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I am working on a park and I am building a flying roller coaster. I want to make the pretzel loop with the 4D coaster. I need help merging tracks. I have seen it done before and I have read the tutorials, but it still doesn't work! Anyone got any way of doing it that knows works for them!?


Thanks D

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Well have you had any experience with track merging? If not I suggest that you start simple. I have written a track merging tutorial for a Deja Vu. It is just a basic hack though. It is the same hack that you would use for a flying coaster though, just for the flying coaster, it would be a little bit harder depending on how many hacks you have to do. If you would like the tutorial, you can just contact me via PM.

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I have done track merging before but for some reason this isn't working. I merge it correctly and I go to test it and it says that it is not a complete ciruit. So I try again merging it raising the piece that I didn't raise last time, and it still doesn't work. The manual would be GREAT! I PM'ed you. Thanks

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I'm pretty sure that you have to change the settings to "Crooked House" so that the ride will run without being a complete circuit. Did you do that? If not, I'm not sure...


I've never hacked successfully both times. I've made a successful hack from one track to another, but then couldn't make the hack back into the original track to make it back to the station. But I haven't tried for a while, though.


There was this really great Track Hacking tutorial somewhere...

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