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Halo 3 preorders out!!!!!


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YAY we can preorder this awesome game. Just something cool, but there's more than normal version and collectors version. Now there's legendary version which comes with a master chief helmet.


Tomorrow I am going to get the legendary version ($100 ugh). Who else is buying and what version??


http://www.gamestop.com/gs/halo3/ the only site with info that I know of besides probably gamespot, but I havnt checked tehre yet.



edit: no news on gamespot

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I've never played "Halo", is it better than Killzone..?


I bet this game does not run at 1080P like Ridge Racer 7 does on PS3.


I'm not sure about getting a 360, I might get a "Revolution / Wii" and wait for the PS3 to come out in the UK.


I was going to get a PS3 on "Import" from Lik-Sang, but Sony closed em down for being "bad sports", I'll have to fly to the USA to get one this month.


I'll wear my "Lik-Sang" t-shirt with pride to any game shows I visit.

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I'm not going to preorder it until most likely sometime next year. I'll be getting to $70 edition, I guess. I've been looking forward to this game for sometime now but I can't believe the hype... preordering a full year beforehand.


For those of you that have a 360, the new Sonic the hedgehog game coming out in a couple weeks looks promising! Be sure to at least try the demo.

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But multiplayer is sooooo much fun!!!

Since I am mainly a computer gamer...playing online wasn't anything special. However, going to a LAN party and playing against some buds, that is something else.


Launch day I'm sure you'll have no problem walking into a store and buying one.

That's probably true. I think pre-ordering a game isn't so much to get the game, but it's to get it and whatever cool object (whatever it may be) that comes with it.

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aw no one is a halo fan here. Since I am I went out and got it, but I obviously was the first one because the computers where messed up and said it was $500 for it . My friend also got F.E.A.R for 360 which scared me crapless. Anyways back to the topic I gots some info on it and some new things that are in it. List:



Spiker - a new Brute weapon

Spartan laser - a laser that tears vehicles apart

Nail Grenade - sticks into walls and sends nails everywhere



The Mongoose is in! This is the ATV that was cut from Halo 2. It seats two and has no weapons. Designed from recon and quick travel.


Multiplayer goodies

The "Man Cannon" - Spartans do their best Human Bullet impersonations for some extremely rapid transport. Players can still shoot in the air, and can be shot down.



The X button has a new, still secret feature. Reloading has now been allocated to the bumper buttons. Right bumper reloads the right weapon, and the left bumper reloads the left. Genius.



You can now see your secondary weapon when it's not in use. In other words, it's actually slung over your shoulder instead of magically appearing out of thin air. Also, a 4 DVD "Legendary" edition is planned that will have material from Red Vs. Blue, documentaries, and a collection of all cut scenes from the game (possibly the whole series?).


The Mongoose is my favorite news.

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I bet this game does not run at 1080P like Ridge Racer 7 does on PS3.


I bet majority of people with HD TV's dont even support 1080P. Not to mention I already think 1080i looks WELL enough already. Its nothing completely earth shattering.

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aw no one is a halo fan here.


I'm a huge halo fan.


I'm just not about to rush out and blow money on a pre-order which is useless. If I need to pre-order I'll do it closer to the date. Why tie up your money a year in advance?


And take any new features with a grain of salt. The game still has a year in developement, and alot can change. Quite possibly half those features you listed won't be in the game.

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Sweet! I'll pre-order it.....eventually, probably collectors, cause the other one is way too much If they're lucky I'll get the legendary one. I highly doubt it though.


EDIT: I am not a Halo fan boy however. I like the game, but I like Half-Life 2, and F.E.A.R. (PC Versions) Much better.



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I am looking forward to Halo Wars a lot more than Halo 3. Halo started out as a RTS, and I think it's better suited for it.


Controls can work on a console, just look at BFMEII. The only reason that works though is because one controllable unit actually has many different guys under control. If it's just one character per unit, than you need precision which you can't get with a joystick on the controller.

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