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Holidays at Themeparks

Do you like Holidays at themeparks?  

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  1. 1. Do you like Holidays at themeparks?

    • Yes, it makes for a better experience.
    • No, it gets in the way of my experience.
    • Shooooot, I don't care as long as I get my credit!

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Ok, I've been wondering how the TPR members felt about Holidays at Themeparks. I for one, do not like to go to themeparks when they are decorated for Holidays. I sortof like Christmas, but I feel like the decorations are getting in the way of my experience. I like it better to just go to the park and get a taste of what it is realy like. The only way I go to a park with decoratoins up is if I have allready rode most of the rides, and now what the park is actually like. Also, the crowds are usually unberable, so it just makes me more frustrated. So now its your turn. What do you think about Holidays at theme parks?

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Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. I like Halloween events because the haunted houses take lines away from the coasters which I am at the park for (I don't like the haunted mazes/houses) and some rides are more interesting. A plain train ride can be a lot more fun when they have actors hiding along the track jumping out trying to scare you.


On the other hand, I don't like how holiday events take the place of other events. At Disneyworld, if you go during December they only have the Christmas parade (not counting Specromagic) and don't offer the standard parade which is something you can't see that time of year.

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I like going to parks with the all holiday events take the place. I wound rather go to Walt Diseny World during christmas so I can see things like the christmas parade. Also last year at Kings Island Winter Fest was great not alot of people but they still put on a good show.


The frist time at Walt Disney World during christmas I got to see the Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade holiday verison. The secound time I got Specromagic.

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When parks change for the Holidays it changes the atmosphere within the park, thereby changing the experience that you can have there. It attracts people back and makes the park more money to build more rides in a season that attendance is normally down. Also when you go to a park quite often, a change-up is refreshing.

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I like the holidays because of the different atmosphere of the park and there is more stuff to do like haunted houses, haunted trails and rides etc.Plus you get more of your moneys worth.You can also get rides in during halloween and the parks are open later.My favorite I have been to is Halloweekends at Cedar Point.

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Well I love Halloween because Walibi Belgium is open till 10pm instead of the usual 6pm.


whoa! Walibi Belgium's openin' till 10 pm does mean we gotta keep us awake for lotsa goodness ride! rides in nighttime are real cool!

darkness gives us tons of thrills on coasters specially on woodie!

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