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Photo TR: SFNE 10-27-06

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So, my batteries decided to suck on me last night, so this is more of a TR with some photos, rather than a Photo TR.


ECZenith (Sean) and I drove out from Southeastern MA to SFNE to meet up with CanobieFan (James). We arrived at about 4:30 after a brief detour through Enfield CT. The thinking was to avoid traffic coming off the highway, but in hindsight we would've been better off just taking our original route.


The first sign that it would be a great night was the nearly empty parking lot. Life is good! Getting to the gate at about 4:45, we met James out in front and stood around waiting for that stupid Looney Tunes preshow just inside the gate. That turned out to be our longest wait. Even the two haunted trails we did had shorter waits.


So, finally the rope drops and where did we go? SROS, of course. Two back-to-back runs with no more than a one-train wait each, killer airtime, trains were running great. As we're in the brake run of the second ride, the herd comes thundering down the stairs, so by now it's about time to move on.


We wandered over to Batman and waited maybe three trains, if that, even with single trian ops. I happen to love Batman, but I've never found it to be particularly forceful...except last night. The zero-g roll delivered! It had some of the best zero-g I've ever experienced on an inversion.


Leaving Batman, we stopped at Mind Eraser for a minute, looked at it, and ...meh, moving right along. By now my batteries were starting to die on me, so I stopped in a couple gift shops to try to find some more (yes, I had spares...they ALL failed me). No luck, so we made our way to Tomahawk, but it was not to be. The gondola was in pieces behind the supports...DENIED. Moving right along.


Next up we hit Pandemonium's single rider line. I rode with a family of three...the mom and kid were howling about how Pandemonium was the best ride in the park. Eeeerrrrmmmm, no, but I chose to keep my mouth shut. The dad was having a tough time. At one point during a particularly fast spin, he was all "F*ck this." The mom yelled "Steven, watch your mouth. No wonder he's always dropping F-bombs!" Cool, I thought...coaster AND a show!


Next up, Cyclone. On the way up the ramp we all debated the virtues of not riding in the last row. James was all for it. I told him he was a better man than I was. Sean and I had enough after the first ride, but James managed to keep his seat (I told you it wasn't crowded). I waited on the exit ramp to tell him he was crazy, but he just had this psychotic grin on his face.


From there we wandered down to Trail of Terror. Marginally fun, but Sean and I decided we'd offer to redesign it for free next year if they give us a decent budget to work with. After that we made it toward Nightmare Island. Kinda cheesy, but the human scareactor on the hydraulic lift was pretty cool, as was the giant animatronic beast.


We decided on one last check of SROS, but by then the line was quite a bit longer, so we hit Nightwing...yes, it was running. SHOCKING! I have to confess that I lied about the Looney Tunes show being our longest wait. The wait from the time we boarded Nightwing to the time it actually got started was our longest. That was entirely too long to wait in that very uncomfortable position. Nightwing was desperately in need of oil, so it was making this weird donkey-bleat sound, thus officially making this TR a TPR-approved one.


We managed to do everything we waned in 3.5 hours, so we were out of there by 8:30. Great time!!! I'd never been to SFNE this late in the year, so I was pleasantly surprised at how mild the weather was.


On to my piddly little collection of photos. Stupid discount store bulk-pack batteries!!!


The one coaster photo I was able to get. I kinda like my artsy-fartsy Mind Eraser photo!


The former LexCorp arcade...hope this isn't a sign of things to come.


Some decent theming in front of Lost & Found...although I could still do better.


The largest crowd we encountered, waiting for the Looney Tunes preshow.


Another view or Mr. M. T. Lott.


Meeting my new best friend, M. T. Lott!!!

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I've also had massive problems with discount store batteries. They don't hold a charge for anything. I wonder if they're actually recharged batteries, like the homeless people in NYC try to sell you.


However, I do use 9V batteries from Family Dollar in my smoke detectors. They're 2 for $1, and they seem to work ok. My smoke detectors all beep like crazy when the batteries run low anyway.

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Here's my photos and commentary from said trip...


A dark shot of Cyclone. James is in the very back seat somewhere.


Tomahawk (Huss Frisbee) had it's gondola removed. Here is the stump...


So yeah, apparently SFNE has some kind of deal with Scion as there was Scion stuff everywhere. Here's Pete with a badass Scion TC.


Halloween show in Rockville.


Pete with some of the Halloween theming.


The Area 51 Fright Zone.


Freezing riders return to the station on blue train.


SROS starting its twisted finale.


The best moment of any coaster... ever.


So not only is the place dead, but they're running two trains on SROS!

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^ Thanks for checking them out!


2 trains is definately a great thing on SROS but it's sure to spoil next season when the place is crowded and the red train is on the transfer track. Even though SROS is my #1 I don't think I could ever wait more than 20 minutes for it seeing that I've been on it a couple hundred times!

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^ That was pretty much the only decent picture of Tomahawk between the two of us - James "CanobieFan" might have a better one when he posts his TR. As to why it was closed, I have no idea, but the gondola was in pieces behind the supports. Shame, because we were looking forward to taking a spin...it ended up a complete waste of effort getting up that hill into Crack Axle Canyon. But the little kid telling the scareactor to go screw (not in so many words, though) was well worth it.


^^ and ^^^ I certainly learned my lesson on the batteries. Boo on me! Thanks for the advice on the better ones. The good news is that these cheapo batteries weren't a total waste. They still hold enough of a charge to use in the flashligts I never use anyway...


And, yeah, it was great having both trains running on SROS. We were able to get two rides done in about the same amount of time it took to stand there waiting for the Looney Tunes characters to finish up with their stall tactics (can ya tell how I really feel about that preshow?)...

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At one point during a particularly fast spin, he was all "F*ck this." The mom yelled "Steven, watch your mouth. No wonder he's always dropping F-bombs!" Cool, I thought...coaster AND a show!


HA! Great! I love getting free shows at the parks!

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