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The Black Parade


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Back ON TOPIC...


MCR's New CD is amazing. I loved their second CD, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and when i heard welcome to the black parade, i was excited. The change was huge between the two albums. I like every single song on the new one. My two favorites are Disenchanted and Cancer. As for panic at the disco... Well... I actually hate them. Whats with all the long song names? "Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off" oh snaps thats a long name...

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Ive started to get annoyed by these bands that think they can (or cant?) pull off really bad looking outfits when performing.

I was watching the killers on SNL, and the lead singer was dressed like a nerd (not a typical nerd dress, but whatever...


anyhoo, everyone in the band looked really... stupid. And i know that is their idea of being 'origional' or whatever... but i have seen alot of bands on MTV and whatnot looking like this, and it just makes them all look dumb...






yeah. That probably made no sense... but whatever.


Ugh. I HATED the Killers on SNL. Now, I love the band, but it was such a weak and dissapointing performance. Not to mention their lead singer has NO clue how to act on stage to get a crowd into your music....

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It had good guitar rifts, good drumming, good bass pattern, just overall good stuff


I've always loved My Chemical Romance. And Panic. But unlike most Panic fans, I know all their songs. Whereas most people only know Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off and But its Better if you do. And I've listended to them since HFestival and small basement shows thruout DC metro area. Its been good and bad seeing them become popular due to MTV. Pretty much, DEATH to MTV. They ruin good bands. It's mainly Panics (and Fall Out Boys, which I've also listened to before they were signed) girly "OMGZ I'M PANICS BIGGEST FAN CUZ I ONLY NO 3 OF THUR SONGZZZZ!!!111!!" that I hate.


oh ya! well they are from vegas and i remember them before they even named themselves Panic! so there...


lol...j/k! but i like em, i just wish they'd play more than i write sins not tradgedies on our local radio...

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Haha, emo.



The very word makes me laugh. For our AP Lit satire project, we dressed up as emo kids and went around the school asking people why they were emo. None of them could come up with a coherent answer, all I heard was a bunch of whining and, "My life sucks because my parents didn't buy me what I wanted, so I turned emo."



Wes, you crack me up, haha.

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It's not their fault they "sold out". As with most other good bands like MCR (Including Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Green Day, and Avenged Sevenfold), MTV is the cause for everybody thinking that these bands are "selling out". They overplay every single song that the bands release until all that is left of a generally good CD and a generally good band is a heap of overplayed songs that everybody's heard and everybody is tired of. The worst thing about my generation is that all of the people who hear these songs and figure that the band is popular because MTV is playing their video over and over again. They also figure that if they showed that they liked the band that they would become even more popular than ever! All of these "scene kids" are trying to to be punk now and shop at those "scary goth stores" to buy merchendise with the money daddy gave them to shut up. They buy maybe a shirt or wristband of their 'fav bands' and go off to Claires to buy some pink teddy-bear earrings and a pair of purple barrettes, while the people who are real fans of these bands and really know their songs are sitting in an empty store thinking "what happened? Why did this band 'sell out?'" The reason we think this is because of all these scene kids buying all of the merchendise and thinking that they really know what they are listening to. Take Green day for example: They work for years writing a brilliant rock opera and try to express their feelings about the world today, and then MTV comes along and overplayes their songs until everybody who used to be fans of them say that Green Day "sold out"! Perfect example! Just listen to the song "Teenagers" on The Black Parade. You'll understand what I'm talking about.

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^ Oh shut up. It's not MTV's fault. It's the band's fault. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to promote your album, you do not have to make videos, you do not have to release singles. Every band that signs onto a major label does so the gain exposure and make money. "Oh we wrote a catchy song and spent millions of dollars to produce it and then spent millions of dollars to make a cool video just because we wanted to." Bullshit.


Newsflash: EVERY SINGLE BAND HAS SOLD OUT. The minute you decide to play music for money, you have sold out. The Beatles sold out, Led Zepplin sold out, Nirvana sold out. Green Day doesn't write music for charity. You're probably WAY too young to remember this, but Green Day was a HUGE band in 1995-96 because MTV played their videos all the time. There was never a point in time in their popularity where they weren't using MTV to sell more records.


People who blame MTV for ruining bands would be like people blaming movie theatres for ruining movies by showing previews.

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Take Green day for example: They work for years writing a brilliant rock opera and try to express their feelings about the world today, and then MTV comes along and overplayes their songs until everybody who used to be fans of them say that Green Day "sold out"!



I'll let Wes make fun of you for talking about MTV, but Im gonna say this: Green Day's album didn't say anything that hadn't been said before, and it didn't do anything musically that wasn't tested and true. All the views and ideas presented were very surface-level, and popular views. People act as if nobody had ever said anything in music about Iraq, the media, and politics before Green Day wrote their *brilliant?* "rock opera." The thing that made Green Day stand out certainly wasn't their talent, it was their fame. Green Day had major-label backing, so it got to more people easier. People, mostly, are very superficial about their music and won't go out of their way to find music. They need it hand fed to them. Minimal searching would find you recent artists talking about recent events. Minimal searching could find you a more deserving album than American Idiot for best rock album of the year for that year, too. It's sad that even the Grammy's have become more image than art based. At least the Oscars reward deserving films, otherwise movies like Fast and the Furious would actually win stuff, and that would just be stupid.


Yes, Green Day == Fast and the Furious.

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  • 10 years later...
I know this thread is old, but let me just say...


Best. Album. EVER.


You're 14.


trust me, there are many other "classics" that you likely have not been exposed to, and should give a spin.


just a handful of suggestions:


"Tommy" the Who

"Sgt. Pepper" the Beatles

"Rumors" Fleetwood Mac

"Destroyer" KISS

"Let it Bleed" the Rolling Stones

"IV" Led Zeppelin

"Ten" Pearl Jam


just to name a handful.

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^ Hey, it's just my opinion. Fine if you don't agree with me, but don't go out of your way to say I'm wrong. Not trying to be "that guy," but...


um. . .


you might want to look again?


didn't say "you're wrong". . .offered you suggestions for other classic albums that you should listen to.


if I was trying to prove you were "wrong". . I would have listed ONE album I thought was better than the Black Parade.


so here's a few more suggestions too:


"the Joshua Tree" - U2

"the Ramones" -- the Ramones

"The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" - David Bowie

"Dark Side of the Moon" (or "the Wall", both are great) - Pink Floyd

"London Calling" - the Clash

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I agree with every album Bert has listed, and I would add these:


"Band on the Run" -- Paul McCartney & Wings

"Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme" -- Simon & Garfunkel

"The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" -- Bob Dylan

"Violator" -- Depeche Mode

"Kid A" -- Radiohead

"Automatic for the People" -- R.E.M.

"Stone Roses" -- Stone Roses

"Daydream Nation" -- Sonic Youth

"Disraeli Gears" -- Cream


All these, and all the ones Bert listed, are pretty much required curriculum for the School of Rock.

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