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Beau Parc [RCT3]

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Most of my parks on this forum end up being flops, or just no one replies, but I hope this one will be different. Being inspired from looking at these forums, seeing all the amazing parks that such talented people can make, gave me some inspiration. Beau Parc. French for Beautiful Park. So far, some fun attractions at this park are the vegetation, great views, and thrill rides.


Beau Parc


Looking forward to going inside?


The main center piece of entering.

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Here is some more shots:


I'll try and get updates as soon as I possibly can. My brother is usually on the computer for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours just playing World of Warcraft.


Beau Parc

The Sun Wheel is surrounded by a small forum of shops.


Rose Bowl was named after all of the roses found on the land of Beau Parc.


We'll get to this later today...

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  • 1 month later...

^ I've been thinking about it a lot, maybe, just maybe...


Well, its been a while! But I couldn't just let this park go.


There has been a more African section added with a new drop coaster, woodie, and a family coaster, theaters, some fun stuff!



Want to see more? Well just hold on...more coming later today.




The first drop ends up very close to the queue line, you can see the clearance here.


Jackal is the new floorless drop coaster. Having 2 90degree drops and a new water ending!


The train runs threw the animals areas, giving close up views.


Most of the exhibits are for endangered animals.


An entire animal section has been added too.


Tree Top Restaurant. Like Animal Kingdom Lodge, but worse!


Some buildings which I'm horrible at building. They're suppose to look like the buildings from Animal Kingdom.


The entrance to the African section, which is still unnamed


Halfpipe is a must have. Guests love it!

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Your park is fantastic, wow.


I have so many questions, I just got RCT3 from my wife as a pre-Christmas gift. (I've wanted this for ages, but feared my computer wouldn't let me play. It does, slowly.)


Is there some place on the net I can go to learn more about te game? how to build rides inside buildings, and such?





Who last play an RCT game back when RCT first came out!

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Well here are the rest of the pictures!


And thank you all for commenting! I appreciate it.


Here are some more pictures of Jackal, the dive coaster, and the new wooden coaster, Thunderbird!


As a nice space filler, a nice mini gold course.


And some nice swinging at the end.


From the queue, the ride goes right above you.


Something for the kids! A Vekoma Inverted Family coaster.


This is the Blue Theater, mostly because I can't think of any names for it. You can see many movies here, like "Night at the Museum" and "Casino Royal".


Well, I tried my best. Not exactly the same, nor did I want it that way, but peeps seem to love it.


This is the only wooden coaster in the park, Thunderbird. Poorly after GCI's at Power Park.


See. Its a splash thingy, just with a turn!


After the second drop, you whip up into a dive loop into a corkscrew, then into the splash thingy.


Also has one of these water splash thingys!


"Why yes a lovely view, eh?"


More 90 DEGREES!

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