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I like all the B & M's that I have been on. And I've only been on one Intamin and that was Storm Runner which I loved. The only GCI that I haven't liked is Gwazi. I love all the others that I've been on. Gwazi gave me a headache that lasted the remainder of my day at Busch Gardens.

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The only rough and unpleasant B&M I've come across is Scream at Magic Mountain. Admittedly it's not nasty rough but for a B&M it's not good. The other problem with B&Ms is some of the latest examples that I've ridden have been Boring and Mundane with unimaginative layouts.

As for Intamin that's a tough one as they've made so many bad coasters, for various reasons. I guess the worst is Collosus at Thorpe Park. I don't go near it any more as it is nasty rough and you take too many head shots. Their new over head restraint style has also seriously affected the ride quality on their coasters. I don't like Storm Runner, Kanonen or Rita because of the chops to the neck, different over heads and they might be better coasters. The other big mark down for Intamin is reliability. There is nothing more disappointing than going to a park to find their Intamin coaster is broken (unless it's Collosus).

With regards GCI Gwazi has in the long run become a big disappointment.

Good job you didn't ask about Vekoma don't think it would be possible to narrow it down to 1 bad coaster as most of them are bad, especially SLCs.


B&M - Scream

Intamin - Collosus

GCI - Gwazi

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Why does everyone hate Gwazi so much? I rode both sides last month in the front seats, night rides at Howl-o-Scream. It was pretty fun, and not too rough. I was a little drunk, but I thought it was a pretty good ride, not bad like everyone says.

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-must....sustain MF being flamed.....rage....growing....GRR! -


Ive only ride Thunderhead for GCI's and it was pretty good so I cant say it will be bad....only the Roars look kinda bad...


B&M - It could have been Raptor.....this one ride was just.....meh....Mantis could be my best up with TG:TJC! Mantis rules!

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B&M - I've enjoyed all of these that I've been on. Sure, some were better than others, but I don't have the heart to label one of them as the "worst."


GCI - Wildcat at HersheyPark. There aren't enough sports bras in the world...


Intamin - I've only been on Volcano: the Blast Coaster and Storm Runner, and they were both AWESOME.

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GCI - Wildcat at HersheyPark. There aren't enough sports bras in the world... -havenli



Wildcat is rough as hell, it was GCI's first.


Intamin-Skull Mountain @ Six Flags Great Adventure...boring and over before it even gets started. You know it sucks when the lift hills are more exciting than the rest of the ride.


Bolliger and Mabillard-Great Bear @ Hersheypark...it's boring to even look at. Has no real "wow" factor, the colors are drab, and the inversions aren't anything unusual or in any interesting order. In my opinion, Batman the Ride owns this.


Great Coasters Int.-Gwazi @ Busch Gardens Africa...when I went last year this coaster was awful. The thing with Gwazi is, it has so much potential to be an amazing coaster, yet Busch doesn't capitalize on this by retracking it, timing the trains right, and getting new Millennium Flyer trains. A few upgrades could turn this into one of America's best woodies.

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Not been on any bad ones, but one of the trains on Katun was rattling pretty bad last year.



Colossus @ Thorpe Park. It rattles like crazy and the ride sounds like a car-crash. The restraints are horrible and really makes your ears hurt. It could have been pretty good with more comfortable restraints.



Not been on any...

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Wildcat may be rougher than other GCI coasters, but it' still a fun, powerful ride. I was on it this past Sunday(last day of the season) and it was running fast and fairly smooth for Wildcat, just a furious ride from start to finish. As for Lightning Racer (yes, the chain lift is noisey, but its' a rollercoaster, not an escalator) it was running extremely fast giving airtime in the back seat on a few hills which is rare.


As for the B&M's , I don't get the Great Bear criticism either; it's really amazing how they fit this thing into the park built above and around all the existing rides in a maze of support columns, plus the views from this ride are fantastic. I have been on this ride dozens of times, but Sunday night it was absolutely flying and would quiet any critic who thinks this is a boring ride.

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Interesting Topic...


GCI: Gwazi (but if it got Millennium Flyer trains I would change my vote to Wildcat!)


B&M: Iron Wolf


Intamin: Not counting kiddies, Flashback

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heh I can't believe this is such a popular topic!


Anyways -


B&M - Definitely Carowinds' Vortex! I can tolerate the boringness of Great Bear and Hydra, but Vortex is boring AND rough.


Intamin - Disaster Transport, Mack bobsleds are so much better!


GCI - Gwazi, specifically the Tiger side (Lion seems to run better, for me at least)

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Intamin- Easily Superman The Escape SFMM


GCI- really tough for me since I love all of their coasters I have been on.

I havn't been on Gwazi since Jan 2000 and it is was awesome back then.


But Lightning racer was pretty lame this year when I rode it so I will go with LR


B&M- Superman UF SFOG (Slow, boring and uncomfortable)



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B&M- Mantis- The ride experience left a lot to be desired, the leg strain on the first part of the layout was huge for me, and the second part of layout was boring and pretty rough.


Intamin- Disaster Transport- It did nothing for me. Such a blah ride, and its lift takes forever.


I haven't been on enough GCI's to rate them.

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Intamin - Disaster Transport, even though I liked it it's my least favorite out of the Intamin's I've riden.



B&M - I haven't been on any bad ones, but if I had to give one as my least favorite, it would probably be Hydra: The Revenge.


GCI - If you sit in the back of the ride, Wildcat @ Hersheypark. If you sit in the front, it's a decent ride, and that would change my least favorite to Gwazi (though my mother and I both actually liked Gwazi (and she doesn't usually like bumpier coasters!))

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Intamin - Superman at SFMM (I liked it but it is my least favorite Intamin)


B & M - Mantis (it was just.... uncomfortable, yet other stand ups like Riddlers Revenge are quite cosy)


GCI - Gwazi 'Lion' (I havnt ridden Tiger)

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