turned out to be one for the books for us.


It might have started in December of 2005 though. We went to Sea World San Diego, Belmont Park, and Las Vegas.


2006 -


January - Walt Disney World, Busch Gardens (Tampa), Sea World (Orlando), Only spent 5 days out there. The 5th day we actually flew home.


February - Steelers win the Super Bowl! Disneyland for the first time in a number of years and DCA for the first time ever!


March - Winter Coaster Solace (did not attend) but we did attend the West Coast Bash. We also tried to go to Scandia and Santa Monica pier but it was too cold at that time for the coasters. GRRRRR

GREEN BEER, CHEER, and FEAR at SFMW. Thanks Wally and Don!


April - PGA Survivor Media Day....yeah, I know.


May - SFMM Tatsu ACE event. Early ERT and late night ERT! Beginning of the Midwest trip (Holiday World, Beech Bend, SFKK, PKI, Wyandot Lake, Indiana Beach, SFGAm, Mt. Olympus, Timber Falls, Silver Dollar City, Celebration City, World's of Fun)


June - The end of the Midwest trip. End of the month, beginning of the Texas Trip.


July - 4th of July Texas Trip - SFFT, Sea World San Antonio, and SFOT.


August - PONY World Series, 8 days in Western PA. Kennywood, Idlewild, Del Grosso's, Lakemont Park, Pirates game, Steelers game, NFL Hall of Fame, Gettysburgh


September - Busch Gardens Williamsburg (PKD and SFA were closed for a special event!) We have been there before though.


October - Donica's Wedding, Legoland, Scandia, San Diego Zoo, KBF.


November - The trip to come is Orlando for Thanksgiving. We will go to Walt Disney World (have to ride Everest!), Sea World Orlando, Busch Gardens Tamps, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Cypress Gardens.


December - Quick flight to San Diego for some reason.....

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Actually, my year is not over yet. On the day after Christmas when I'm in Dublin, I'm going to Irelands biggest fair! It will cantain at least 3 credits and it has many flats including a Star Flyer and a Frisbee!


Well here are my other stats as of now:


Parks visited(Including a fair): 4

Park visits (including fair): 8

Park visits per park: Busch Gardens (3), Canobie Lake (2), a fair (2), and Palace Playland (1)

Coasters ridden: 8 (all are costers I havn't ridden before)

inversion count: 4

Highlights: Apollo's Chariot as my enthusiast starter! Loch Ness Monster as my first looper, Yankee Cannonball being now my favorite coaster!

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I'm still pretty weak, compared to most of you, but I did have a great year regardless!...


Current coaster count: 81

# of new coasters ridden for me: 30

# of new for 2006 coasters ridden: 2

Park visits: 45(ish)

Different parks visited: 14

New to me parks: 9

Park visited the most: Six Flags Magic Mountain (embarrasingly, 30+...and thats just as a guest. Probably looking at 150+ if you count the days I went to work )

Wood coaster ridden the most: Colossus at SFMM

Steel coaster ridden the most: Riddler's at SFMM (Fo' Sho' 8) )






January: Excersized my attention to detail by shooting Tatsu construction updates and applied for a job at Six Flags Magic Mountain.


Febrary: Start work at SFMM on Superbowl Sunday. Tatsu construction updates.


March: The RideWorld West Coaster Bash, at SFMM, got to ditch school to go to Disneyland with my neices. Still shooting those damn construction updates. I get moved to operate the Riddler's Revenge at SFMM.


April: I am nearly late to work, as I had staked a spot near X to catch a video of Tatsu's second test run. Pleased with the nifty one-angle video I took, I ran to work and ran home, only to find a mulit-edit TPR video already online. *shakes fist*


May: Camped out with TPR to ride Tatsu during the media day! Awesome fun! I also graduated from high school.


June: The day after I graduated, I got the, er...unique expirence of going to Grad Nite at Disneyland. I'm glad I did!...I guess. I get an amazing expirence, as I get to travel to Thailand with my father! I even get 3 credits there! Upon returning, I shoot my last Tatsu construction update. I put down my camera for good...ok, it was my dad's camera, I admit.


July: Go with Robb, Elissa, Joey, and Mike to SFMM for the 4th of July. All I remember is the fireworks wouldn't stop and Joey was randy for Dejavu. I also re-picked up the camera...but this time it was my own! At work, I got moved to Goldrusher. Arrowfanman at an Arrow! I also was able to visit Disneyland on July 17th, 2006 (as I had the year before), where I purchased an annual pass (finally)! After that, I finally got a drivers lisence.


August: I get promoted to a lead, at Gotham City in SFMM. I finally get to attend my very first Theme Park Review party and put faces to so many of your screen names! And I just realised why Elissa came to visit me at Tidal Wave... Love you. By the end of August, college had started, and I hung up my blue shirt and 'resigned' at SFMM.


September: Despite stopping Tatsu updates, I continue shooting SFMM park-updates to fill the void of an unactive sex-life. An awkward class schedule gives way to weekly McDonalds trips! I also purchase air fare to Florida.


October: A bet is placed. A bet I will lose out on. I plan and execute my "Super Sweet October Trip", visiting 13 parks throughout the month. It's the largest and most impressive trip I have ever done. Part of it is getting to go to Florida with Theme Park Review, which was probably the most fun thing I've ever done, ever. I also manage to visit all of the SoCal parks.


November: I sit in my boxers, writing this post in the "2006 Coaster Season Stats" thread, effictively loosing 35 minutes of my life which could have been better spent otherwise. But it gives me a moment to remember how awesome the year has been. I plan on visiting the Disneyland Resort again, as well as a SFMM trip or two, and potentially a Knotts trip. Unbeknownst to me, it appears I may have to go pick up someones little Wii.


December: It wouldn't be Christmas-time without an obligatory trip to Disneyland (again!) :-P . I also plan to renew any season passes which require renewal. Begin the official "One month until Jahan turns 18" countdown.





Wow! Thanks for making this awesome thread Derek. Helped put it all in perspective for me and give me something to be thankful for later this month!



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Oh, and getting Joe and Rich stapled on Xcelerator was pretty much the highlight of this month!


I feel your pain. The only way they got me into Mr. Freeze @ St. Louis was to do that. I was in serious pain the whole ride. But the ride was great.


I hope I'll have lost another 20lbs+ by the time next summer hits. I've lost 10 more since C3 (for a total of almost 40)! Hey what gives? An ACEr that LOST weight?

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My year was great...


current coastercount: 245

new coasters ridden this year: 90

Parkvisits: 41

Different parks: 30 (20 new)

Park visited the most: Phantasialand, Heidepark (4 visits each)

Fair visits: 18

Different fairs: 12



April: 2- week-UK-Trip

May: Black Mamba opening and France-Tour

June: South-Germany-Trip no. 1

August: South-Germany-Trip no. 2

September: Italy-Tour


between the tours or trips always singel visits.

After Christmas I gonna make some nice days in Disney Paris.




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