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3 Facts Name That Coaster!

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^No mean to argue, but it the rules. The rules say that the person who gets it correct goes next not a random "out of the blue" person. I actualy think that those people who randomly post are "spaming" but most would disagree. if easytoremember doesn't post tomarrow, someone can go.

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This is a stretch, but you could say Montezooma's Revenge:


1. While I believe the spires are just barely too tall, the ride itself doesn't quite make it to the top of either the front or the back, seeing as the flywheels operate at diminished (85%) capacity.


2. While the ride has only one constructed inversion, the coaster passes through it both forwards and backwards, so the riders successfully complete two inversions.


3. The ride had not been painted for a very long time, so it's original coat of orange had significantly faded to a dull brown, before the more recent coat of yellow was added.


While this answer has 3 quid pro quos, it is correct to the best of my knowledge, maybe you could help me out.

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Well, using the logic of most of the previous posters, I would assume that since it has been two days since the last post I am free to post a new puzzle:


Three Facts:


1. This roller coaster is the longest surviving coaster in it's park.


2. The top of the first lift hill of this coaster is located directly below another coaster.


3. The ride operators allow you to take and drink sodas while riding, much to the dismay of park officials who say it's unsafe. (The ride ops are right.)


No height or inversion list or anything found on a website, just three true facts about the coaster.

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If you've been on the ride (or actually just looked around this site) you might be able to figure it out. Just posting height, speed, and inversions from an online source is too easy.


If you need another hint, here's two:


1. The coaster is yellow.


2. It was built in 1971.


Keep working! (not revolution)

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Goldrusher's lift hill top is directly underneath Superman, and it's the oldest roller coaster at SFMM, built in 1971, with a faded yellow coat of paint.


As for the soda, that's just part of what makes it fun, kind of like the shirtless helix parties.


As for the rules of the game, just figuring out a coaster from it's stast is kinda boring, why not make the game more interesting and open-ended so that people besides fanatics have a chance at recognizing rides they've experienced.


Eh? (I'm not canadian...)







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