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Help with real's cci steel structure enviornment.

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I actually have another question about the CCI environment. Well, I actually tried to mod it so I could accurately make Giant Dipper (Red catwalks, white supports). NL can only make it white unless the environment is used. So, I opened the woodie catwalks in photoshop, made 'em the red they're supposed to be, turned the support texture to white, and then saved them as jpg's as that's how the existing textures are saved as. I then changed up the .env file in notepad (to use the new textures) and the end result was what you see below. The white's showing up fine but the red's showing up faded out.



To answer the above questions, are the CCI textures in the appropriate folder? Sounds like something's missing or not in the riight location because the .env's trying to find the texture and having no luck. Maybe try to re-extract the CCI environment.


The Catwalk texture...I even tried darkening it and still came up pinkish and washed out.


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In NL, for some reason whatever color the supports are it tints the color of the catwalks that color as well. This is why your dark red catwalks combined with your white supports are coming out a little on the pink side.


As for instructions not working, I cant help you other than what was said above. did you extract everything to the proper place?


Also, when you use WinZip, when you open up the file and press Extract, you get the window on where to extract. Make sure you extract to your NL Directory and *IMPORTANT* make sure you have the box at the bottom of that window checked that says "Use Folder Names". That way the files get put into the correct place.


Anytime you see something in the "Path" part of the Zip File, check the box to make sure the "Use Folder Names" is enabled so the files get put where they are supposed to go.


Your best bet Gumball is to take the included woodgrain file, turn it white and then make sure its enabled using the Environment Creator. That should work.




Gumball - heres a working example: http://www.real-coasters.com/dl/giant_dipper.zip


Go into your coasters settings, make the rails and crossties black. The main track and supports middle grey and you are all set. Remember, if you make the middle grey get darker, so will your supports and catwalks reguardless of the texture. If you make it whiter, itll make it brighter. So if you make it middle grey, WHATEVER your texture is, thats exactly how it will display.


Hope that helps, heres an exmaple:


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You need to extract them to the proper place (as I said) and then make sure when you go into the simulator you choose the correct environment from the list.


Are you totally missing catwalks, or are the textures and colors not right?


Give me a picture of what you are seeing.

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go into the environment folder and make sure theres a folder called "CCI - Steel Structure" (minus the quotes)


Then, make sure inside there there are 2 textures. Wood_grain3.jpg and wood_walkway4.jpg.


And outside of that folder, in your Environment folder, a file called CCI - Steel Structure.env.



If you have those files in those places, then choose that environment from the menu when you open up the game and it will work.

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Ok, I tried as you said as far as the colors go...but I noticed that changing the support color seems to be the only one also changing the catwalk color. I got the shade of red I'm after but now, the supports are too dark. Changing the main track color seems to do no good.


And the endresult.


The colors as you mentioned.

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Did that already...I'll try to reload it again.


EDIT: Nevermind...I guess when overriding what I originally made, some of my original textures were in there as well and the .env file was somehow still reading my textures instead of yours. I deleted everything and reloaded yours and seems to work. Thanks for the info.


EDIT (Again...) One last question...the supports have no texture...Everything's extracted to where it's supposed to be.


EDIT (Sigh...) Well, my posts in this topic are done...I just realized that the support texture's so light that I had to really darken them for it to show up. I'm happy now.


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