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Hard Hat Toothpick Coaster Model

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For engineering orientation at our school all the staff members are given hard hats and forced against their will to decorate it as there are precious prizes at stake. Well seeing as the school year hadn't started I decided I would build my first ever roller coaster model out of toothpicks, on my hard hat. I know the design isn't the greatest (the one I drew up was going to be awesome) but with the time limit and the interesting complications that come with working with toothpicks I settled on this. It took me a good 6 or so hours to do but it was well worth it for what I think is the first terrain hard hat mounted toothpick wooden roller coaster model.


The final helix into the brake run.


The station and turnaround.


Finished product complete with train and station. I named it after my Engineering Math teacher if anyone is wondering (inside engineering joke).


Same day showing the other side of the layout.


After day 1 a bit more of the layout is done along with some cross bracing.


The hard hat had to evolve throughout the week of orientation, so here it is after the first night (started at around 11:00 I think)


Here's the bent construction, one of what would seem to be endless problems with working with toothpicks.

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