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Photo Trip Report- Terra Mitica

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I've had these photos on my hard disk for ages and I thought that I might as well do a Trip Report with them.


I visited the park on two consecutive days.


Approaching the park, you pass some of the most awesome roundabouts you've ever seen (Some with choreagraphed fountains and light effects!) and then you actually see the park. It presents itself brilliantly with Magnus Colossus on the cliff at the back under the Hollywood style Terra Mitica sign.


There are two things that strike you as you enter the park. One is how amazing the theming is. If this was in the US, the park would be worshipped for its theming alone. The second is how deserted the park is. It is quiet enough to make an art gallery look busy. And this was in peak tourist season. Most rides were walk-on.


Magnus Colossus was very hard to get good photos of and very rough. I would advise not having your lapbar loose at all because although you will get some brief airtime, it's not worth the battering you will recieve later. However it does have a good feeling of wrecklessness at the bottom of the two main drops.


Tizona was also Rough, Tren Brava was rough, Akalanikisisis or whatever it's called was probably the only remotely smooth coaster there.


But there was one thing that ruined my visits on both days. The restaurants all closed at 4:00. I mean the park closes at 10:00. Why close the restaurants then?! I was so looking forward to sitting down in front of the lake and stuffing my face full of Mediteranian seafood. But we instead walked up and down the park only to discover that every restaurant was closed. So we ate at Burger King instead.


Anyway, here are some pictures


Some more amazing theming


Tritan's fury may be small, but it still does a great job of soaking everyone


Some amazing theming and some guy who decided to look in his bag just as I was taking the photo


This probably would be the best shootout ride in the world. But it has no score, so why even bother fitting guns?


Roman fort and waterfall- Now that would be a good rapids ride


This is the cool Egyptian entrance


Sadistic people gather round the onride photo booth to laugh at other people's pain


......followed by a whole load of RCCA pain


Magnus Colossus is Terra Mitica's woodie. It starts off with a brilliant double drop


This just about sums up how busy the park was


That Acropolis replica is made of real marble so get down there with a hammer and chisel before it's all gone


More riders wondering what they did to deserve this


I think that Tizona must be Spanish for Pain Machine


This is Tizona- Terra Mitica's SLC


Ice cream board and waffle board in front of basilica


Waffle board under tree


Flight of the Pheonix with sun flare halo- you know you love it


The first guy is like "This is what Tizona did to my hair". The second guy is obviously a Vekoma engineer who quite rightly does not wish to be identified

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Nice pictures! Terra Mitica is easily one of the most beatiful parks Ive ever been to. I totally hated Magnus Colossus. Even the double-drop sucked compared to what it could have been. And the rest of the ride was boring as hell. I enjoyed Tizona though, but it was only a few months old when I rode it. It did have a little bit of headbanging, but the soft padding around the ears prevented any possible pain.


The park does need some better coasters though.....

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An extremely impressive park, theme-wise.


A bit OT: Today was one of our exchange student's last day here. I casually asked him if he'd ever been to Terra Mitica.


We must have talked for a half-hour about a park that I've never been to, but which he described in full detail.


Dan "Even he said most of the rides were subpar!" Smith

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