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I've been to two water parks in my life. Water Country and SFNEs Hurricane Harbor.


Well, I don't remember much from my visit to Water Country in 1998, so I'll just explain my trip to Hurricane Harbor:

While I didn't really like the rest of the park, I absolutely loved Hurricane Harbor. It had a nice atmosphere, the pools and slides were pretty good and they checked the water every twenty or so minutes for obvious reasons! I'd give it about a 9/10.


I love water but I never really find the time to visit water parks and while I was right next to a water park about one month ago (The Splashtown side of Funtown/Splashtown), it was closed. Even so, that park looked really good if a bit small. Also, I'm visiting a water park in Northern New Hampshire called Whale's Tale because my friend invited me to it and I passed by it on the way to Cannon Mountain Ski Resort in New Hampshire (You cane see it off on I-93).

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Local Water Parks


Boomerang Bay, Kings Island

- Because it's free with KI admission, I go several times a year.

- Has some fun slides, but they seem tame compared to other parks, and beat up even.

- Be prepared to walk long distances, especially between the wave pool/tornado and main water slides areas.

- Not bad for a "free" water park, but most other water parks impress me more.


The Beach, near Kings Island

- Older than Boomerang Bay, and has wilder slides and attractions. The wave pool is deeper and has tubes. However, it's showing its age, and few attractions have been added in the past decade. On the other hand, there are some nice deals.


Sunlite Pool, Coney Island (OH)

- The world's largest recirculating pool, continuously operating since 1926, even after the classic park gave way to Kings Island. It's got a few slides, ands it's more of a huge swim club for the locals, but a one-day pass (you can add rides too) shouldn't cost an arm and a leg.


Also done:

- Wildwater Kingdom, Dorney Park and Geauga Lake

- SFKK's Splashwater Kingdom

- Holiday World's Splashin' Safari

- Wyandot Lake, when owned by Six Flags, prior to its Cols Zoo destruction.

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Noah's Ark- This is by far the best waterpark I have been to Variety wise. There was so much to do, even on the slow days when there are no lines. My favorites were Black Thunder, Stingray, Jungle Rapids(mats), the Plunge(mat racing slide) and the Point of No Return. The park is pretty large, but one part of it is horrible on the feet, so bring sandles. BTW, the new Black Anaconda will be great!

I love Noah's Ark! I went there for the second time last summer, and it's still as great as it was last time i was there (i was 10). Black Anaconda is amazing, so is Time Warp. And i remember going on the Plunge like 20 times in a row and literally missing about half the second drop because i was going so fast, awesome .

The closest waterpark to me is Avalance Bay (about 15 minuets away from my cottage). It's not a bad park, just way to expensive. The only really great things they have are a bowl slide and a flow rider, which both are always fun. It's a nice park, but it's not my favorite.

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