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Photo TR: Dollywood 10-21-06

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This is my first posting so I figured I'd make it memorable and do a photo trip report of my favorite park: Dollywood!


I'm not going to write a lengthy report of my day; I prefer to just let the pictures do the talking. I will however say that this was my favorite trip to Dollywood since I started going there. The fall leaves with all the beautiful colors were amazing and only made it that much better. It was a perfect fall day and the park was as perfect as ever.


Don't forget to look for a few bonus pictures of Mystery Mine construction in the photos. I hope you all enjoy the pictures from my day at Dollywood.


The park was filled with lots of decorations for the Fall Harvest Festival going on.


Dollywood's most popular water ride the River Rampage. These people were some of the few that I saw riding all day being so cold.


This is the 2 room house where Dolly Parton grew up with, I believe, 6 or 7 brothers and sisters


Fall decorations in front of the Parton family homestead.


More country themeing


One of the many, many demonstrations durning the Fall Harvest Festival: Apple Butter


Making kettle corn. A must have when visiting Dollywood.


This is a really cool building but is closed. I wonder if they will ever turn it into an attraction??


Dollywood's steam engine as it drinks from the water tower before it's next journey up the mountain.


Ummm....looks like this tree has some kind of a bladder problem.


Turning sugar cane into Sorgum (molasses)


Dollywood's classic carrousel.


Grist Mill (working gristmill and Dollywood bakes delicious cinnamon bread everyday they are open)


Really nice Harvest Festival decoration as you enter Craftmen's Valley.


Daredevil Falls as it comes down the hill into the splashdown. (notice the lack of people riding)


....and after the splash (too cold to ride this today)


Chapel in the Craftsment Valley. They make and sell the wagons in the park.


One if the craftsmen demonstrations in Craftmen's Valley. During Harvest Fest they have a large number of folk type demonstrations.


Entrance to probably the most over-looked and underated ride at Dollywood


Really cool themeing on the way up to the Tennessee Tornado


Entrance to the Tennessee Tornado with the giant vertical loop in the backgroung.


Track coming back into the station. Yet another very well themed attraction.


Going vertical through the giant vertical loop.


We'll have to see if everyone is still smiling at the end of the ride...


Signature lift-hill shot. I love the "false" first drop right before the real drop into the tunnel.


Flipping through the right side of the "Iron Butterfly" section.


Flipping through the left side of the "Iron Butterfly" section. Unbelievable G's when I rode today.


Coming out of the intense first drop through the tunnel and into the vertical loop.


Coming out of the final turn back into the station.


I really liked all the colors of the trees as you entered the Country Fair section.


My favorite ride in the new Country Fair additions: The Sky Flyer


The one kiddie coaster at Dollywood: Veggie Tales Slide Show Spin.


The deceptively fast lemon twist (tea-cups).


Dizzy Disk (Disc-O to most people). I have to say that I really like this ride compared to most people.


Classic scrambler ride.


New wave swinger added with the Country Fair additions.


Fun shooting gallery with typical Dollywood themes. (I set off all of the animations with my flash!)


Really nice fall decorations as you walk up the path to Thunderhead, Timber Tower, and soon to be Mystery Mine.


Back side view of the over-banked turn as you get sent through the fly through station. (Building with the red roof)


It really looks like they are beefing up the theming in this area. All of this is new since I was last here. Looks really awesome and adds to the entire area of the park.


My first lift-hill signature shot.


Overview of Thunderhead as you walk up the long path to Thunderhead Gap and Timber Canyon.


This banked curves is awesome as it shoots you through the only fly through station on a wooden coaster.


Banked curve after the first drop.


I love how Thunderhead crosses under itself so many times. The headchoppers get me every time.


Last one of my lift-hill signature shots.


Another banked curve after the first drop.


One final shot of Thunnderhead's twisted goodness.


Timber Tower is one of my favorite rides here. A lot of people have said it is lame, but I love it now that they have improved the speed and tipping cycle.


What a sight to see..Timber Tower with Mystery Mine in the background.


Now this looks like an interesting addition to the construction site...


Soon the heart-line roll and the half-loop will be as one


Close up of the half-loop.


Closer view of the Tressel.


Finally we get to see some work being done on the Tressel section.


Close up of the heart-line roll. Double inversions back to back. Gotta love that!


The half-loop after the heart-line roll will be an awesome end to the ride.


The Mine will look awesome once all the theming is done. Hard to believe the lift hill is in there somewhere.


Dollywood has been hard at work on Mystery Mine. Cranes laying track in place are ALWAYS a good sign.


More construction of the Mine.


The Rockin' Roadway is very popular with the kids but doesn't do much for me.


Red's Restaurant in the 50's area. (Cool to look at but definately not the best food in the park)


Main St. of the 50's theme area.


More fall decorations.


One of the Harvest Festival decorations at the entrance of the park.

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This is a really cool building but is closed. I wonder if they will ever turn it into an attraction??


I believe that it used to be some sort of mining attraction but it has been closed for quite some time.


The building is now used by Dolly when she visits the park.

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Great pics. I love visiting the park during this season because of the atmosphere of the Harvest Festival.


This is a really cool building but is closed. I wonder if they will ever turn it into an attraction??

I believe that it used to be some sort of mining attraction but it has been closed for quite some time.


The building is now used by Dolly when she visits the park.

The building is the Lucky 7 Mine. Back in the Silver Dollar City days the upper floors contained a funhouse type attraction called "The Inventor's Mansion". In 1986 it became the "Rags to Riches" Dolly Parton museum. (The museum was moved to the current location down near the entrance in 2002.)


There was also a mineral shop on the mine-themed ground level...I think it was closed after the '04 season.

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and the new 4D under construction one, seems awesome too!!!



What 4D coaster, unless you mean one at another park


Nice photos, wish I could go


Mysyry mine really getting on with its construction

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God places in the east look so beautiful in Fall. And Mystery Mine looks yummier by the day! I wonder if TPR is doing a meet-up type thing for the opening of it. If so, somebody call me and spill the details because I want in!


Nice TR too, I liked all the special lift-hill shots you got, good job!

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