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Has anybody else seen this?




I can't believe this. I wonder why the kids are getting too fat? At least Disney is offering a low cal alternative for the kids. I know it only mentions tag in this article, but other articlels I have read today mention that schools are not allowing kids to get too physical during recess to avoid liability.

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^^^ As a fellow 44 yr old, who like you played tag, dodge ball, tackle football and kill the carrier, isn't just amazing that we lived to see 44?



Why don't we just put the kids into plastic bubbles....


The sad thing is because of all the coddling, so many of the kids have terrible manners. I can only imagine what it will be like when they try to join the workforce. I know I wouldn't hire them.


I dont think the schools would care about the injuries if they wouldnt get sued every time a kid twisted his ankle...


Don't forget the self esteem police. The school shrink runs around saying that dodgeball can"stigmatize" litttle Johnny. In addition you have goofy schools that don't allow papers to be marked in red because red is such a negative color. PUH LEEEZE! Don't hurt Johnny's feelings. Let him think that Des Moines is the capitol of Hungary.

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I was going to post this if someone hadn't.


That's just crap.


First they ban teeter-totters, now they ban tag. I suppose monkey bars are next to illegal.

All those poor, helpless kids with sore tail bones.


Because there obviously aren't more important problems schools can take care of.


I can think of no good reason for this.

People get hurt! It's our nature!

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^^ I was under the impression that the Monkey Bars had already been banned! I can't imagine being in elementary school and not being able to play tag. I'm assuming that Hide and Seek has been outlawed as well.


I do have to say that I am not sorry to see dodgeball go though. I REALLY hated that game. It's not that I was a "big, slow kid," but you would always have some neandrethal kid on the other team who was like 3 years older than everyone else and he would throw the ball so hard at your face that when it hit you it would lift you off of the ground and knock you on your butt.


but maybe that's just me!


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I broke my arm on the monkey bars on State Property. Seems like my parents should have went nuts on the local Metro Park and gotten a bunch of money.



But then I wouldnt have learned a nice lesson - dont try to impress people while on the monkey bars. Bad idea.




And this is coming from the great Northeast, the place that thinks rollercoasters kill~!

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Wow, this is really pathetic if this is what people would sue over. I'd like to know how tag could result in a lawsuit, and why other things aren't banned instead of tag. We could see a ban on almost anything if tag can be banned.



Airtime-it's sad what the world is coming to-&Gravity

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I remember in Kindergarten, just 6 long years ago, someone broke either their arm or leg on the monkey bars there, which were about 5 or so feet high. We weren't allowed on them all year.


Also, Dodgeball is my all-time favorite playground game. I'm not very good at throwing, but I'm an excellent dodger.

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^Things must have changed since I was in elementary school. When I was in fourth grade a girl broke her arm on the playground and there was no penalty for anyone else.


Also, I was almost seriously injured on the teeter totters so many times that I'm surprised they didn't take them out until I was in 4th grade.

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