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TPR's "Real World Orlando" Photo Trip Report!

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Whenever you’re Not-So-Scary, or any time really, while you're down here, come visit me at my big spooky house on the hill in Magic Kingdom. Best butler you can find... But great PTR. Briefly saw ya'll at Japan, but I'm a tempura kiku guy so my girl and I went over that way. Hope to see ya around and have a great trip. Like that needs to be said

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Finally Derek made it I saw him when we were exiting Soren, but now I am back to FIT because as a good TPR memeber I cant miss class, but later tonight I will enjoy delicious diner at Ohana, and surprice evertbody with my costune of this year for MNSCHP,, and then to the pool.


By the way, in the time I was at Epcot in the morning we rode the 3 main rides, that was awesome.


Hope you guys dont try alot of wine at the festival, see you in a few hours.


and I agree that yesterdays R.I.P night was awesome.


All the pics are amazing now we have more than 500, lol

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Hey TPR! I lurk these boards.


I'm a College Program Cast Member at Downtown Disney. If the crew plans to stop by there, you might see me floating the streets. I'm a custodial cast member, and my name is Patrick from Camden CTY College.


Have fun in Orlando!

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Lets take a step back to the day of the HHN meet (not HHN itself since I didn't stick around for that)...


Hu: The Theme Park Review Crew

How: An all day ride-fest!


Ryan didn't like our Jurassic Park as much as Hollywood's... No!!!


Robb and Ryan-The Perfect couple!


We all waited for lockers due to the fact that all of the cast members were being bag nazis.


Does this make the Hulk look fat?


Ryan and Joe were the first two TPR members I met at IOA.


Ryan just being Ryan...


Why didn't E.T. put the Speak n' Spell to good use? He only got 3/4 of Ryan's name right. Now, we have to start calling him Yan.


Back to the Future is OUTATIME...And apparantly, so am I...


Ryan, Zorro, Catherine Zeta Jones and my cousin Stephanie. Notice Ryan pounded Zorro!


Signature moves all around!


More of Ryan and Robb goodness.


Is it possible to have an awesome trip without Robb?


We owned Dueling Dragons and that is a fact!


Steph and I asked ourselves, "Which do we want more, to be scared like crazy (or as Ryan and I have agreed, have the living daylights scared out of us) or eat good food?" Well, just wait and see what we chose!

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These are the last of the photos I have to share, so forgive the double post.


Just a little goodie I made (sorry it isn't the best quality but I tried).


Caeser Salad with Oak Grilled Salmon- The best I have ever had!


Pecan Crusted Chicken...sweet (literally)!


I told you Ryan! Whenever we see Ketchup in a Heinz container, we will think of you!


If you hadn't guessed already, we chose the food. Since Mythos was closed, we decided to try NBA City.

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Well, just got back home after spending a few hours with the TPR gang. Yes, I have FINALLY met Robb and Elissa! Have fun tonight at Mickey's Not So Scary...I am going there Sunday night!


Here are a few pics from today:


Disney Cast Members unite!!


After Beer School, I turned the corner and who should I run into??


Hmmm....I think Derek enjoyed Beer School a little too much...


Soren, Ryan, and more cheese soup


Guy, I, and Cheese soup


TPR members on the half shell


The obligatory Soren picture


In line for Nemo with some Nemo virgins!


On the Land boat ride....what have I gotten myself into?

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2:30 AM - WAAAAAAY too late to write a long trip report...so here's some photos!




"I love DaRobb so much, he's now my new desktop."


Boob. All floral and stuff. But still....Boob.


Ryan was the first to be voted off to Exile Island....aka Cypress Gardens!


Derek must drink 12 beers to win immunity! DONE!!!


Donkey says "Holy sh1t that's a LOT of candy." Robb ate the entire mountain that night. BURP!


I can't believe we didn't sink!


"Hey, did we mention that we can fit 12 of us in one Splash Mountain boat?"


Creepy. Demented. Weird. He should be one of our members! =)


These guys were BAD ASS!


Any event where they give you a crap load of food is cool with me!


...and Mexican Robin.




Time for "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party."


Here's a pic for the "fanboys." If you'd like either one of these hot chicks to show up at your house and make you waffles....TOPLESS...email Dan at mrt0ad13@aol.com to set it up.


"I am Soren and I like my sauage short, but thick."


You *WILL* order something other than plain pasta and McDonalds hamburgers!!!! GAH!!! GAH!!! GAH!!! GAH!!!!!!!!


Everyone in this picture is now dead.


Midway Mania anyone?


The fire was in Robb's ass.


Um....Guy...I know Food & Wine Festival has some exotic foods...but where are they serving people?


Which one is the bigger ass?

(Note: This was Melanie's caption and I'm just too damn tired to think up anything else. Thanks Melanie, you just saved me about 4 minutes of sleep!)


What's up with this?


Beer school. We didn't learn anything. Except how to open a beer.


I didn't know Jasmine lives in Utah.


Feed this man peanuts...and he DIES! Hmm....


Robb is eating again. What a freaking shock!


A couple of creepy dudes in the new fish ride.


Yes, that is a giant golf ball. So what does that mean? Yes, we are visiting a giant people's golf course. DUH!

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^^ I dont know whether to laugh or be concerned...I think I'll just laugh.


I remember one time for a family reunion we went to disney land and since we had a large party the ride-op let us fit 13 people in the boat (one row had all the kids, ages 6-9, myself included) and we didnt sink it! It leaned toward the back where all the fat adults were, but we still impressed everyone there.


Did y'all get 35 bags of raisins like Wes did? I still laugh @ the fact that they gave out RAISINS for halloween. Atleast go up a notch and make them raisinets for the sugar crazy ones.


Oh, and...


I think Chuck, Cameron, and Leanne are the only normal looking people in this photo, maybe because they dont know of the insane abuse of knives going on behind them!

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Looks like ya'll had a great time at the NNS. I would have loved to see you guys on Splash. The splash that 12 people would make...


Yes, the butler/undertaker drill team is completely badass. Makes me jealous. I'd do that on the load belt but I don't think I'd get too many sparks on the rubber. Speaking of the load belt, it was awesome seeing you guys last night. Hearing Soren yell my name then me turning around and having a full on paparazzi moment was an awesome moment in my night. Thanks guys.




Creepy. Demented. Weird. He IS one of your members! =)

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I wish I had a cousin like Stephanie to come play in the parks with me! Wowsers! Inbreeding is the way forward on this evidence!


Um...Thanks I guess... I am gunna request that you don't say anything more on this subject though...

I don't know man...I think the guy has a point!


--Robb "Elissa is really my cousin too!" Alvey

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wow, I don't know how I missed you guys this week. I was at Ohana Friday night wearing my TPR shirt, and the same chef from the Elissa picture asked me about the shirt, and mentioned someone was there earlier with the shirt and doney ears. I guess now I know the culprit.


Great pics, it's a shame our paths didn't cross.

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