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Choose thy fate... Gardaland 2008

Choose thy fate  

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  1. 1. Choose thy fate

    • "Ghost Train": an Old West theme
    • "Mammouth Railroad": Antarctic base theme
    • "Le Miniere di Re Salomone": King Solomon's Mines

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I bet you all forgot about this one but now that things around here are getting interesting here an update!


Yesterday I was at Gardaland.

The first part of the pictures have been taken in the morning:



The first two lift hills (out of three) are almost done. Some small details are missing but the track in up.




They put that piece in place while we were watching.

From the top of the Flying Island there's a perfect view of the construction site.



In the afternnon I came and I dicovered that the supports for the first turn after the second lift were in place.





More pieces of track were brought on the site.




It's pretty good looking even if it's not one of those coaster you can expect much from.

I think that if they continue to work like they did in the past week they will finish the track work in two weeks or less.

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I bet you all forgot about this one but now that things around here are getting interesting here an update!


Nope because i'm going to Gardaland next Easter and i'm praying it will be open. Does anyone know when it's supposed to open?


Is this another lift, turn, break job?


The mine train at Port Aventura actually sucked beyond all belief.


Yeah that is'nt that great, I hear Vekoma mine trains are pretty good but I do think 3 lifts is a bit much.


Work is going really fast on this, I sure hope it will have excellent theming like the rest of the park has.


Thanks for the update!

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From the TPR 2005 trip it sounds bad because they haven't been treated well and they had bad weather too!


I like the park. It doesn't have great coasters but it has some nice themed areas and pretty good dark rides.


Back to this one: the first parts of the theming have arrived and they are waiting outside the park to get installed!

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Here's another UPDATE!




1. The track has been completed with the transfer track in place:





2. The first parts of snowy theming has arrived:




3. The Blue Tornado souvenir shop is now closed and it's going to be part of the new ride.



For more picture visit the link above!

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How about a theme that involves not taking trains off when you have a huge line, the ability to order a drink, and a decent ride compared to the other credits in that park???


Ah, so it wasn't just me. Glad to see I'm not the only one horrified at the thought of having to back to Gardaland again...

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Here's another update!!!



The regular season is almost over and the park will be closed for about a month to allow the change in the park's theming from the Halloween one to the Winter/Christmas one.


Now that the track is complete the work on the theming has started and two big cranes are now in place: the second one isn't finished yet.



^ You gotta love this helix!

If you look closely you can see that they still have to tight all those bolts.

Here's a close up:



From Flying Island we got more nice views of the construction:




The chain for the lift hills is in place; you can see it better from here:



Here's a couple of random shots from the ground:




I finish this update with a nice crane signature shot:



UPDATE 12-02-2007:


Magic Winter is about to start which means some updates on the coaster.


Right now I'm writing here because on the Gardaland's official web site (http://www.gardaland.it) there's a link to the Mammoth Railroad new web site. There's not much but they are probably going to have an official announcement in January and people can sign up to get emails with updates.


The other cool thing is this artwork of the station:



Looks pretty good!


UPDATE 12-09-2007:


Yesterday the park reopened for the Magic Winter and my friends from http://www.gardalandtamtam.com were there to take some shots of the construction.




As you can see they have added those things to make it look like a real railroad track and the supports for the theming.



Some of the mountain theming is already in place.


Also the TRAINS have arrived!!!




Finally, on the park map outside the main entrance there's already the artwork of the ride that will be put on the 2008 map.



For more pictures visit http://www.gardalandtamtam.com!!!

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Yep, got the credit last wednesday. I liked this coaster, it is very twisted on a relative small footprint. The track cross it self 29 times! It got a good speed, and it is in my opinion a very nice family ride. The "north pole" theming that Gardaland wrapped around it gives the ride a very original look comparing to other mine-trains.


Here you find a italian site with pictures

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Even for a family coaster, Mammut doesn't seem to do much until after the third lift, and even then, it is cut short with the final brake run. The ride itself looks great with all of the theming, and even though I think it is great for a park to add a family coaster, Mammut seems exceptionally boring for a ride of its size. It looks like it could be such an awesome ride, and the pov just seemed to make it seem like a fun but extremely tame ride until near the end.

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